i'm not actually that mad but


I jsut had to watch Kakyoin die and I am

crying legitimate tears

and I’m kinda mad at myself bc I’ve known Kakyoin dies from basically the very beginning, it’s one of the first things I knew about the series, so I told myself ‘okay, I won’t get attached to that one then’

and he’s my favorite

and he’s dead

and I am legitimately crying, holy fuck


Okay, I have to rant about this scene because it has been annoying me since Thursday and I need to put it in words. Sam was tortured by these people. For days. A couple of episodes ago. And Mary is completely ignoring it. She would rather work with the people that kidnapped and tortured her son and tried to kill both her son’s, before working with her actual sons. And Sam is trying to be calm, and not judging her here, but he’s hurt and confused why his mother chose to do this to him. He’s trying to remind her that he was hurt. And she still trying to justify herself because it’s “for the greater good.” She has chosen everything over her son’s recently and it’s awful.

I’m done. And I’m sorry. But I’m just…bitter rn.


                                              you can hate me now
                                                                         but i won’t stop now


[Neville Longbottom is sitting through his first DADA class of fourth year, listening to the new mildly alarming professor, Mad-Eye Moody]

Moody: Now, can anybody tell me another Unforgivable curse?

[The entire class, including Neville himself, is shocked when he raises his hand.]

Neville: Well, there is one…

[Moody stares at Neville for what starts to feel like an uncomfortably long time before breaking the silence]

Moody: … Longbottom… Isn’t it?


Barty Crouch Jr: … Who do we have here?

Barty Crouch Jr: … Longbottom… Isn’t it?

*Flashback Ends*

Neville: *nods*

[Moody proceeds to take a large spider out of a jar and places it on Neville’s desk, pointing his wand at it]

[Neville watches in horror as the tarantula writhes and twitches in apparent and excruciating pain]

Hermione: Stop it! Can’t you see it’s bothering him?? STOP IT!!

[Moody places the spider, still twitching, back into the jar, and turns to address the class]

Moody: Pain. You don’t need thumbscrews or knives to torture someone if you can perform the Cruciatus Curse….That one was very popular once, too.


Why I’m not okay with the pewdiepie thing

As a jewish person, I don’t care if pewdiepie is not actually anti-semitic. I don’t care if it was just a joke, I don’t care if it was “out of context” on the media. It doesn’t matter. It’s worse enough with the context.

The guy has 50 million subscribers, you don’t put that kind of message and laugh it off. You don’t help normalizing this kind of stuff. It’s fucked up.

There is an ENDLESS LIST of stupid funny shit you can have them write on that sign, was “death to all jews” really necessary? 

Death to all jews it’s not just some thing people said 70 years ago - No, we actually get it a lot. There are probably people out there who watch this video and smile because here is their stupid fucking radical opinion on a popular video. (the daily stormer actually calls him “our guy”). 

This sentence is not supposed to look like a joke to you, or something that can be used for a stupid meme. Please don’t be forgiving towards anti Semitic remarks while Antisemitism is clearly alive and well.

Azusa: Ruki… can I go… to the Sakamaki’s… house?

Ruki: Sure, as long as you behave yourself.

Azusa: Okay… I will…

30 Minutes Later:


I like this. 

Less jealous rage and more like 

“Sooooooooooo any room in that sandwich for extra meat or…????”