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kunoichi-ume  asked:

So a scenario with Kakashi finding out his s/o was injured on a mission that will leave them with a physical scar, like a deep cut or burn? (I love your blog so much I'm sure you will get tired of me sending you stuff lol)

A bit of a short one but I think it works…

Ahh thank you! We’ll never get tired of getting requests. Actually seeing people return with new idea’s is really gratifying cause it means we’re doing something right! 

~Mod Whipski

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When Seventeen summons a demon
  • S.Coups: "well.. nice to meet you"
  • Demon: *in thoughts* "wow he so daddy material tbh"
  • -
  • Jeonghan: "make me beautiful forever"
  • Jeonghan: "jk i'm perfect lol"
  • -
  • Joshua: "please start reading the bible, it would only benefit your demon life, I promise"
  • Demon: "no"
  • Joshua: ".. i'll stab you bitch"
  • -
  • Jun: "bro, just wanted to talk a little"
  • -
  • Hoshi: "How do you get rid of a demon?"
  • Demon: "idk"
  • Hoshi: "you have to DEMONstrate hahahasdnhuhasud"
  • Demon: ".... bye"
  • -
  • Wonwoo: "make mingyu love me forever"
  • Demon: "well.. I don't have the power, but i'm pretty sure he does anyway"
  • Wonwoo: "..FOREVERRR"
  • -
  • Woozi: "just wanted to make sure this works"
  • -
  • DK: "what do demons have for breakfast?"
  • Demon: "not again"
  • DK: "devilled eggs!!!! lol"
  • -
  • Mingyu: "make me food"
  • Mingyu: "yup :3 "
  • -
  • The8: "hi, my name is minghao"
  • Demon: *blushes*
  • -
  • Seungkwan: "wow u actually cuter than i thought"
  • -
  • Vernon: "ayy yoo wazzup man"
  • Demon: "...k"
  • -
  • Dino: "hi, i want to reincarnate michael jackson"

Bookstore AU: In which Makoto helps Rin look for a book title that may or may not exist. 

He never goes to this bookstore. Never had a reason to, especially since it’s one of the farther ones from Samezuka. But the one time he does, he meets a boy with too bright of a smile. "That would be $14.95, sir!“

Rin doesn’t even remember if he’d paid with exact change or not, still in a trance as he walks out of the bookstore. What… was that? 


Despite being a hopeless romantic, Rin doesn’t believe in love at first sight. Doesn’t. Didn’t..? 

Rin finds himself at the same too-far bookstore the following day, a sudden interest in finding books for his school assignments. And he comes back the day after that, the day after that, and the day after that. But he always leaves without buying anything. The only thing he wants wasn’t for sale. 

"Hello there.” Rin barely has time to blink before realizing that the object of his attention is just a couple of feet away from him. “I’ve noticed you’ve been to our store quite often." 

His heart hammers in his chest. It’s too early for the other boy to find out that Rin had been not-so-subtly throwing glances at him. 

"Are you looking for any book in particular?” The boy smiles and Rin blurts out a book title that he’s now pretty sure doesn’t exist. 

Even so, Makoto  - yes they’re on a first name basis now since Rin actually has a good reason to come to the bookstore - earnestly helps him look for the book every single time. 


“Rin, I finally found the book you were looking for!” Makoto smiles brightly. That should be illegal. “Sorry it took so long. The author’s pretty obscure. No wonder we couldn’t find it right away!" 

"Damn… it actually exists?” Rin looks at Makoto, bewildered. 


“W- what?" 

in second grade i had a HUMONGOUS crush on a boy named Michael, who was not in my class that year but was on my bus route.  i was at one of the earliest stops, so i’d get on the bus and take my seat, making sure to sit next to the aisle so nobody could sit with me.  right before we got to his stop, i’d move over to the window and hope he’d decide to share my seat.  since the bus was pretty full by that time, he usually did.  then i would sit there in gleeful silence and enjoy our proximity.

anyway, that’s about the extent of my romantic experience.