i'm not actually a serial killer

Me: So you’re also interested in true crime?

Person who claims to know everything about serial killers, school shooters etc…: Yes! My favorite mass murderer was Jeffery Bundy. The one who shooted in his school with his friend Dylan Rooph! Omg, he was so hot with his dark long curly hair and those damn cheekbones… Sadly he was gay cause if he was straight we could date at Blackjacks pizza and listen to Rammstein in his cute yellow Volkswagen Kever! I wish Sue Harris was my mom too cause she’s such a strong person and i would nickname Jeffery as my little Sunshine dorito even though he was a satanist.

i’m cool with the otherkin community for the most part (I’m personally fictionkin) but I will never understand factkin

  • What they say: I'm fine
  • What they mean: Christine and Raoul's relationship in the book is actually so developed and complex and OTP material but this isn't accurately portrayed in any of the big adaptions and their roles in it are always warped and cut down and the depth of the relationship they had as children is never shown and although Erik can be a pitiful character Phantom is actually a sadistic serial killer who spends much of the book being torturous and completely lacking empathy for Christine's suffering as he forces and grovels his way into trying to form a captor's relationship with her but the musical doesn't show much of Raoul and Christine's past or Phantom's crimes and romanticizes the relationship of Christine and Phantom so much and that is why so many people think Raoul is a dense, fickle or useless character and dislike their ship and ruthlessly ship Phantom and Christine I just want a meticulously accurate aesthetic crazy film adaption of the book I'm so mad

I wish he had a chance to try and get the thought a little more quiet and actually have a chance to have been loved.

I wish jeff was still alive to see how much love and support he has from the tc community.

Jeffrey Dahmer brakes my heart.

Has there ever been a Batman comic where the villains had their own little fan clubs? I remember in Joker’s Asylum: Clayface that a group of obsessed Basil Karlo fans wanted to be absorbed into him because they considered death by Clayface to be a huge honor, but otherwise I haven’t read anything like that.

I just think it would be a really interesting concept to explore–even IRL serial killers who murdered actual people have their own (gross) fandom, so I don’t think what basically amounts to the spandex version of a serial killer groupie would be outside the realm of possibility in the comic book world. 

listen I know they’re fictional characters and none of this really matters but are you telling me elliot stabler literally never speaks to anyone at svu ever again? after over a decade of working with them? I mean olivia literally helped his wife give birth to his youngest son and he’s not even gonna send her a get well soon card after a serial killer literally almost murders her what the actual fuck