i'm not above using the niff tag to spread the measage

C'mon guys! We’ve only got a handful of days to make Brian Remus: Science Genius happen!!
Curt has almost 63k followers on twitter! We can do better than this! If even one third of them each give $1 to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lymanjohnson/brian-remus-science-genius we can make it happen for literally less than the price of a cup of coffee!!

Curt Mega is quite possibly the most wonderfully inspirational, warm, sincere and funny people that I have unfortunately not met. Yet. Someday I will descend from the snowy wastes of Canada and make it happen. But seriously, I suffer from an anxiety disorder, and I often turn to his tweets to help me gain perspective, because he speaks so eloquently about the reason why it’s important to keep fighting, keep dreaming, even when facing setbacks, even when it feels hard to keep going on in the face of overwhelming odds. He is so genuine and really gives his fans a lot of insight into himself, and engages with us. He’s a remarkable guy.

Anyways! Brian Remus is a potential webshow about the awesomeness of science, the woes of the work place, and the crazy reality of having to deal with friends and coworkers. Did I mention science? (Fun fact: It rules!)

So in summation, guys, let’s make this happen! We could all use a little more Curt in our lives. Also, think of the gifs, people. These gifs are waiting to be made, but first we need to get Brian Remus: Science Genius made. We can do it, but time is growing short.

To those that pledge, or already have, I Niff you.