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Iggy Stardust and the Recipehs from Insomnia

Bonus Prompto and Noct FreakingTheFuckOut™ now that they’ve discovered Iggy’s secret alter ego and corresponding double life.

Let’s try this whole ts4 thing out again, shall we?

This is Paisley Merwood, an ambitious young girl with a love for music whose overwhelming confidence is sure to land her in trouble at some point. 

Wonwoo: Blood for Blood, Bloom for Bloom (pt 1)

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anonymous asked: hello! if its not too much, can i request a wonwoo hanahaki disease au scenario? like i want it very angsty bc i lov to break mi own heart but i dont want anyone to die. thank you, you lovely little bean hehe ^~^💛

Summary: a kind of fictional historical thing based in the tudor era but like u can’t really call it that cuz like did henry VII or queen elizabeth actually ever reign in this fictional world ??? that’s the real question.. also mingyu and wonwoo don’t wear those ugly ass balloon pants that were classic of the tudor era…. I wouldn’t do that to them… nor would I let them do that to themselves….

The sounds of an orchestra playing and feet shuffling in the background fade. Your shoes suddenly feel like nothing, unlike the previous iron weights that they had felt like before. Every blister and bruise becomes completely unknown to you. You lean against the window, the latticework cold against your cheek as fatigue settles into your bones, though only out of the anxiety of having to dance with strangers in the middle of a loud room.

“There you are,” You hear from behind you. You don’t turn toward the voice, knowing exactly who it came from and knowing also that you’d rather not see him right now.

“Here I am.” You state, your voice sounding pathetically weak and getting lost and muffled in the glass panes of the window.

“Your sister is looking for you.” Mingyu says. He reaches out for you, placing a hand on your shoulder, but you shrug it off with a sigh.

“When is she not?” You scoff.

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I can’t believe Stephanie Cordato Patrick accidentally ended up at a sketchy Halloween rave party in an abandoned warehouse without a floor.

I am incredibly interested in how she ended up there, especially considering she said you had to pay some guy on a street corner for a map.

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FAVOURITE  SCENT:  crisp apple,  green apple,  burberry brit rhythm for her,  estée lauder’s pleasures,  i actually blend the perfumes i own into new scents and would get tips just based on the wake i left when i worked at a hostess at a casino.
FAVOURITE  BOOK:  the picture of dorian gray,  dante’s inferno,  phantom of the opera,  heart of darkness,  hp:  half-blood prince,  i hate to say it but i’m adding the silmarillion…
FAVOURITE  COLOUR:  scarlet,  granny smith apple green.
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NUMBER OF BLANKETS YOU SLEEP WITH:  depends on the season bc my room’s on the north side and the heat doesn’t always work there.  plus i’m that dumbass™ who sleeps with my windows open until i finally wake up to snow on the window sill. 
DREAM  TRIP:  drive four hours to see aaron idk which blog he’s on  ( which i hope to do this month or the next );  drive to see @ herroyaldarkness so we can finally have breakfast;  fly to see @queenxcersei;  return to france;  i can’t wait to finally get back to my road trips where i go investigate abandoned houses and come home with stories like how i showed up at my best friend’s house in columbia,  missouri   ( two hours from here )  at 3am with a stolen hatchet and crying about hookers.  or how i was post-breakup driving  and discovered this small town like 20 miles from my college campus and on the main street was this  “probably haunted and visibly decrepit”  house i instantly fell in love with;  when investigating,  trying to find the previous owner  ( bc at the time i was planning to move up there,  but not live on campus otherwise i’d have to live in the sorority hall )  only the previous three were either dead or legit missing.  the deed,  public property,  lead me and my friend to another small town like +35 miles south of campus where this guy was shot in broad daylight bc he was legit the town fuckhead™ and no one confessed to it / tattled,  and the address given was burned down 4 years prior and was never the  ( ‘haunted’ house owner’s )  property to begin with.  
BLOG  CREATED:  june 24,  2017.

There’s a trend I’ve noticed in fiction that I honestly don’t like: When a book or movie is teaching us about values, they always teach us that the most important things in life are friendship and courage and the like. The bad guys are always the big-picture thinkers, the intelligent ones and the ones who value logic over emotion. I feel like these books are telling us that friendship is more important than hard work, and who cares if you have a future as long as you’re a nice person? I don’t think that’s a realistic message to send, to be honest. Intelligence and logic are important, in many ways just as important as friendship and bravery - in some ways, more important. They should be more balanced in fiction, in my opinion.

Okay, so I’ve been thinking (dangerous, I know) and what if this ‘Hak is from Xing’ theory turns out to be true and Hak has this entire family there - like a kickass mum, an awesome dad, sisters and brothers and cousins and aunts and uncles - all of whom thought they lost him years ago??

And what if at some point they realise that their lost son has returned, and Hak sees that he does have a family, and he wasn’t left as a child because he wasn’t wanted, and that he did come from somewhere and is worth something and is important to people. And what if they all meet and his mother and father are crying over this child they thought they lost and Hak’s just so happy to find such an important part of himself. 

I mean, don’t get me wrong, this is a good thing. But… if it happens, I will cry so much. Omg, part of me hopes this (or anything remotely close) doesn’t happen because I will have to stay under my bed for days I’ll be so emotionally compromised. At the same time though… I need! *grabby hands*

Abandoned Cat 6

What the fk is happened?!

“No!! Stop!! Who the hell are you?!!!”
“miw“ ♡


the phone—



“wahh so you’re drunk too? congratulatioooon~~”
“weee, i’m so happy i’m not the only one seeing that cat transforming! we must have something in common~ let’s drink together sometime~”


He must be crazy

I must be crazy

No way

No way

No way

No way


mynerdom75  asked:

I don't know if you are answering questions now or not but do you have any advice for me as I'm getting back to writing after abandoning that passion long ago. I have story ideas knocking about in my head that I would like to get out into the world.

One of those ideas wants to be told more than all the others. Choose it.

Start writing it. Don’t worry about it being perfect or ready to publish. Just write it.

Give yourself a schedule for writing, and stick to it. Maybe it’s “noon to 2pm” or it’s “Saturday afternoon” or something like that. Maybe word count goals work better for you, so maybe it’s “1000 words” or “400 words” or whatever. Don’t judge yourself based on how much you’re doing, just stick to the schedule.

Keep writing. If it wants to take you in directions that were different than you originaly imagined, let it.

Write some more.

Resist the urge to switch to another story while you’re writing this one. Finish this one.

When you think it’s terrible, you’re almost done. Keep writing.

Finish it.

Yay! You finished it! Congratulations! You made a thing where there wasn’t a thing before!

Walk away from it for a day or two. Enjoy the feeling of having written.

Go back to your story, and rewrite it where you need to. Don’t throw away the stuff you cut. Put that stuff in a file that you can get into later, because you’ll probably bring one of those things you cut from this story into another story.

If you can afford it, and if you want to, give it to an editor to look at your grammar, and offer suggestions from her perspective as a new reader.

Polish it up if you want.

Release it into the world! Yay! 

Pick a new idea, and start again.

Brain: Pssst. Hey, kid. I got a plot for a sweet multi-chapter fic over he–

Me: NO.

anonymous asked:

Do you have more stories like no child left behind? Or stories with abandoned parks? (Not related but I'm a sloot for your stories)