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At the risk of asking a question that's already been answered, what exactly was Alex and Eliza's marriage like? Considering how she handled everything after he died, I'd have to say that love was definitely there. But you also said that he didn't respect woman, and I'm wondering if that put strain anywhere (you know, besides the affair)

I don’t think it should have to put strain in the relationship to make their relationship unappealing from a fictional standpoint.

He probably loved her as much as he was capable, but as long as he had power over her, there’s an element of control that effects how she would’ve been able to behave with him, and no amount of family connections or wealth truly offsets societal and legal norms. No matter how much he might have deferred to her, he still had the power to overrule her decisions. I don’t think relationships can ever really be fully healthy unless all parties consider themselves equals, and I don’t think that was the case in their marriage.

(Honestly, I don’t personally find any historical relationships between men and women interesting because of this, unless the woman has some major status or physical strength that elevates her, but that’s personal)

Hamilton didn’t respect women any more than the average man of that time- which is not a whole lot. He sexualized women throughout his youth and kept a strong divide between the roles that men should play in the world and those that women should. Which is, again, common for the time. This was during a period when gender roles were becoming more strongly defined, especially among the upper class. He never supported women’s suffrage (which believe it or not was discussed as a serious topic in some circles) or property rights (though Eliza negotiated the purchase of their home herself), and though he helped create grounds for a woman divorcing for adultery in New York, I would doubt that his involvement had to do with concern for gender equality so much as remembering his childhood condition as a result of his mother’s first marriage or wanting to morally condemn other men he saw cheating while he was, at the time, being faithful.

Since there weren’t other liaisons that came forward when the Reynolds scandal went out, it can be argued he was actually more faithful than many men of his status who spent a lot of time in Philadelphia and gathered multiple affairs. It can also be assumed that Elizabeth accepted his flirtatiousness since that was a pretty strong trait of his character and we have no evidence of her complaining about it (of course, what does that actually prove?).  She did advise him on political and family matters, but considering her social status prior to their relationship, that makes sense and I don’t think allowing her an active intellectual and social life earns him special praise as a husband.

I’m probably answering your question badly- because I’m just not interested enough to go deeper than this and make a better summary than what you could find from reading Eliza blogs like @runawayforthesummer or on old posts by @publius-esquire or by opening a biography about Hamilton. Their marriage was probably happy in the way marriages were- in ‘love’ with plenty of kids, struggling financially, but with a family and social functions to go to- and in a way that would be absolutely unbearable by today’s standards- with a man who could legally get away with way more than he should, and fully aware of this, could also be rewarded as a great husband just by performing the most basic responsibilities.

My point was, even if a couple is perfectly content with a major imbalance between themselves, it’s not something worth romanticizing. It’s just not.

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Zero never responded to Matts wya tweet wassup w that

lmaoo i wan’t you to sincerely know that i fell asleep while on twitter and midway into Zero’s response. now because of me he’s in trouble.

Story time

So tell me how I was invited to my friend’s masquerade grad party and it was just the hottest mess. My fiancé and I were running late and when we arrived, there was literally like 5 people there and the party hadn’t started yet…WE GOT THERE AN HOUR LATE. Alright cool, I’m thinking we on CPT. Another hr passes and she still hasn’t made her entrance. No little appetizers or anything has been served. I came hungry, so I’m getting a little​ irritated at this. I then proceeded to text our mutual friend to ask her when the party was going to start. She said it would start soon. About 30 mins later, my friend finally made her entrance. My fiance and I got excited because we thought that her arriving meant that food would get served. An hour later, the MC gone announce that the salad bar was open and drinks were available. By this point, my fiancé and I were spicy as fuck. Nigga we were there for 2.5 hours and no real food?! @blackraystyles was ready to go, but I was trying to be supportive of my friend and all. Then there was a cultural dance group that performed a piece…that took about 20 mins. The MC was about to announce for people to get up and get some food, but instead she made everyone sit back down to watch another performance…for another 20 mins. And then after that, she announced for folks to get on the dance floor. By this point, Ray and I are angry lions. BITCH I’M HONGRY AS HELL! LISTEN, WE FREAKIN LEFT. WE WENT AND GOT US SOME DAMN POPEYES.


Still can’t figure out colors to save my damn life.
I headcanon that the reason Erina never re-married is because she could never find another man who could reach the impossibly high standards of both personality & physique set by Jonathan Joestar.

chapter 61 from simon’s pov

And I’m holding his face

Because I want him to stop

I want him to stop saying all this

I want him to go back to Watford with me

I want to be home with him

His dark, grey eyes are

Dancing in the firelight

They’re beautiful, I think

Where did that thought come from?

He’s not beautiful.

He’s my enemy.

Okay, he is kind of beautiful.

Okay. Baz is beautiful and

It annoys the fuck out of me.

His mouth is so close

It’s sealed shut

And for a split second

I think about kissing him

I think about pushing his mouth open

With my own

I wonder if he’ll kiss me back

But then I remember

Who I am and who he is

And where we are

And I almost convince myself not to-

But he’s staring at my face

So intently

And for a second, unmistakably,

His eyes flick down to my lips.


I don’t want him to go

I don’t want him to leave

And so I do it.

I kiss Baz.

I kiss him like there’s no tomorrow

Because I want to kiss him

Because he’s beautiful

And because he isn’t a monster

Because he isn’t my enemy

And because it just feels right.

His mouth is cold, cold, cold

But this kiss is full of heat

It’s nothing like what I’ve

Ever felt with Agatha.

It’s hotter,

It’s colder,

It’s a hundred times more intense.

And it feels right.

I am kissing Baz.

And he is kissing me.

What are we starting?


How things change.


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