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Clarke, listen to me. I told you there were no good guys, but that’s not true -

no but really phil just posted a video last sunday ??? and we gonna get a new one already instead of a gaming video that probably takes a lot less time to get ready ?? and dan knew more about phil uploading a video than phil himself ??? and they’re going away next week on a “holiday with some friends” ???  i mean that’s suspicious 


guess who’s ready and impatiently waiting for the comeback 😚❤️✌️

The year is 2294.

Jim Kirk just celebrated his 61th birthday. (Well, that’s how Bones put it, because Jim Kirk has to be blackmailed to celebrate the 22nd of March.)

The worst thing about his birthday this year was the absence of his husband, who just started negotiating with the Romulans. Because the whole peace treaty affair with the Klingons went so smoothly and without life threatening incidents, almost too easy, really…

So, of course, Spock just HAD to go on start bargaining with the most cunning sneaky bastards in the entire quadrant!

It is on this horrible rainy day, the kind that crawls into Jim’s cracking bones, when Starfleet calls him. And before he can even start yelling at the com, because it’s not even 5 am yet, his brain registers the words: “Ambassador Spock” and “missing”. Everything he was just about to shout at the officer of ‘fleet Operations seems to be stuck in his throat.

As it turns out bargaining for peace with the Romulans is not exactly a breeze. It’s not that Jim hadn’t told his better half exactly this, but Vulcans…can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

The Romulans, it seems, were not completely opposed to a reunion with their more peaceful kinship, but parts of the old Empire still hungered after the good old times with the Federation cowering at the border.

The hobgoblin did WHAT?” is the first thing McCoy grunts through the com followed by “let me get this straight: Spock got himself captured by Romulan rebels and you want to go after him, because thanks to the Vulcan mumbo jumbo in your head you can roughly get the direction where the green-blooded fool’s at?! You are 61 years old, damn it, and you don’t even have a ship!”


As it turns out…they have a ship.

Uhura squeezes into the tiny nook where the ship’s com is located. She’s gorgeous, regal like a queen, her hair, turned white with age, gives her an even more ethereal shine. She shouts into her ear piece whenever she communicates with Scotty in the belly of his tiny cruiser, because he’s a little deaf on both ears, but his hands are still steady and his mind never stopped working on miracles despite the fact that he takes a little longer for everything now.

Sulu’s way to pilot around a meteor belt has never faltered once, even if he doesn’t hold the record of the academy anymore. He sits right in the front, salt-and-pepper hair thinning a bit. His favourite plant at his feet (“Her name is Gertrud and she will come with us!”).

Chekov, the cheeky little shit, sits right next to Sulu, just like he used to and makes fun of the lot of them. Jim is never quite certain the whiz kid didn’t find the fountain of youth somewhere on one of his many assignments.

Jim takes his place in the center seat. It’s tiny compared to what he’s used to, but to hell with it! They need to get Spock back and he’ll deal with anything he can get!

Bones sits on a borrowed chair right next to his old captain and grunts and grumbles that they are too old for this and how they should at least have taken someone else with them, but when Jim interjects that he can go, if he so desperately wants to, he looks at him, as if he’s lost his mind.

“I’m old Jim, not dead! Well at least not yet! What are we waiting for anyway? Let’s get going before the hobgoblin starts getting too comfortable wherever he is…”



Because Australian and American timezones are different and confusing this will probably be super early but HEY better early than late, right? Right??!

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Hey sweethearts, I see a lot of cuties wish me my birthday and I think even draw for me !!!! QvQ Thank you so so much, I’m sorry I was with my psy and now I’m going to a store so when I come back I will read and see all these treasures and respond you, thank you so so much and sorry for the wait >

I never had a real house to grow up in. You know, a home. I never belonged anywhere. And all my life, I was looking for that thing, you know. Thinking that it was out there somewhere. That all I had to do was find it. But I think, maybe… that home was us. It was you and me together in that stupid car, riding around, smoking cigarrettes… I think that was everything.
—  Sarah Linden to Stephen Holder

Warnings: I wouldn’t call it r*pe (though some people might), but there are definitely unwanted sexual advances.  If anything similar and/or related to r*pe or sexual harassment makes you even a little bit uncomfortable, I’d recommend not reading this. (However, it doesn’t get to a point where I’d have to say it’s NSFW. It is SFW, just possibly triggering.) 

Pairing: Logicality

Word count: 1330

A/N: To be quite frank, I finished this a while ago but did my final edits tonight, and it’s 3 in the morning, so um… it might be a little rough. 

Tag list: (ask to be tagged/untagged!) @analogicalisreal @scarletsaphire @aaliyahadams1738 @leesacrakon @storytellerofuntoldlegends 

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“Now I’m pacing back and forth, 
Wishing you were at my door.”

anonymous asked:

Hello Jyushi's admin.. I'm one of your friends, but you will have to guess (or not) who I am cus I aint tellin’! I love what you’re doing with this Ask Blog. You’re always inspiring me, making me smile and laugh, and making me feel better about myself. If I was able to draw, I would have started a drawing blog of my own, because you inspire me so much! Do you sell your artwork somewhere? Can I donate to you?? I am going to stalk you until you allow me to purchase something >:D

{Haaaaa… I’m really bad a guessing TwT Either you’re that one friend who wants me to promote the stuff we’ve worked on together or… Yeah, I dunnoooo TwT Either way… I’m really glad if I can make you smile and feel better! TwT I shouldn’t be an inspiration but the rest is great <3 <3

About selling art, umm… So I drew that one comicbook that’s published by a smol French publishing company but that ain’t gonna help because it’s in French…

Other than that, we’ve started attending Japan Expo, an anime con that happens yearly in Paris, with the Better Together circle, and I’m currently working on an Etsy store that’ll start by selling leftover products we have from that con, i.e. buttons and prints mainly… It’s very empty at the moment but I’ll be filling it up this week, so if you’re ever interested please stay tuned! TwT

I also do commissions, but in a kinda messy way, I don’t have a commission chart and just discuss things privately if I’m ever asked… So that’s very occasional but that’s also a thing! I’ll put some contact details below in case y’all ever wanna discuss that, I dunno. Feel free to hit me up on tumblr if it helps, also!

Either way… I hope this helps, sorry I don’t have much at the moment TwT I don’t have much confidence in my art and I’m bad at advertising what I do for free, so going as far as selling it gets tougher TwT

…So, contact details here in any case TwT:}

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