i'm not a snake i'm a snake eater~

pakuno-duh  asked:

I'm looking into getting a pet snake once I'm able to move out. Any suggestions for beginner snakes?

Kenyan sand boa! Good eaters, can tolerate smaller and dryer enclosures than many other snakes, very tiny and harmless and docile. See also: corn snakes and some varieties of milk snake.

Corns are more active though and need more to do and can be flighty. If you’re a good researcher and dedicated to doing well, a ball python isn’t a bad first choice imo. Some recommend against it because they’re a little more difficult to keep and can go off feed easily. But Jorgen was my first snake and we get along swimmingly. He’s my best boy.

anon said:  I just wanted to say thanks for all this stuff that you’re doing for the Metal Gear fandom. Your art is amazing, keep that up. you’ve also received a block of calorie mate

thank you!! to ALL my followers here <3 i love you guys and im honestly surprised at the attention ive gotten here- metal gear means a lot to me and it’s really fun sharing it with you all!!