i'm not a pedophile i promise

Saw a kid reading Percy Jackson at Barnes & noble. I wanted to get on the floor with him and say “let’s talk! Where are you up to? How much do you like Tyson? Isn’t Grover the best? I want to be annabeth when I grow up, how about you?”

Then it occurred to me that his parents might be freaked and ppl might think I was some kind of predator.

This had some how become a Percy Jackson blog…imagine if I had this when I read Harry Potter?!!!

I was on the computer and Dr. Phil was playing in the background and I looked up when I heard this…

“The only thing I would want to say to Melissa is…you’re a pedophile, you’re a predator, you need to stop, get psychiatric help. And if you must have a relationship go find a man. There’s a lot of them out there.”

Awkward. My name is Melissa.