i'm not a nurse though

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I'm like highkey wondering what you look like??

Right now I look like a teen mom with too many kids (I love them though you are all precious)

If I get 500 likes on this I’ll post one, granted if the gods are in my favor and the stars are aligned correctly I’ll look halfway decent but meh

If you need some visual beforehand though just imagine a white passing (I don’t know how the fuck people think I’m white with the hair I have but o-fucking-kay) black girl with two afro poofs on the side completely done with life

I overhear my patient on the phone, “I can’t believe what poor care I’ve received at this hospital. I was made to wait all night without anything to eat or drink before my surgery, it took one nurse over 10 minutes to bring me a warm blanket, and now they’re making me get out of bed for every meal! Unbelievable.”