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WORDS CAN’T BEGIN TO DESCRIBE HOW THRILLED I AM TO BE APART OF THIS LITTLE FAMILY ! i have fallen madly in love with every single skeleton created for this group and can’t wait to see your portrayal of each and every single one of them. i’m also ?? a huge fan of gilmore girls so when i saw this was an rp inspired in that amazing show i was like !! SHOOKEDTH !! anywho, my name’s nana and i’m a nineteen year old geek who can’t wait to plot and love down every single one of you ?? below the cut will be an explanation of this ?? misbehaved bean ?? pls love us ??

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Different KamSero anon, but like headcanon that Bakugou and Kirishima argue about kissing in public, while Sero and Kaminari don't see the big deal. Bakugou tries to tell them that it's embaressing but Sero and Kami peck eachother on the lips to demonstrate it "not being a big deal". P.S. They may of broke Bakugou and shut down his brain in the process.

That’s!!!! an adorable headcanon!!!! even though I gotta say I’m leaning more towards something like

a list of Dream Daddy Plot Twists™ that are better than the Cult Ending plot twist (spoilers):

• Damien being an IT guy that volunteers at pet shelters and wears glasses
• Hugo being a huge wrestling fan
• Brian never actually wanting to compete at dad stuff but just awkwardly trying to impress MC all the time
• Robert’s child being a gorgeous businesswoman with a girlfriend
• the weed that Mat and MC bought actually being oregano
• literally anything else


eager rookie lightning and grumpy old doc have breakfast together at least three times a week pass it on

inspired by this post by @incorrectcarsquotes with doc instead of smokey

  • What I say: I'm fine
  • What I mean: Okay but like, I'm not okay with Bob dying, Joyce deserves happiness and Bob was so pure and innocent and he loved everything that came with Joyce. Before the season came out, I was a HUGE Jopper fan. Like that was end goals and I would have died if anything but that happened. But after getting to know Bob, I'm so upset and emotional that he was killed. He made time for the boys even when they were distant from him. He cared so much. He was willing to do so much for Joyce and her (their?) family after being thrust into it mere hours before.

they say french is the language of love. but like, anything can be the language of love if you’re learning it for a loved one.

- wanna get to know your polish grandma better? polish is your language of love.
- significant other is a huge star trek fan? bam, learn some klingon, language of love.
- your new friend is deaf? tell them you love em by signing it in ASL