i'm not a fan of facebook can you tell

anonymous asked:

Hey I'm totally in love with your artwork, it's seriously amazing! I run a Harry Potter Fan account and I always want to know how the artist feels about this before I do it but I post fan art a lot, I'm not an artist and I let my followers know at every possible second that none of the stuff I post is mine and if it is I would tell them. I always use the artists name in the description and always tag them. Is that okay? Are you fine with that? Most of my followers end up on your page afterwards

What account are you talking about? instagram? facebook? (If it’s on tumblr (or any other site I’m on) we have nothing to talk about because I hate when people repost my art when they can just reblog, it’s extremely rude to make a new post (with credit! surprisingly) instead of hitting the reblog button) Anyway, look, your ask is anonymous, you tell me that you’ve already reposted my art because people “end up on my page afterwards,” you know my opinion about reposting because I have it written in capitals in my FAQ and ????
(People don’t read descriptions or tags on instagram, that’s what I’ve noticed.)
If you want my art on your page it’s better to come off anon, maybe send the link to your page? so I’ve an access to my art too??? *sigh*

Talk to me like I’m a human, not a vending machine with art, please.