i'm not a calvinist

I'm a Christian

Catholic, Protestant, Baptist, Methodist, Non-Denominational, Lutheran, Pentecostal, Orthodox…

Calvinist, Arminian, Charismatic, Traditional…

You shouldn’t be “proud to be Catholic”

You shouldn’t be “glad you’re not a Evangelical”

You may worship at a Lutheran church or hold Calvinist ideals, but when someone comes down on you and asks you who you are, there really is only one answer you can proudly say…

I am a Saint. I am redeemed. I am a son or daughter of the King. I am in Christ. I am a Christian.

Meming for Christ - Keep the Word Alive!

So, I’ve gotten several messages asking whether this blog is serious or not. I intend to keep textposts very limited here, as they’re not the thing that has resonated with most of you, but I want to clarify once and for all for everyone that, though I’m obviously riffing on Jack Chick a little bit, the true intent of this blog is NOT parody: I am a youth pastor, this is a part of my ministry, and I do honestly believe that memes can save souls!

Let me elaborate briefly… Remember the Parable of the Sower*? I want to extend the metaphor Christ used a little bit by saying that there are two parts to witnessing. One is carefully tending the Christians who’ve sprouted or are about to sprout (best done in person). The other, more relevant here, is sowing lots of seed, even though you know most of it’s going to get wasted in the weeds and rocks. THIS is where the internet, a medium designed to circulate information, shines, and THIS is where “Meming for Christ” comes into play.

Witnessing doesn’t have to be stale - both the Bible and the lives of real Christians are funny, puzzling, strange, and sometimes even a little bit raunchy. There’s no reason the messages we put out there can’t be as well. When I say that “the Church needs to meme for Christ,” what I mean is that the Word, high technology, and the God-given talents of Christians** can and should be creatively synthesized in order to blast this brave new cyber-world with seed!

*Not Octavia Butler! Matthew 13. :o)
**Even high concept meming! See 1 Peter 4:10-11.

tonight on house of cards
  • frank underwood: claire i've decided i'm a communist now
  • frank underwood: no wait i'm a libertarian
  • frank underwood: communist again
  • frank underwood: calvinist
  • frank underwood: dark enlightenment
  • frank underwood: claire have you ever googled ron paul
  • frank underwood: whig party
  • frank underwood: claire
  • frank underwood: claaaaaaaaaaaire
  • some dude: i'm strongly against murder
  • some dude: or am i