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Talked about Overwatch with friends during the last weekend, and how, as a person who haven’t yet played overwatch, my impression over the characters is completely based on fanart I’ve seen, and.. well, let’s say reaper takes the cake aka me seeing his belt(?) as garter every. fucking. time. 


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A man who is a little bit too easy to make laugh? Idk

oh man, priceless

how I feel about people saying that my art is good cause of talent
  • person:*looks at art* Wow you have so much talent I wish I could draw like that.
  • me:Listen here. What you see isn't talent. In fact 1% is talent and only thanks to my parents complimenting my ability to pick up a crayon and draw a circle at age four. 99% of this is hard work, crying, giving up, starting again, and accepting the fact your art will never be as perfect as you want it to be. Creating art is a skill. I didn't spend ten years of my life suffering through art for all of it to be dismissed as "talent". If you want to get as good as me or even better at art, all you have to do is do it. I'm not talented. I'm stubborn.

Thankyou for joining us on Taylor Swift airlines on today, the 9th of July. You are now boarding the 1:58 flight to Last Kiss. We hope you enjoy your flight and manage to find some emotional stability. If not, our helpful flight attendants will be around to assist you. Please ensure you are aware of the location of all oxygen masks as they will probably be needed. As we go through Tumblr we may encounter quite a bit of turbulence. Also be aware of the emergency exits - there are none. There is no escaping once you’ve heard this song. Once again thanks for flying with Taylor swift airlines, and we hope you enjoy your stay stay stay.