i'm never sure if this is what you guys mean

Random Sentence Starters:
  • "Any time I say "asking for a friend" you know it's fake because I have no friends."
  • "God bless that ass."
  • "In eight hours I will have been awake for twenty four hours."
  • "If you want to get technical it costs exactly zero dollars to murder someone if you keep it simple."
  • "You can't snort Captain Crunch. That's what Cocoa Puffs are for."
  • "These skinny jeans are stifling."
  • "Are your pants made out of Fruit Loops?"
  • "Yoga pants are the reason corporations go bankrupt."
  • "Your mother would never lie to me."
  • "I'm pretty sure Ren and Stimpy were werewolves."
  • "It's like he has chicken pox but like... on his dick."
  • "Call the government."
  • "Everyone has that one emo band that got them through puberty."
  • "Between you and me I love her shoes but I hate everything that she stands for, if you know what I mean."
  • "The fact that the ocean exists is proof that God is a sadist."
  • "I don't speak German but I'm pretty sure that dude just said go fuck yourself."
  • "I'd sell my soul for a cheesy snack."
  • "I can't date guys who look better in eyeliner than I do."
  • "I didn't learn how to tie my shoes until I was sixteen and three quarters."
  • "If you know that vampires exist it's your civil duty to report that shit to someone."
  • "I'd really like to smack a bitch."
  • "Who gave you permission to breathe my air?"
  • "Would you rather fuck Edward Cullen or Peter Parker?"
if i missed you, would you hold it against me

Summary: With Soryu and MC’s passing, it now fell onto Eisuke to be Ryusei’s legal guardian. Why Soryu and MC would think naming Eisuke, of all people, as legal guardian in their will was beyond him.

              You’re the only one we can trust, Soryu had told him. But that didn’t mean Eisuke was ready to be a father.

              Hell, he wasn’t ready for anything that came since that day.

              He wasn’t ready to be a father.

              He wasn’t ready to lose his best friend.

              He wasn’t ready to lose her.

Genre: Angst, Hurt and Comfort

Pairing: One-sided Eisuke/MC, MC/Soryu

a/n: I haven’t written a proper fic in so long lmao. this idea just popped in m head one day, and since then, i couldn’t stop thinking about it lmfao. 

@2bedroom-baddestbidderlove i hope you like it!! @maidofstars @bolt8826 @tsundere-eevee @alolan-lillie @themysticaldaydreamer here’s a fic after so long lol

               Dinner was a solemnly silent affair.

              In the stillness of the dining room, the only sound that could be heard was the clang of Eisuke’s utensils on his plate. Across him sat little Ryusei, who only stared at his untouched food with empty eyes.

              “… You’re not hungry?” Eisuke asked slowly.

              The boy shook his head without looking up from his plate.

              Eisuke sighed in defeat, putting his utensils down. “Do you want to go to bed already?”

Ryusei nodded in assent. Gingerly, the boy pushed back his chair and gave a little bow, leaving Eisuke alone with his thoughts.

              “I suppose it’s not going to be easy, huh?” he said to no one in particular.

              And it won’t ever be easy again. Not with them gone.

              Just three days ago, Eisuke was staring into Soryu’s and MC’s coffins. Both of them looked deceptively peaceful, as if they were only asleep—that anytime, they’d wake up from their long nap and mess around in the penthouse like always.

              But Eisuke knew better.

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Nikki I can't deal. I'm the anon whose crush said she reminds her of Chloe. And today we were texting and she was talking about how she's planning a cosplay of Max and how I should be her Chloe. And i texted my friend freaking out and she was like "aww you guys are such a cute couple. I'm jealous." And just what?!?!? I mean like sure we hang out a lot. We get coffee and eat dinner together and she took me to see wonder woman. But like.. those were just 2 friends hanging out right?? (1/2)

But then my friend was like “umm.. you guys literally never shut up about each other and you’re always holding hands?? And you buy each other cute gifts just bc.” And I’m like …okay yes that all happens but you’re totally twisting things around. And I text my crush and I’m like “people think we’re dating???” And she’s like “bc we are??? We have been for 3 weeks, babe.” And so yeah I um… apparently have a super cute gf who I haven’t kissed yet bc I “gal pal”-ed myself. (2/2)

omg??? Dam ya better get to the kissing??? Chop chop lets go smooch smooch

I'm sorry (Harry Wells x Reader)

A/N: I hope you guys enjoy it! I had a lot of fun writing the angst!

Based on this: could u do an imagine where Harry hurts you? Like says/does something mean in the moment & it hurts you. he’s never seen u cry or anything of that sort until then but he doesn’t know what to do all he knows is he misses u being around maybe even admits to himself he actually likes u but it’s too late? I’m not sure. Something with hurt/angsty/dramatic vibe to it. Just a story that kind of follows how He feels/thinks/reacts to losing u & after what he said & u make up in the end & he apologizes

He shouldn’t have said it, he knew that as soon as the words left his mouth and you hurried out of the room tears in your eyes. It had been two weeks and you still wouldn’t stay in the same room as him.

The team had noticed and confronted him about it. No doubt they confronted you as well, but neither of you divulged anything so eventually they had to drop it.

“Damn it,” he hisses before throwing the dry erase marker at the wall. He hadn’t been able to concentrate, thoughts of your hurt face entering his mind at all hours. He had never been this bothered by hurting someone else’s feelings.

He had tried apologizing, but every time you’d be gone before he could find the words. He was begining to think you had a meta human ability that made it impossible to think properly when around you. That was stupid, he was being stupid, he should just suck it up and apologize that way everything could go back to normal.

With a deep breath Harry set out to find you. Determined not to let you run away while he apologized.

“Y/N,” Harry says once he finds you in the cortex by yourself, “please don’t run away again.”

“What do you want?” you ask turning to face him.

“To apologize,” he replies, “I was out of line. I shouldn’t have said it, please just come back to working with me. I haven’t been able to concentrate since you left.”

“I accept your apology,” you reply voice even, “but I don’t think I can work with you right now. I care about you alot and you really hurt me. I’ve already been hurt by one Harrison Wells I can’t let it turn into a pattern.”

“He wasn’t Harrison Wells,” Harry snaps before he can stop himself.

Your lips twice. “No, you’re right he wasn’t. Just give me some time Harry.”

Harry nods his head before turning to leave. “I care about you too, you know,” he says by the door way.

“I know,” you reply, “I’ll see you later Harry.”

“Later Y/N.”

Teen Wolf - Sentence Starters
  • "What you've got to do is eat this entire bowl of jello"
  • "You're the bad guy/girl I'm pretty sure helping you is a bad idea"
  • "When has everything ever been so black and white?"
  • "You can't just poke around and expect to find a supernatural train station"
  • "You have no self preservation instincts. How are you my daughter/son?"
  • "You are afraid to remember him/her because you are afraid of what it means"
  • "I'm not the babysitting type"
  • "Why don't you try and help me understand what the hell happened here?"
  • "Plan A never works"
  • "You saved my life once. Now, I'm going to save yours"
  • "Okay that's disconcerting, I should probably have a gun"
  • "Well, I don't think the charities would agree"
  • "I'm not paying for the windows"
  • "______, please, look at me. You're going to make it"
  • "If we're going to be friends, you're going to have to learn to trust me"
  • "Are you telling me we came all the way down here to be stopped by an ordinary key?"
  • "I'm saying there's nothing we can do, legally"
  • "So you listen to all of my phone calls?"
  • "No a body of water? Yes dumb ass, a dead body"
  • "That's great, now moving on..."
  • "That was fun. Anymore lethal weapons you want to try out?"
  • "I am part of an online gaming community that battles mythical creatures"
  • "Are you serious? Have you still not seen Star Wars?"
  • "Can I see you in my office? Where I keep my guns"
  • "you don't need instructions. You're too smart. When have you ever needed instructions?"
  • "You told him his sister/brother came back from the dead by a text?"
  • "How are we supposed to trigger a memory that we don't remember?"

And now one more thing from me, that maybe no one will actually see but that’s probably for the better. Since it’s awkward. I don’t know if platonic crushes over online people have a name, but they should have one, because I don’t know how else to call that feel of ‘Damn they are so precious, they may not even know I exist but I’d fight to the death for them.’

Seventeen as Friends Quotes
  • S.Coups: She's right. If I were a guy and… did I just say, “if I were a guy?”
  • Jeonghan: If she wants to go out there kissing guys she barely knows. Then so will I.
  • Joshua: It’s Sunday, I don’t move on Sundays
  • Jun: My wallets too big for me fifties, and my diamond shoes are too tight
  • Hoshi: You know what’s weird. Donald duck never wore pants, but when he’s getting out of the shower he always put a towel around his waist. I mean, what is that about?
  • Wonwoo: I'm not really good at giving advice. Do you want a sarcastic comment?
  • Woozi: Oh I wish I could, but I don’t want to
  • DK: I'm full, and yet I know if I stop eating this I’ll regret it
  • Mingyu: If we were in prison you guys would be, like, my bitches
  • The8: I mean, sure I have my bad days, but then I remember what a cute smile I have
  • Suengkwan: Well, maybe I don’t need your money. Wait. I said maybe.
  • Vernon: You ever realize Captain Crunch's eyebrows are actually on his hat?
  • Dino: You don’t own a tv? What’s all your furniture pointed at??

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Ennun, could you help? You have more followers than I do. I'm pretty sure you've seen a blog called "hellosempai1", she/he posts jikook. The thing is this person has been reposting other's works without permission from the very beginning. I tried to talk with her (sent asks) but I never got a reply. Under the works she reports isn't stated that she got permission from the artists. I don;t know what to do anymore :(

Ah… I see what you mean. 

It’s a lot of reblogs mixed with a lot of reposts (some with credit some without) it’s a very messy mix. 

Guys if you do see someone’s art posted there, do please contact the artist and let them know. And do also feel free to message the blog itself if you want to and say that what they’re doing is wrong and why.

And thank u for telling me Alex!! 

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You guys may have already seen this but I was reading about the ATX Festival and their statement says this: "We have all the functionality of a traditional film festival – spotlighting classic shows, never-aired pilots, cancelled too soon series, cult favorites, current hits and premieres of new series." Cancelled too soon series!! I'm not sure exactly what that means but I think it could be a real chance to save Pitch!

We think ATX Festival is the perfect place to start a #PickUpPitch conversation! We have a pretty big plan in place to start that conversation. It is our biggest hope that Mr. Hulu aka Craig Erwich and the runners of Pitch, Kevin Falls and Paris Barclay will all have a chat about taking our team to Hulu. 

Hopefully we can get ourselves into the conversation and in front of the eyes of Hulu. Pitch was a festival darling last year. Let’s stay positive and see what happens. 


You remember the first time you kissed me?It was so ballsy, it was right in front of Elizabeth.The way that you looked at me, you looked into my eyes, I’ll never forget it.

  • What I say: I'm fine.
  • What I mean: I'm just so worried about Claire Temple you guys. She spends so much time looking out for everyone else that she never takes time for herself. And now with what's happening with Luke, and Matt, I'm sure she's even more stressed. Also, she is the glue holding the Defenders together, and Marvel has a track record of killing off supporting characters. She's basically the Phil to their Avengers. Oh god, just let her be happy running a emergency room for superheroes.
Edge of Tomorrow (2014 Film) : Sentence Starters
  • "Come find me when you wake up!"
  • "I'm not a soldier."
  • "Of course not."
  • "You're a weapon."
  • "We've never gotten this far."
  • "So maybe there's some way I can transfer it to you."
  • "Oh, you mean sex?"
  • "I mean have you tried... you know... tried ALL the options."
  • "I mean, this thing is in my blood."
  • "Why does it matter what happens to me?"
  • "I wish I didn't know you, but I do."
  • "What I am about to tell you sounds crazy."
  • "But you have to listen to me."
  • "Your very lives depend on it."
  • "I think I broke something."
  • "The only thing I can feel are my lips."
  • "You get injured on the field, you better make sure you die."
  • "Think we better start over, don't you?"
  • "I lost the power."
  • "On your feet, maggot!"
  • "We should just reset."
  • "Is he shitting me?"
  • "Listen, man, I've never been in one of these."
  • "Yeah, well, I've never been with two girls at the same time before."
  • "But you can bet, when that day comes, I'll make it work."
  • "Remember, there is no courage without fear."
  • "What the hell where you thinking?"
  • "Drop or die!"
  • "That's productive."
  • "I'd rather just start fresh."
  • "And then I'm killing you."
  • "I think there's something wrong with your suit."
  • "There's a dead guy in it!"
  • "Here they come, mean as hell and thick as grass!"
  • "We've been through worse."
  • "We're getting slaughtered."
  • "You need to get us off this beach."
  • "This ship is going to explode!"
  • "I'm trying to save you!"
  • "That is my name."
  • "I think I get it, what was it? Poker Night? Bachelor Party?"
  • "I don't expect you to follow me."
  • "That's the Full Metal Bitch."
  • "Where's your helmet?"
  • "Never where one... It's a distraction."
  • "I expect your to follow _______."

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I don't think the friend from work and the new guy are the same person. He says "I SAW your friend" and "I SEE you gave him my old t-shirt" like he's telling her that he saw her friend in the recent past, but he currently sees her new man with his shirt. it's kinda confusing cause he never explains who the second "him" is but it's past tense vs present tense


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SPEAKING OF HILDA She probably did get them into all this so she decides that she has to go save him so with the help of ORF and Rusty (well, he doesn't really do much. He probably gets along with Geoff) she arrives in FAHC universe and probably falls in love with Michael, or maybe Ryan, Ray if he's lucky (I'm p sure half the fandom ships X Ray and Hilda anyway so why not)

  • Hilda shows up and is just “wow, there are people here who aren’t complete idiots, what a novelty”
  • But imagine when Hilda meets Lindsay
  • “So you’re saying you actually work with the Mad King?”
  • “The Mad who?  You mean Ryan?  Goddamnit, is he giving himself nicknames again, I swear to god…”
  • Hilda’s curious, and it leads to an epic team up of team Same Desk double trouble.
  • “So wait, you and your Michael aren’t… together?”
  • “My… the bear guy?  I’ve literally never said two words to him.  Plus I usually prefer my men a little more… verbose.”
  • Vav sees Hilda and is just “Thank god, we can finally get out of here and go back to where things are normal, and the world isn’t made of criminals, and murder is a significantly less frequent daily occurance.  C’mon Ms Hilda, let’s get out of…”
  • “Oh no.  Hell no.  I cannot believe you of all people are jumping on the criminal bandwagon.”
  • “Ah c’mon, she can’t leave before we try out all her toys!  Can you imagine pulling a heist with freeze rays?  It’ll be top!”
  • “I was not even remotely talking to you bizarro-me, sod off.”

“My dad was a party man. Machine politician. Did what he was told. Right up until the cops showed up, put the cuffs on him. The local press was camped out on our lawn for weeks. Then this guy showed up, the guy that the party would send to deal with… uncomfortable situations. He said two words. And those reporters? They packed up, and they left, and they never came back. And I realized, that’s what I want to be. The person who knows what to say, and always has something to trade.” - Zoe Morgan

Louie - "So Did the Fat Lady" (Vanessa's Speech)
  • Vanessa: Ugh, dammit. That is so goddamn disappointing, Louie.
  • Louie, you know what the meanest thing is you can say to a fat girl? "You're not fat." I mean, come on, buddy. It just sucks. It really really sucks. You have no idea. And the worst part is, I'm not even supposed to do this. Tell anyone how bad it sucks, because it's too much for people. I mean, you, you can talk into the microphone and say you can't get a date, you're overweight. It's adorable. But if I say it, they call the suicide hotline on me.
  • I mean, can I just say it? I'm fat. It sucks to be a fat girl. Can people just let me say it? It sucks. It really sucks. And I'm going to go ahead and say it. It's your fault.
  • Look, I really like you, you're truly a good guy, I think. I'm so sorry. I'm picking you. On behalf of all the fat girls, I'm making you represent all the guys. Why do you hate us so much? What is is about the basics of human happiness, feeling attractive, feeling loved, having guys chase after us, that's just not in the cards for us? Nope. Not for us. How is that fair? And why am I supposed to just accept it?
  • Louie: You know, Vanessa, you're a very, really beautiful—
  • Vanessa: If I was a very, really beautiful, then you would have said yes when I asked you out. I mean, come on, Louie, be honest here. You know what's funny? I flirt with guys all the time. And I mean the great looking ones, the really high-caliber studs? They flirt right back, no problem. Because they know their status will never be questioned. But guys like you never flirt with me, because you get scared that maybe you should be with a girl like me.
  • And why not? You know, if you were standing over there looking at us, you know what you'd see? That we totally match. We're actually a great couple together. And yet, you would never date a girl like me. Have you ever dated a girl that was heavier than you? Have you?
  • Louie: Yes I have, yes I have.
  • Vanessa: No no no, I didn't say have you ever fucked a fat girl, Louie. I'm sure you have. Every guy has. I mean, when I met you, if I had said, "Hey, do you want to go to the bathroom and screw on a big can of peaches?" you would have gone for it. No, I'm saying, have you ever dated a fat girl. Have you ever kissed a fat girl? Have you ever wooed a fat girl? Have you ever held hands with a fat girl? Have you ever walked down the street in the light of day, holding hands, with a big girl like me?
  • Go ahead. Hold my hand. What do you think is going to happen? You think your dick is going to fall off if you hold hands with a fat girl? You know what the sad thing is? It's all I want. I mean, I can get laid. Any woman who is willing can get laid. I don't want that. I don't even need a boyfriend or a husband. All I want is to hold hands with a nice guy, and walk and talk —

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I've never felt more genuinely upset over an argument in my entire life, but my dad tried to tell me that people who write paperback books are better writers than those who write fanfiction. He has never once read a piece of fanfiction, and yet he's insisting that I don't know what I'm talking about when I say I enjoy fanfiction more than "real books" and many times find it written and worded much better. I just needed someone to rant to because I figured you guys might understand my frustration

i mean… i would for sure say some fanfiction is better than novels i read. i know of one author who turned their fanfiction into a young adult novel and im fairly certain it made top charts?

the medium of publication does not decide the quality of work. just because it’s in a bookstore doesnt mean it;s good. i’ve gone back to re read novels i was in love with, and now i realize their absolute garbage writing and some of the stuff on here is better than it. just because it’s fanfiction doesnt mean it’s not good writing? that’s totally bias and it’s like saying because i type with a blue keyboard everything i write is bad??? i dont… i dont agree with this statement i think fanficiton is incredibly well written and eloquent. okay… yeah im so sorry that this happened and i dont really know how to reply?

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Ugh and on top of that I've liked the same guy since 7th grade and I'm in high school now. I cannot get over him no matter what I do and I've never even talked to this dude before. Thank you for the kind words though, it really does mean a lot!!

Have you ever tried to because I’m sure he is nice and wonderful person if you’ve liked him for so long. You just need to get the courage to talk to him just do it xx And please tell me how thing are going and keep me updated x

I don’t see why people are mad sakura got together with sasuke

I mean even though he treated her like shit throughout the entire manga and even stabbed her and strangled her one time she never gave up on him

and he said he was sorry at the end so that makes everything ok

This is what romance is guys and I’m sure now all young woman reading this manga will see that too :)

Wrong Number - Requested (Luke)

Hello, this was requested by Anon (Can you do a Luke imagine where he called you but it was the wrong number?) ENJOY!!!!

‘It’s just a stupid thing to do, why would he think that’s what you wanted’ you try not to laugh as your friend nods agreeing with you. 'I mean come in having a guy that does the dishes is like a girl’s worst nightmare’ you continue. She narrows her eyes.

'Don’t make fun of me; he is treating me like a child, like I can’t do anything’

'Your pregnancy, he is trying to help as much as he can, don’t be mad at him for it, he is doing his best’ she puts at your words.

'I guess, god I’m such a hormonal bitch’ she sighs. 'Come on I’ll drive you home’ you laugh, offering her a hand and she takes it, you pull her go her feet and both head for your car. Your phone starts to ring in your pocket so you slide it put, there is no caller ID.

'Hello?’ You friends waves at you as she sits in the car.

'Hey, okay so I know you said you don’t want to hear anything if it wasn’t from Michael but could you just hear me out for like a minute’ the person on the other end has a deep yet soft voice, the kinda voice you could fall in love with.

'Sorry I think you have the wrong number’ you smile to yourself a little. 'What? Shit really?’ The guy sighs.

'Yeah, so what’s Michael done?’ You tease a little and hear him chuckle. 'Been an idiot and I’m cleaning up his mess’ he tells you.

'So he’s got you calling his girlfriend?’ You ask, not quite sure why your continuing the conversation when you don’t even know the guy but something about his choice, you don’t want to hang up and never hear again.

'Yeah, well no, I mean I’m helping, but she’s not his girlfriend, well not officially at least, I mean it’s kinda complicated’ he sounds a little flustered but your intrigued now.

'Try me’ you try your luck and for some strange reason he does.

'Well this new girl started working with us, we could tell Michael liked her, and he was always saying how he could get a date if he wanted to but when he was with her he was a blubbering mess so we bet him he couldn’t get date with her by the end of the week.’ He explains.

'Okay, so he got the date and she found out it was a bet?’ You question.

'Yeah exactly the thing is though that after the date they started spending loads of time with each other and they were so close to getting together when she found out’ he finishes.

'So if you’re calling her then that means he actually fell for her?’ You ask again.

'Yeah exactly, wow it really wasn’t that complicated’ he chuckles as you smile at his soft laugh.

'No not really, anyway I have to go my friend looks like she’s is about to throw something at me’ you laugh, looking at Carlie in the car banging in the window for your attention. 'But you should text me, let me know how it goes for this Michael’ you tell him, knowing he probably won’t.

'I will, thanks for the chat’ he chuckles a a little more 'no worries, bye’ you go to hang up 'WAIT’ you hear from the phone and bring it back to your ear 'yeah?’

'What’s your name?’ He asks and you tell him. 'Nice to talk (Y/N), I’m Luke’ and with that the line goes dead and you feel creepy for having tingles from him saying your name.


'Is that the wrong number girl?’ You hear a voice call in the back ground and laugh, raising your eyebrows to Luke as he rolls his.

'Who’s that?’ You question, you guess its Michael, Calum or Ashton but you can’t tell the voices apart.

'Ashton’ Luke sighs and you laugh again. 'Yes Ash, just give me a minute’ Like calls, you see him looking away from the phone.

'Come on mate let us say hello’ you hear another voice; it doesn’t sound like Ashton this time.

'She can hear you’ Luke sighs looking frustrated. At that point you her two 'hello’ and you laugh a little. 'Hey! How you guys doing?’ You ask, still not able to see them.

'We’re doing well, is Lucas being nice to you?’

'If not we can hit him’ you laugh seeing Luke huff.

'No need it’s all good’ you call out.

'Fuck Luke just let us talk to her, what are we gonna do steal her?’ One of them says.

'I’m trying to talk’ Luke snaps and you hear one of them 'ohhhhh’ and you bite your lip trying not to laugh. Suddenly the camera starts the bounce around, you can’t see anything but her a lot of huffs and shuffling 'get the fuck off’ Luke screams.

'Hello wrong number girl!’ You see Michaels red hair and smile.

'Hey Michael, you know you could just call me (Y/N)’ you laugh and he scrunched his face up like he is thinking about it.

'Ner, think I will stick with wrong number girl’ he laughs and you roll your eyes.

'Ask her’ you hear someone shout, it’s not Luke so you assume its Ashton.

'Okay calm down, so we are in London next week and we were thinking it would be the perfect chance for you and Luke to finally meet’ Michael tells you, your lips part and you shrug not sure what to say.

'I was gonna ask you but I got attack before I had the chance’ you hear Luke shout, his relaxes you and you smile.

'She’s blushing guys’ Michael sings and you narrow your eyes.

'Fuck you Michael’ you hiss and hear Ashton and Luke laugh. 'Look I gotta go Carlie just came out’ you tell them.

'WAIT! You didn’t answer our question?’ You assume that’s was Ashton and you laugh.

'Sure, I’d love, talk later like, bye guys’ you calm before hanging up and standing to meet Carlie.

'Was that lover boy?’ She asks with a playful smile on her face.

'No it was Luke’ you tell her and she rolls her eyes.

'Yeah, yeah, Luke, lover boy, same damn thing.’ She laughs and you roll your eyes again.

'I’m meeting him next week’ the words feel funny and your belly explodes with a strange feeling. Your finally gonna meet him.

From Chelsea