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Kaji Yuki (Ashiya’s VA) & Maeno Tomoaki (Abeno’s VA) commenting on each other and each other’s character d(°v°)b

About Maeno/Abeno

Q: How was it like to work with Maeno-san?

Kaji: Maeno-kun and I entered the same agency around the same time, and we’ve known each other for more than ten years. Since we haven’t had many chances to work together up until now, I am really happy that we got to collaborate extensively this time. We’ve been through the ups and downs together, so his presence at the recording site always gives me reassurance. Maeno-kun’s Abeno-san feels just like the image I had in my head after reading the manga. Possessing both youth and the mature vibe from having seen through the worldly matters, I think (Maeno) fully brought out Abeno-san’s professionalism and tenderness through his voice acting.

Q: To Kaji-san, what kind of person is “Abeno Haruitsuki”?

Kaji: The master of Mononokean. Although he appears harsh, there actually is a kind side to him. He does talk meanly though… *laughs* I think he is a professional who handles everything smoothly. Since Abeno-san is still a character surrounded by all kinds of mystery, I’m curious about what’s going to happen in the future!

About Kaji/Ashiya

Q: How was it like to work with Kaji-san?

Maeno: As always, Kaji-kun is so good. I can feel courage gushing out whenever I stand in front of the mic with him. Only with Yuki. I really love the way he puts his soul into voice acting rather than aiming for specific effects.

Q: To Maeno-san, what kind of person is “Ashiya Hanae”?

Maeno: An honest teenage boy with a very kind heart. Maybe that’s why Abeno considers him not fit for the job of youkai exorcising, but I think Abeno is actually learning quite a lot from Ashiya.

~from the Fukigen na Mononokean Fanbook “Arbeit Manual”

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Hey! Ok, so I have a question, I'm seeing Tim with the mentions of assassins and Ra's al Ghul, so I wanna know that whats up with that.

Excellent! Another chance to talk about one of my favorite series: Red Robin.

The story starts off right after Bruce fake-died, right? He wasn’t really dead (just trapped in time), but everyone thought he was– except for Tim. Tim knew there was something up.

Problem was, everybody else just thought he was in denial, which is pretty reasonable, all things considered. They didn’t believe him, so Tim left the city by himself to look for evidence. 

That’s when Ra’s made contact

Ra’s didn’t think Bruce was dead either, so he offered Tim the chance to investigate, using all of the League’s resources. Tim ended up with his own squad of cool assassins

….regrettably 2/3 of whom didn’t survive. 

See, while they were looking for evidence, they were attacked by the Council of Spiders– another group of assassins that was hunting the League. Tim and Prudence (middle) survived the attack.

And Ra’s asked Tim to lead the counterattack. 

Now wait one moment, you say, Tim would never do that! That’s murder! That’s assassin business! 

Well yeah… but my man Tim is Grade A smartass that realized that if they were gonna let him lead, they would have to let him into their system.

And he could do this

He basically exploded their entire network. It’s good stuff.

But naturally, Ra’s wasn’t real happy about the betrayal. 

In revenge, Ra’s organized a massive wave of assassinations– basically anybody associated with Bruce, the fam included (also Leslie, Selina, Jim, Lucius, y’all get the picture). There was also another part of the plan: while Tim was distracted with all of that, Ra’s was going to get Hush (then posing as Bruce) to sign Wayne Enterprises over to the League. 

Luckily Tim figured it out.

He recruited a bunch of superheroes to help with the assassinations, then went to confront Ra’s himself. Didn’t have to worry about the WE coup either– Bruce had made provisions for that kind of thing that made Tim himself the majority shareholder, not Bruce (or in this case Hush).

Tim got pretty injured fighting Ra’s, but everybody else ended up A-okay. No deaths at all.

I really encourage y’all to read this series, because it’s frickin fantastic. 10/10. Five stars. Trust me on this.


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SPOILERS FOR KUROSHITSUJI AHEAD. Pia, I saw that you've seen spoilers! And judging by your tags, you've been on board with 2CT theory. I wonder, for how long have you known about it, how did you come to know about it (by yourself or read meta) and what do you think about it? (i'm dying over there)

Tbh anon one of the reasons I’ve never liked talking a great deal about my theories re: Kuroshitsuji is precisely because I’ve been a pretty big 2CT conspiracy theorist, and for quite some time now. And there’s a pretty big rift in the fandom about it. (I also didn’t trust Yana Toboso not to do a total bait and switch for a long time, my trust in creators is generally low, lol).

Like, who knows what it will actually become in the canon, but having it confirmed in the canon makes it magical. I actually told Glen about 2CT for the first time last night, before I saw that it had been confirmed, after we saw Book of Atlantic at the cinema (which is awesome) - and he was like ‘omg that makes so much sense, that’s definitely real’ lol. But I remember back when we didn’t have some of the quality, quality hints we started getting in the past few years in particular, and back then it really was a fringe theory. And of course me being interested in PTSD and dissociation in general had me on both sides of the fence thinking ‘it could also be PTSD and projection or traumatic dissociation.’ 

I think I’ve been on board for at least 8-9 years. The theory started to be explored pretty intensively on sites like Livejournal (where I was hangin’ out) during the release of the Noah’s Arc volumes (2009), and there was supporting material previous to that. Then it died down for a bit (ish) and as far as I’m concerned, the Green Witch arc confirmed it (that was when we started to get the 2CT websites that had amazing evidence for the claims). Like, we’ve been waiting a long-ass time, basically :D

As for what I think about it, I haven’t formed any thoughts about exactly what Yana Toboso wants to do about it, but if she’s spent over 10+ years forming this ongoing background arc, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was another 5-6 years for her to fully resolve it. So I’m basically relaxing, and idly thinking about writing (or reading) Cielcest once we know more about twin!Ciel, and that’s about it for me, lol.

I'm your companion tonight Part 1

Pairing:Bucky Barnes x reader

A/N:So this is a mini series with the love of my life Bucky.Hope you like the first part!

part 2

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Saturday night.Steven Rogers,aka Captain America aka Y/N’s best friend had called her to ask for a favor.It was something really simple.

“Are you gonna do it or not?“He’d told her during their small talk over the phone.

“I don’t know Steve…I mean,i’ve never met the man before…How am i supposed to -”

“Oh please Y/N…It’s only for a few hours.And besides,you’ll get to know him better,you want that don’t you?”

Y/N bit her lip,then nodded.Steve couldn’t see it so when there was no response he asked:

“Are you listening?”

“Yeah…Umm fine i’ll go!What time do you want me there?”

“How does ten-thirty sound?”

“Good.” She lied.

Steve sighed in relief.

“Thank you Y/N.I wouldn’t ask you to do this but i really don’t want to leave him alone.”

“Alright,don’t worry about us!Go kick some ass!”

“That rhymed oh sh-”

“Bye Stevie!” She quickly said and ended the call.

There she was,a few hours later,standing in front of the closed apartment door,ready to knock. She took a deep breath and shut her eyes for a moment. She was finally going to meet the man she’d fallen in love with without even knowing him.All these events about Bucky that Steve had thoroughly described to her…She felt the need to be by his side,hug him and tell him that everything was going to be fine.

And that night was her chance.

She opened her eyes and after sighing,she knocked the wooden door. No response. Had Steve already gone? She knocked again. Seconds later,a voice behind it could be heard.

“Who is it?“The voice was deep and… shaky? Y/N knew it was him.James Bucky Barnes.The young man in pain. The girl cleared her throat and replied

“Um…It’s Y/N and-” She didn’t manage to finish her sentence because the door flew open and she came face to face with the beautiful human being she’d been dying to meet. Two watery,deep blue eyes were staring at her.Y/N’s heart dropped and tore into millions of pieces.

“I don’t need a babysitter…“He stated,turned around and leaving the door open for her,he went back inside the room.Y/N followed him and closed it behind her.She turned on the lights and leaving her coat and purse aside she came and sat next to him on the couch.

Bucky’s eyes were fixed on her and she felt like knives were stabbing her in the heart.

“I am Y/N.”She avoided his previous comment and offered her hand.She couldn’t help but stare at his metal arm.Other people would be afraid.She wasn’t.Not a little bit.

“Bucky.”He said coldly and shook her hand.

Part 2?

I found I literally can’t touch that vid. It’s too soon, and even seeing Aaron on the thumbnail…it just feels…wrong. Heh. Along with announcing his VA. It funny how deeply invested you become with characters. Yes, it’s Minecraft - I’ve been told it’s childish and that I’m too old to watch it but I ain’t here for that. I’m here for the quality writing.

Jess you’ve written something powerful. You’ve an amazing cast of VAs. I hadn’t even realised it whilst watching last night. How heart-wrenching it was to hear Aphmau scream like that, Garroth to cry over a man he barely knows. Aaron…ahh, man. He always gave me mixed feelings…but his dedication to Aph, and the kid. Damn…right in the gut.

For a long time I’ve wished for the series to take a darker turn. It has before, Laurence at the wedding, and Zane before that. I’ve never felt guilty for wishing that before now. I don’t know what’s gonna go down, but I think the pain is far from over. Things could still get a whole lot worse.

One question remains, however - where is Laurence?

#Plays ‘Rains of Castamereuglyweeping

That’s a wrap guys

I finally came to the end of gifing everything from the Smoke (and by everything I mean every single scene Taron is in) and I feel empty, what am I gonna do now? 

I love this series so much and I will definetly never get over Dennis and how amazingly good Taron is in it 

(I may or may not do some other gifs though just so I’m not depressed lol)