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I’m Gonna Talk About Dragon Maid, And How It’s My Favorite Anime... Ok? OK!

I REALLY like the anime Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, and it’s my new favorite anime. I mainly like it for the characters and how well they are designed and animated! I also really like the jokes in the series, I have never laughed harder than when Elma was introduced. However, the anime really stands out to me because of how it gets real with it’s characters. It’s not just non stop jokes and heart warming scenes, there are also really deep scenes, where characters open up to each other. That amazed me when I first witnessed it. To me it was the scene where Kobayashi is talking to Kanna about living with her and it made me AWWWWW when Kanna got along with Kobayashi the next day. It was also somewhat hilarious to me, I laugh too easily. ;w; Anyways, Dragon Maid is probably gonna remain my favorite anime forever, CAUSE IT’S THAT GOOD! GO CHECK IT OUT!!! IT IS A HUGE INSPIRATION TO ME!!! 

Alright, I’m just gonna talk about what’s so cool about dragon maid. You can leave now if you just wanted to hear why it’s good. Cool? Cool. Aren’t the titles amazing! Like the parenthesis in the titles are so clever! They always make me chuckle because it’s as if a person is watching the series and what they said about the episode made it into the title. Like (There isn’t a twist or anything), (The Fan Service Episode), those are pretty funny to me. XD Aren’t the characters unique! Like all the characters have their own color palette, body shape, outfit, eye color, resting face, and they interact like REAL PEOPLE! WHICH IS IRONIC BECAUSE THEY ARE DRAGONS!!! I love it. Also the animation is consistently incredible. The characters don’t look stilted when they move and when there is an action scene the animation gets even better somehow!!! Like KyoAni really put in the extra effort to make one of the best looking and animated anime currently airing. All right, last thing that wows me. The writing is unbelievably great. After the first episode the writing/pacing only gets better, the series is always improving in someway. The writing makes it clear when a scene is suppose to be comedic or serious, and that’s important when an anime has as many tone shifts as this anime. One moment a tiny dragon is failing to damage an adult, the next they are talking about living together and then they become friends? It’s insane how well they execute the story. The concept is crazy, so are the characters, but it’s pretty great. So yeah… GO CHECK IT OUT RIGHT NOW WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING HERE!!! LIKE DID YOU READ THIS? GO! GO! GO!

Thanks for reading this post, I didn’t reread it for errors, so that’s why it’s more disorganized than usual. It’s also just me writing my feelings and I don’t want to change it because it’s how it came out naturally. Yeah… Have a nice day! 


Kaji Yuki (Ashiya’s VA) & Maeno Tomoaki (Abeno’s VA) commenting on each other and each other’s character d(°v°)b

About Maeno/Abeno

Q: How was it like to work with Maeno-san?

Kaji: Maeno-kun and I entered the same agency around the same time, and we’ve known each other for more than ten years. Since we haven’t had many chances to work together up until now, I am really happy that we got to collaborate extensively this time. We’ve been through the ups and downs together, so his presence at the recording site always gives me reassurance. Maeno-kun’s Abeno-san feels just like the image I had in my head after reading the manga. Possessing both youth and the mature vibe from having seen through the worldly matters, I think (Maeno) fully brought out Abeno-san’s professionalism and tenderness through his voice acting.

Q: To Kaji-san, what kind of person is “Abeno Haruitsuki”?

Kaji: The master of Mononokean. Although he appears harsh, there actually is a kind side to him. He does talk meanly though… *laughs* I think he is a professional who handles everything smoothly. Since Abeno-san is still a character surrounded by all kinds of mystery, I’m curious about what’s going to happen in the future!

About Kaji/Ashiya

Q: How was it like to work with Kaji-san?

Maeno: As always, Kaji-kun is so good. I can feel courage gushing out whenever I stand in front of the mic with him. Only with Yuki. I really love the way he puts his soul into voice acting rather than aiming for specific effects.

Q: To Maeno-san, what kind of person is “Ashiya Hanae”?

Maeno: An honest teenage boy with a very kind heart. Maybe that’s why Abeno considers him not fit for the job of youkai exorcising, but I think Abeno is actually learning quite a lot from Ashiya.

~from the Fukigen na Mononokean Fanbook “Arbeit Manual”


All six of us fix our eyes on the rising sun.
There are moments you remember and people you will never fucking forget. While orange light bathes us, while tension flits far, far away, how much we’ve felt - all that we’ve bled - surrenders to our collective love. Lifetimes, days, minutes spent together.
As we watch outward. As we watch upward. As our faces warm.
We live and breathe in quiet, blissful peace.