i'm never going to throw that away

Ahh, I love sweet, sweet Validation™ for my undying belief that Jellal Fernandes is the biggest self-serving asswipe to ever crawl his way into this god-forsaken narrative. 

Thank you, Hiro Mashima. Bless.  

I believe that once you love someone, it never really goes away. That each person you’ve loved in your lifetime will always have a small piece of you and you can’t throw it away. And it’s not a bad thing, it’s just the way of life.

I just want to let ya’ll know that I am cleaning out my room and throwing stuff away and I have this old as fuck furby my grandmother gave me and by accident I turned it on, right? so, i’m sitting there going through drawers and I just hear ‘can we dance?’ and I almost pissed myself I have never been so terrified 

massive trigger warning - rant

mental illness isn’t fucking romantic, when will people learn
crippling severe anxiety didn’t make me shy & cute, it made me throw up & cry & not not be able to go outside, because I was so scared of everything.
depression never made boys love me, instead it pushed every single person I cared about away.
my eating disorder didn’t make me look good, it made me so tired I couldn’t get out of bed. It made me hate myself more than I ever thought possible. It made me pass out, it made me weak, it ruined my skin, my hair. I still can’t look at food because of it.
cutting my skin wasn’t something to get attention it was something I tried so fucking hard to hide because I was ashamed, needing stitches, doing nerve damage, not being able to fully use my arm wasn’t something I ever fucking wanted to do
Trying to kill myself isn’t something you can just romanticise
Get it through your fucking heads

I did another Jack and Wiishu thing. I’ll stop drawing them once they stop being adorable (Which is going to be never, HAHA!) I apologize for the sketchiness, but I’m tired and wanted to sleep, so have a roughly polished thingy of Jack and Wiishu *throws papers at you and walks away with dramatic flair*

People who don’t have firsthand experiences about shit write movies all the time. People who have never been in war have wrote war movies, people who aren’t even of color write about racism in their movies, it goes on. And do you know what those people, most of the time, do? They consult with people who have firsthand experience. They do their homework. So stop bitching that About Jay is written by cis people and enjoy the fact that we have a movie ABOUT A TRANS BOY. Can you think of any trans men being represented in media? Because I cant. All you hear about is the trans ladies taking over the world. The men? Nope. Trans rep is like the opposite of cis characters.