i'm never going to pass my degree doing shit like this

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Apparently there's already some controversy regarding the new Sleepless Night video. Any thoughts? Do you think it's appropriate for others to speculate this video as a staged attempt at damage control (for Dan's liveshow I'm assuming)? Or is this getting out of hand and considered a breach in their privacy if this actually is a boundary they're trying to reestablish through the video?

here are my thoughts in summary: 

1. it’s not a stretch by any means to imagine phil made this video as a response to the things that were spotted in dan’s live show. maybe not, it’s impossible for us to know, but it’s not unreasonable to think that, because a lot of the speculation was happening in their main tumblr tags and their twitter mentions, and we know they regularly check all of those. 

2. if he did in fact make this video as a response to all of the theorizing then it does seem like they would like their sleeping situation and bedroom situation to remain ambiguous on face. that’s not anything new, that’s the way things have always been. what it does do, at least for me, is raise questions about whether the things dan let us see last tuesday weren’t meant to be seen. perhaps he truly made a mistake, and if that makes anyone feel anything but sad on their behalf idk what to tell you. dnp are fully at liberty to go to whatever lengths they need to maintain their privacy and protect what is important to them. i don’t view any amount of ‘staging’ or stretching of truths as being insincere or inauthentic when the objective is self-preservation and protection. 

3. there is nothing wrong with speculating about phil’s reasoning in making this video. we’re people who watch phil and are utilizing the information he has given us and the information dan gave us last week to come to certain conclusions or at least discuss possible explanations for their behavior. that’s not immoral or invasive. it’s just discussion, it’s what keeps fandom going, it’s what keeps dnp in a job. 

4. in fact i’d go so far as to say that all of the posts today about how dramatic and invasive the fandom is are a little unnecessary and over the top. there’s nothing new about people discussing dnp’s sleeping situation. bedgate has been a tag on my blog for months. it’s been a conversation over and over and over again since dnp have lived together. there was the tour bus last year, the australia ditl, the japan ditl the year before. phil himself weighed in on that last one. it’s a never-ending conversation (to the point that it’s almost boring lol). in the case of this week’s bedroom conversations, people were reacting to dan himself showing us things in his live show. it’s not like anyone was discussing information that was found through illicit means, nobody that i saw was empowering anyone to do anything shady. they were talking about things that were put out into the public by dan himself, whether mistakenly or intentionally. i think it’s unrealistic to expect everyone to pretend like they just didn’t see what dan let all of us see repeatedly? insofar as people’s discussions don’t dig up information that dnp have hidden or don’t want known, i don’t see how any of it is in any way invasive. like, idk. respect each other enough to realize that most ppl here have dnp’s best intentions in mind and that all of us to one degree or another spend a chunk of our lives thinking/speculating about what they’re up to. there’s litro no point in accusing a whole fandom that’s hundreds of thousands of people strong of partaking in toxic behaviors when the base logic there is that any discussion of their personal lives is an overstep and an intrusion. that’s just an untenable position,, it makes all of us guilty merely for having a passing curiosity about dnp’s real lives. instead of the accusatory posts and the anger, the ‘omg 2012 again!’ and the easy use of words like ‘toxic’ ‘disgusting’ etc., if you see someone doing some shit you think is out of line, just message them. tell them to untag things you think are breaching boundaries, have some conversations. i’ve done this like 10 times just in the last week. it has always worked. try it! ppl generally aren’t trying to make dnp feel pressured, not trying to force them to come out or any of these awful things. they may just not connect their own actions to these consequences, they might be ignorant of how dnp interact with tumblr, etc. etc.

5. all of this talk about the fandom’s invasiveness, in my opinion, undermines dnp’s power and control over these situations. no matter how much speculation fans and viewers partake in, dnp are ultimately the ones who have control over how they present themselves and no amount of talking on our blogs or yelling in caps lock on twitter takes that power away from them. they have the upper hand. 

6. that doesn’t mean people should have free rein of course or that invasiveness in this fandom doesn’t exist. i just mean that i haven’t seen it much in this particular week, about this particular issue. but if this is a case of dan having made some mistakes or phandom being a lot more observant than he banked on, then dnp have a right to try and reset the narrative, as i stated above. a lot of the posts people have been making have been about how people shouldn’t talk about the bedrooms anymore, especially in the main tags, youtube comments, direct twitter mentions, etc. i agree with this. people can and will do what they want, ultimately, and as i said before dnp innately have the power in this situation, but i believe that to respect them as human beings is to respect the expectations that they directly or indirectly set for us. i believe phil’s video was a way of directly reinforcing that he would like to present their situation in this specific light, and if we respect him, then we respect that narrative. there should be nothing satisfying in catching them out in a “lie” because they’re not trying to fool us. they don’t take pleasure in misleading us. they’re just protecting themselves, protecting their privacy, protecting their ability to live freely and to separate their personal lives from their work, and i don’t know how anyone could argue that they don’t deserve to have that.

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Hiya! I have a question, and I think you might be one of the best people to ask. Do you think it's ok to work a job you know you are going to burn out on and need to leave eventually? Cause I I know if I follow the path I'm considering it will happen, but I also know I can help people in the meantime, but I'm conflicted. Thanks for all your time, and all the good you put into the world!

Since you’re asking me, I’m guessing that you mean working a social services job? Like, “I want to work for this community project, but I know that if I have to do it day in and day out for years on end I’ll burn out”? There are two answers to that–personal and ethical–and I’m guessing you mean ethical, like, “Is it okay not to dedicate My Entire Life and Soul to this cause???” but I’m gonna address the personal one first.

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I know you're writing WMB because you want working careers to be shown too (which as a working class girl in the UK is important to me) but I feel kinda sad that both fics have had the OC feel basically ashamed to be seen with them. I'm not sure if you intended it this way (and if you didn't sorry!) but it makes me feel annoyed and uncomfortable at them. I love the fics (I do and this isn't intended to be criticism) but I am kinda hoping for an OC who's happy with them as they are!

Ah….this is very important! It’s a bit of a ramble though….so I’ll place a cut. 

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i have a notion and it's lena teaching little stella how to play chess and it's entirely different from lena playing chess in her own house because there's so much laughter and casual teasing and stella uses her powers to cheat and then vehEMENTLY DENYING IT WHEN ASKED and maybe i'm just being extra

its so funny bc i’ve had a v similar notion sO LET ME YELL ABT IT SOME

  • stella is the only of the superbabies to show any interest in chess for more than a passing moment and is the only one to be able to sit still long enough for lena to teach her the game and lena’s like???  so excited when, one day when stella’s like four or five maybe, lena and kara are playing and stella nudges at lena’s arm until she moves it so she can crawl into her mom’s lap and she settles back against lena and studies the board with this v serious look and kara’s biting back a laugh until stella quietly requests show me mommy? and then kara’s softening and lena’s all but melting tbh like woah her kiddo want to play this game that lena loves a lot and she wants to learn??  she wants lena to teach her???
    • so lena goes out and gets this little children’s chess set the very next day, gets this set bc it has little labels on the board to indicate where each piece goes and it’s got this pretty mother of pearl inlay around the edge of the board, around the base of the pieces and lena knows stella will love it
    • they pick sunday afternoons for practice, lena lifting stella up to the big family calendar they keep in the kitchen so she can pick a day and put a little heart next to it.  so every sunday afternoon, right after stella’s napped for a bit, she bounces into lena’s study and watches v carefully as lena sets up the board, explaining what each piece is, what they do, where they go.  stella asks questions sometimes, but mostly she watches at first until she kind of gets an idea of what’s going on
    • but then when they get into the game??  hoo boy, stella is hilarious and pretty savage, like she’ll look at some move that lena’s made that she apparently doesnt approve of and will look up at her mother with this one raised eyebrow and sort of sigh really?  and it’s the cutest thing and lena cant help but laugh and stella’s rlly so sweet, she drops the look she’s giving her and starts laughing with lena and it will take them a fair few minutes to sort of reign it in
      • and omg as stella gets older??  she starts learning a few basic strategies, she does, but she’s still losing to lena basically every time (though every once in a while, lena throws it just because the look of elation on stella’s face is probably one of the brightest, purest things lena’s ever experienced) so she takes to poking holes in lena’s strategies, gently harassing her to try and get her off her game, but lena throws it right back at her, sort of narrowing her eyes and quirking an eyebrow when stella goes to move her knight when she has a pawn in perfect position and stella just sort of snorts, nods like yeah okay ya got me there
      • good god they laugh so so much during these games.  like they rlly do and lena is so so happy abt it like??  this is literally all she’s ever wanted, all she’s ever dreamed of for her kids.  they’re getting exactly what she never had, are able to feel safe enough that they poke fun at her like stella does when lena makes a careless mistake and leaves her king vulnerable (it’s not a mistake, it’s lena carefully working lessons into each of their games tbh, like she is nothing if not methodical)
        • an excerpt:
          • mom, oh my gosh, don’t you have, like, three advanced degrees?
          • don’t you have a move to make, stelly-bean?
            • and stella’ll groan at the nickname but she’s also grinning super wide, super bright and lena’s just??  basking in her happiness i guess
    • omg and when stella learns to read minds, it’s hilarious bc she’s not slick abt it.  like??  u can sort of feel her when she’s there, in ur head, like a little bump or nudge near the base of your skull, and lena thinks its hilarious that she’s trying that, that when she couldnt get a vibe for lena’s next move, she looked to lena’s mind and she sort of pokes a little fun at stella for it, asks we’re not cheating, are we? in such a gentle, teasing tone that has stella stammering, flushed, uh no of course not like why would you say that as i am perfect and have never done anything wrong in my entire life, ever
      • when stella gets older, she gets a lot better at reading ppl without them knowing, but kara and lena can always tell (mostly bc of that first psychic connection??  like they’re slightly more attuned to stella too) and so stella thinks she’s Rlly being Slick but lena sort of rolls her eyes and groans stella and its hilarious watching her daughter’s reaction, going from shock to worry to vague annoyance to out and out laughter as she tries to deny it, puts up a good fight before she’s reduced to giggles
        • like at some point its not even practice anymore, they just turn into weekly chess games, just for fun, just bc its calm and sweet and warm and when stella’s in college and Going Through Some Shit, it’s something to anchor her and lena loves that her daughter still likes the game, still likes spending time with her.  like??  they’ve only ever missed one sunday, bc stella had the flu, but that was made up for on tuesday when she felt better
  • and like??  chess sort of becomes this touchstone for them, like it always was for lena, but it also brought up some weird and painful things too, but now its just all good things, just stella and quiet sundays and laughing and messing up the board bc they needed to push the game to the side in order to set their ice cream bowls on the desk
    • like it sort of becomes a thing between them, like one mother’s day, stella gets lena this truly horrendous cat chess board bc she thought it was hilarious and lena laughs so hard she cries when she opens it (she still keeps it in her office though, next to one of her #1 Mom mugs and the pencil holder finn made in preschool
      • and then lena fires back with a fantasy inspired chess set for stella’s birthday, bc the dragon looks ridiculous and its just the thing stella loves to mock mercilessly
        • without fail, one of them always gets the other something chess related for any gift giving event.  one christmas, stella gets a purse shaped like a knight; on lena’s birthday one year, stella got her a set of bookends that looked like bishops, and so on and so forth
    • and then, to get ~emotional~, lena gifts stella her very own custom made chess set for her college graduation and stella treasures it for the rest of her life tbh, like it makes her feel warm and safe like she always did in her mom’s study, sunday afternoons, sipping tea between moves and laughing until her stomach hurts.  like ??  it’s just a tangible thing for all these good memories and honestly ???  im crying ????  

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Hey Kuri. I just need a little life advice. How did you find your call in Teaching? I'm kinda struggling right now trying to find what I want to do with my life. Im going back to college soon but the subject I'm studying isn't what I'm interested in. I've tried to love it but its been difficult. I often times feel like a disappointment to my family because my siblings are all doing great and I feel like a loser not getting there yet.

Strap in, there, Anon, this’ll be a long one…

If I’m being honest, my call isn’t teaching - it’s writing. Even now, though I have a Big Girl Job and everything, which pays my bills and keeps my fur babies in food and toys, I consider my writing to be my real job. Even if, at the moment, it’s just writing fanfiction.

The first piece of advice I would give you for anything in your future is to do something you love. That way it will never be a chore and you will stick with it longer than five minutes. 

Now, on the heel of that, the second piece of advice is: if you can’t pursue your passion, pursue something you don’t hate. And it might take you a while to figure out what that is. 

I graduated high school with pretty decent grades, went to a good college and did well there (Liberal Arts), and I applied to university hoping to major in Creative Writing and Minor in German Language. My outside logic was: it would help me get into a writing field like journalism or translation. Inwardly, I figured I was just taking university courses while I was busy writing my novel and that before graduating I would be published and famous and rich.

Yeah, eighteen-year-old me was a bit of a naive idiot. 

Cue life-experience:

My parents were kind of wary about the whole thing, they didn’t really believe I was doing a good thing, but it was my choice and they had to respect it. They knew what I didn’t, but would learn for myself. At the time I was also working in a bookstore, which while not my passion or anything, I actually enjoyed. Work never felt like work, and for minimum wage, that’s a good thing.

Flash forward to my first semester of university, in which I learned that a) my German skills were beyond what I could be taught at uni and I wouldn’t be able to take half of the courses I needed to fill my minor, so it was basically a waste of time to take and b) my Creative Writing classes basically centered around having a published author (and I use this term loosely to define a person who self-published one grungy, literary shock fiction and passed it off as literature) get up and talk about how to write. And not write actual good stories with decent plots and characters and such, but the gritty, sensory, detailed lyrical crap…and if you didn’t try to write exactly like that person, they flunked you.

So trying to follow my first passion didn’t exactly pan out. 

I ended up switching my degree completely, majoring in Classical Civilisation and minoring in History. I figured, I love history, and I love research, maybe a degree in this could help me get a job in museum studies or as a researcher or something. The next two years passed quite nicely…and though my part-time bookstore job fell through because of crappy managers, I started to tutor a lot more (and my brother was in his last years of high school at this point, and needed my help getting through his classes) and I realised that I was actually pretty good at breaking down information and explaining it in different ways. Plus, I already had a lot of experience with learning difficulties due to my brother.

So, one year before I graduated, I get the bright idea to become a teacher. I had enough credits to switch majors, but the problem was, my university only offered Early Childhood Education…and while I dearly love little kids, more than five or six of them below the age of ten would probably drive me insane. I figured teenagers would be more mature.

(*pause* *waits for riotous laughter from Those Who Know Better*)

Anyhow, I had to apply to a whole new university program just to get into a high school teaching program. And that was the most miserable two years of my life, because teacher education is the most useless piece of trash degree you can take. You know when you learn? When they stick you in a school as a student teacher. I didn’t learn one thing from my second university degree except that sometimes the only way to move on to the next stage of your life is to sit through the boring shit and get a stupid piece of paper saying you sat through the boring shit.


I didn’t even get a job for another two years. 

The thing people don’t tell you about university is that when you get out, there is almost no one hiring. The Baby Boomer generation is not retiring any time soon, the job market is flooded with so many newcomers that competition is fierce, and on top of that, your chances are reduces based on what field you go into. Science, Engineering, Computers, Medicine, Business and Law? Competition will be fierce, but you will definitely have a job at the end of your degree. Anything else? Unless you somehow become famous, every other job out there has a crappy percntage of hiring, and chances are you are going to have to get an average Joe job for a year or two before you actually get hired to do what you studied.

Me, I had one learning experience where I moved to England because there’s a huge demand for teachers (and learned why there’s a huge demand is because the school system there is complete shite), and then spent a year unemployed and basically acting as an unpaid domestic/caregiver because my mother was sick (I lived at home, though, so that’s why it worked out). I still tutored when I could, but I didn’t have as many clients as I had hoped for. Things were so bad at this point and I was so depressed I couldn’t even write…

I did finally get hired, but the way I did won’t make you feel better. I basically sent my resume to one of the schools where I did my field experience, telling them I was available for tutoring in the upcoming year. I got a call back (on my birthday) to see if I was interested in taking on an actual teaching job - they remembered me from my internship and remembered my brother (who once was a student there).

So I basically got the job because I knew someone.

And that’s the reality of it. You will not get a job (in certain fields, at least) unless you know someone. Networking and good interview skills are so important to getting hired these days, and your ability to be social (or fake being social) is key. 

Even now, I’m not exactly secure in my job. As a teacher in the private sector, I don’t even have a contract. I literally spend every August sitting by the phone biting my nails hoping that they’re going to call me back for the year.

But it’s a foot in the door. You always have to think about it that way.

Contrast this to my brother - he finished high school, took a trade (auto mechanics), and had a job within a year. He now makes and will continue to make more in a year than what I will in two. He had his forever job at 19; I didn’t find mine until I was 27.

Now, if you’re still with me and I didn’t bore you with my life’s story, here’s the take away:

1. Pursue your passion. If you can make a living from it, you’re one of the lucky few. Keep doing you, and don’t let anyone tell you differently. Friends, family or loved ones, it doesn’t matter what they think.

2. If you can’t pursue your passion (full time, at least), do something that you don’t hate. Something that you are good at, a job where you can show up to and do your work happily and then go home at the end of the day and not stress about. Again, if anyone is telling you to do something you hate, DON’T. In five years, you’ll be burnt out, stressed and miserable. It is so not worth it. And if this is an Average Joe Job like working in a bookstore? Fine. Do that. It gives you more time to pursue your actual passions, and looks good on a resume.

3. Get a trade. Seriously, if you put off university for a year to get a trade, like real estate or mechanics or electrician or something, you not only give yourself the ability to be hired sooner, you can also support yourself throughout your academic career - and for those of you facing a future of student loans, this is so important!

4. If you pursue higher education, be prepared to change your mind A LOT before you graduate. You might find your are more interested or better at a certain subject that you thought, or a complete loss. There is nothing wrong with changing your major or minor until you find the right fit, just make sure you get all your General Education courses out of the way first so that you have that leeway.

5. After graduating, unless you’re in certain career fields, be prepared not to have a job right away. Get an Average Joe Job to keep you going, keep sending out CVs and going to interviews, and just hang in there - you will eventually get there, even if it takes you a little longer than your friends. And network! Make sure you keep in contact with people who might be able to help you in your career.

6. If you have the money and means, travel. Because chances are you won’t have the chance to do it once you join the rat-race.

7. MOST IMPORTANT: Do not let stress take over your life. You MUST find a way to balance your life while you worry about school/career stuff. Go out with your friends, travel when you can (even if it’s just a day trip to a museum!), write or paint or play music or build models or code or binge watch your tv show of choice, or whatever it is you do for fun - make sure you do it every day. Because your brain needs a way to unwind from the not so pleasant adulty stuff.

Anyhow, that’s the advice Twenty-Nine-Year-Old-Present-Me would give Nineteen-Year-Old-Me on the eve of starting university. I don’t know if she’d listen to all of it, but I wish someone had told me all that. Especially the parts about not getting a job right away. I thought I was a humongous failure because I couldn’t find work, when the reality was, I was just one of thousands of people seeking employment in an uncertain economic environment. 

So, on that note, I hope that you managed to find some comfort or guidance in these words. Remember, you are not a disappointment and everyone moves at their own pace. Maybe you’re having a slow year and your siblings aren’t. Maybe next year you’ll be the one who has exciting new opportunities and they are stuck in a rut. Our lives are very static and you never know what’s coming around the next bend. Just keep on keeping on.

And personally? If I was struggling to love my college program? I would take a very good look at whether it was really for me.

Thanks for the ask :)

Title: Little Accidents
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: None
Words: 1060
Fandom: Final Fantasy XV
Relationships: Noctis Lucis Caelum/Ignis Scientia
Commentary: cheating with the time-zone for Day 1 of @ignoctweek. technically, today is Day 1 for me so, i’m totally on time, shush. the prompt was “taking care of each other”
Summary: They can’t take care of themselves, but they can take care of each other.
also on AO3

Noctis hissed and flinched away, biting his lip and apologizing as he forced his wrist back into Iggy’s hands. Ignis didn’t even have to say anything. He pitched a placid look up at the Prince, steeled with an omnipresent “I told you so.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve got you,” he soothed instead, cradling the bruised flesh. “Where exactly does it hurt?”

“I told you, it doesn’t,” Noctis grumbled, all evidence to the contrary.

His pride hurt worse than his wrist did. All those years of learning the lessons to walk right, talk right, dance right, and to always know where to place his feet around the Royal Court, and it all came undone on one stupid stair, conspiring with his own klutziness to betray his dignity.

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Name: Frances “Frankie” Nix
Birthdate: February 12, 1984
Ethnicity: Caucasian/White, Welsh-English
- Illegal drug dealer/distributor (dealing specifically in “party drugs” like LSD & MDMA, etc. Also narcotics like Oxycontin, Stadol, etc.)

- Ex-lead singer & guitarist for her band, The Fender Benders

Random facts & headcanons:

- Frankie is a bisexual panromantic.
- Face claim/inspiration is Clementine Creevy.
- She started her band at 15.
- Her band mates include her drummer Diana & her bassist Xak.
- Frankie doesn’t like being called by her first name; nickname only.

I’mma cut off the post here, but there is toooons more below the cut, if you’re interested!

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Hey, so I know you lived in Japan for a while, and I'm thinking of moving to Saint Petersburg or doing a gap year there or smth in a couple of years, and I want to start researching about it, and so far I'm happy with everything I've found out, but I'm only 17 so I haven't even had a chance to live away from home before so idrk what the best questions to ask are tbh. So basically I think I'm asking what you think are the most important things to know before moving away (apart from the lang obvs)

Hi anon ^^

Russia! Seems great! If you have the opportunity to travel, go ahead, it’s awesome and it’s easier to do it when you are young because you can do it thanks to a scholarships like Erasmus for instance and it will cost you less money than traveling abroad as an adult. When I left for Japan, (almost) everything was covered by the Monbusho, the Japanese Ministry of Education.

So basically I think I’m asking what you think are the most important things to know before moving away (apart from the lang obvs)             

From the top of my head, in no particular order:

Language: You told me “apart from language obviously”, but no, it’s not that obvious. Learn vocabulary like “medical insurance”, “taxes”, all kind of medical vocabulary, but also sentences like “Please, join my family (or my Embassy)” because when you are lost in St Petersburg or if anything happens, it will be too late to look for the right words in Google Translate or in the dictionary. You see? This kind of technical and “boring” vocabulary they don’t teach you in school. Of course, knowing to say “Where is the train station” is useful but “full coverage” or “rental contract” will come in handy too.

Culture: Try to learn about cultural differences in order not to commit a blunder. In Japan, you rarely shake hands and you remove your shoes when you enter a house. I don’t know about Russia a lot so, try to prepare yourself in order not to disrespect by mistake Russians and their ancestors until the 13th generation.

Money: Plan a budget…and add some more money to your projection because you are going to spend more than expected. It can be because of medical expenses or just because you’ll have to buy books for school…or just go on a completely unexpected shopping spree (yes, it will happen…) or to the restaurant with friends. Also, change some money before leaving, it will be useful when you arrive.

Uni: Ok, you spend two years abroad, great, but what will it bring you when it comes to your degree? The time I spent in Japan was part of my doctoral program and all the exams I passed there were taken into account when I came back to France because my French and Japanese universities had signed a agreement. Try to see how it works for you and if the years you spend in Russia will be taken into account for your future degree.

Taxes: You are only 17 so I guess that you are maybe not concerned but you have to inform the IRS that you are leaving for a couple of years and see how it works when it comes to taxes in your country.

Renting: Try to see from home what are the best options and the best places to rent a room or an apartment. In other words, try to know the areas to avoid, dangerous places, etc..Learn also how it works when it comes to rental contracts. As you are 17, I guess that you’ll maybe live in a Student House so you won’t have this kind of problems. Ask also about the Internet! Will it be available? How much? etc..

Visa: This one seems obvious but the steps to obtain a visa (temporary, student visa, semi-permanent, etc..) are so long and so different from one country to another that it’s better to know everything about it early.

Computer: if you leave for your studies, put some money in a great laptop. Ok, maybe you will eat noddles for a while but honestly, a good and reliable computer will be your best ally because you will use it not only to work but also to Skype with your family and…download tons of shits because I’m sure that Russian TV is great but keeping in touch with your favorite TV shows is awesome too ^^;;

Mom and Dad: It’s time to learn them how to use Skype and send emails in order to stay in touch with their “baby”. It took two months to learn my Dad how to write an email (HE WOULDN’T LEARN!!) and…ten minutes for my Mom so it’s better to get that covered in advance.

Insurance: You need to see how medical coverage works in Russia. I guess you are leaving as a student? See what your university plans in case of serious disease or accident. And before you tell me: I’m fine, I’ve never had a health problem before, you never know. I ended up at the hospital in Tokyo and paid €250 for one night. Check out if your credit card doesn’t cover these expenses so that you won’t have to pay for something already covered.

Medicine: Bring with you a bag with all kind of medicines (against pain, headaches, stomach problems, etc…). Yes, I’m sure they have everything you need in Russia but 1) when you arrive and if you get sick it’s great to have everything ready if a health problem happens and 2) some drugs that are sold over the counter in your country will maybe need a prescription where you are going so it’s better to be prepared, at least in the first month of your arrival so that you know how the medical system works in Russia and how much an appointment with a doctor cost.

Bag: Leave in your wallet a card, a paper, anything, with some info written in Russian: who to contact (university, parents) and info like your blood type and if you are allergic to something, so that if anything happens, it will be easier to help you. You may think I’m obsessed with ending up at the hospital or being sick but writing this little card takes two minutes and it can be VERY useful if shit happens. Bring with you a couple of medicine in your bag. You’ll thank me when an unexpected diarrhea happen.

Embassy: once you are there, go to your Embassy and register. If there’s a problem (like the BIG 2011 earthquake in Japan, I was there…), it will be easier to know that you exist and to evacuate you.

Mess: Staying two years aboard means that you are going to accumulate stuff (useless and useful like school books and all). Try to learn very early how to bring all this shit back home. Ask fellow students about transporters with the best prices and organize yourself early because you don’t plan this kind of stuff two weeks before leaving. When I was in Tokyo, I started to ship stuff back home pretty early in my stay. OK I BOUGHT THIS ENORMOUS CHESHIRE CAT TWO DAYS AFTER ARRIVING BUT IT WAS ONLY 500 yens, OK? T___T (OMG, I was so relieved when he reached home after a long boat travel)

Boyfriend/girlfriend: If you are with someone, it’s good to know if they are going to wait for you for two, maybe three years, if they are serious about your relationship, etc..If not, it’s better to say goodbye to avoid awkward situations later. I was lucky, “Mister P-m” waited for me during several years like Penelope but it doesn’t work that well for everybody, unfortunately.

Sense: You are gonna be away from home, the temptation to have fun and to do unusual stuff without Mom and Dad around will be great. Be careful, surround yourself with great and reasonable people, trust your instinct and stay away from people you have a bad feeling about. Protect yourself if you have sex (”But I’m only seventeeeeEEEEeEeEEn!!”, Yes, sure, but it can happen when you least expect it, ok?), be careful when at student parties, tell your friends where you are going, particularly if you go out at night.

Socks: For people who leave for Japan for instance, always pay attention to what socks you are wearing because you’ll never know when you have to remove your shoes. It will avoid you awkward situations like being invited by your advisor for a cup of tea, removing your shoes and letting people see your magnificent bright pink and yellow Sponge Bob socks. My teacher was baffled, he even took a pic. T___T

Voilà anon, I think I have (almost) everything covered.

anonymous asked:

How about Neil taking care of a sick Andrew?!!

ahhhhh!!!!! i love u anon (this gets long bc i got carried away so it’s under a cut

  • as much as we know neil ‘i’m fine’ josten would put off getting sick, andrew’s not great at admitting he’s sick either
  • the foxes are all hanging in the girls’ room and andrew’s only there bc neil’s been hanging with them all day and he’s where neil is
  • and andrew’s been coughing all day
  • like to the point where they have to turn the volume up on the tv because they can’t hear the fucking movie
  • “andrew minyard stop coughing or leave i am not going to miss elle woods’s legendary drag bc your sick ass is being too loud”
  • andrew glared at allison but she was so serious about legally blonde she just stared back until he finally got tired and leaned back by neil
  • after they unpause the movie again he makes sure to cough extra loudly just to piss them off
  • but before allison could try to commit murder
  • nicky pipes in “dude are you getting sick?”
  • andrew turns around 180 degrees just to give nicky The Glare
  • nicky shuts up pretty quickly after that

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extras || sterek oneshot || fluff

Written for the @sterekwriters Spin the Bottle event. 

I’d like to preface this by saying two things. One, I haven’t even attempted to write anything in several days–which, also that’s so weird that I can actually say that and feel bad about it and mean it because I’m usually quite lazy–because I have not been handling things well. But I’m doing better, so yay? And two, I know absolutely nothing about acting or movies or movie sets–I’ve never even been in so much as a play. SO. Suspend your disbelief here, I have no idea what I’m doing. Prompt at the end! 


Scott is in love. Scott is in love and Stiles is bored, and moderately hungry. Stiles is hungry and Scott did say the extras got a free meal out of it…

So Stiles goes. Stiles heads to the set–a funky little Mexican restaurant Stiles has never heard of–and introduces himself to the scruffy hot security guard at the edge of the cordoned off block.

“Hi, I’m Stiles Stilinski. My friend Scott said you guys were looking for extras but he didn’t remember to leave me a pass before he left?”

“Stiles? Really.” the guard says, and Stiles finds himself falling into what he’s been reliably informed is his “shit-eating smirk”.

“Really, really. I’m sure Scott told them to put me on the list of extras. He knows I can’t resist the siren song of free food.”

“You’re wearing a glow in the dark skeleton hoodie and you expect me to believe you know Scott McCall?” the guard–Hale, his name plate reads–seems both amused and annoyed.

Stiles can’t say he blames him.

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anonymous asked:

i saw that ask the person sent you about trans!kk going through Puberty in bat city and was wondering if you could write a ficlet about it??

Suggest a ficlet!

Warning: Blood mention

Kobra Kid swiped his ID card, entered his password, and pressed the Detergent button on the vending machine. A moment later, the machine dinged and a plastic ball of white powder rolled into the slot. He grabbed the ball and hurried over to Party Poison, who was loading a set of clothes into one of the washing machines.

“Thanks, man,” Poison said. He dropped the ball in the machine, then slammed the door and switched it on. When he turned to Kobra, he frowned. He was hunched over with his arms folded against his stomach.

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I'm a game design student trying to learn C++, part one

My teacher keeps telling me the best way to learn is by teaching so here we go.

I’m reading C++ for Dummies before the semester starts to get a head start on this class. I hear it’s soul crushing and life sucking and to make things worse, I suck at programming. I’m in game design because I’m good at art.

Here I will teach you, Tumblr, how to C++ because by reading C++ for Dummies and trying to teach you, I am the single-celled organism evolving up the chain, growing legs and walking on land for the first time in an attempt to survive and thrive in this big, cruel world.

This is all in hopes that my professor doesn’t eat my GPA and my self esteem for breakfast.

When I asked Niqoole about C++ (which she just took and got an A in), she replied: It’s a lot like C.

When I asked doctorlocke for help:

I quickly realized this is an endeavor I must pursue…alone.

Here’s what I learned from chapter one of my book:

Shit son, you are really going to want an IDE. That means “integrated development environment.” That shit is going to save your life. That is going to tell you where all of your errors are; and trust me, you’re going to make so many errors. Because you are a person. And you are kinda dumb. I’m sorry, but if you’re desperate enough to try and learn from me, it’s true. Besides, being kind of dumb is the human condition. I know for a fact that I am really dumb. I am going to be using Visual Studio 2010 because I get it for free from my school. 

One time, the difference between C# and C++ was described to me like this: C# will let you shoot yourself in the foot a lot, but you’re shooting yourself in the foot with an airsoft gun. C++ won’t let you shoot yourself in the foot a lot, but when you do, you blow off your entire goddamn leg.

Moving on.

You’re going to be working inside a console application. A console is basically a window. Hence, “Microsoft Windows.” Get it?

“cout” is NOT pronounced “cowt” and I feel like a dumbass. It’s pronounced “see-out”, as in, “console-out.” As in, that’s what the console (window) is displaying. So basically, they took the phrase “console out” and abbreviated it to “c. out” and then mashed it together. Along came filthy casuals like me herp-derping around, saying “COWT” like it’s some cross between a cow and a cot.

“Main” is really important. Your code is organized into chunks and “main” is the chunk that is run first. It tells the computer which other parts of the program to run. Main is the pimp-daddy of your code.

Always end your statements in C++ with a semicolon because if you don’t things will blow the fuck up. I guarantee at least once in your programming career you will fuck up your code with a missing semicolon.

Here is an example line of code from my book:

cout << “Hello world!” << endl;

The “hello world” bullshit is called a string, apparently because the letters are strung together. Cute, right? Wrong. Programming is not cute. It is never cute. There are some cute programmers, but they are probably married. This is the thunder dome.

Your code-y motherfuckery won’t work inside a string because your computer thinks it’s not code because it’s a string, basically. There are a few exceptions, such as the backslash. If you insert \t inside of a string, it will not show up because it’s devil magic. Instead, it’ll insert a tab inside your stringy string. If you actually want a backslash inside a string, you have to type two backslashes. If you want a quotation mark inside, you have to type \“ because it’s all Satan worship.

"endl” is pronounced “end-el” and I still feel like a dipshit. I thought it was pronounced “endle.” I should stop trying to pronounce things in my head because phonics doesn’t mean fuckery in programmy-land. I guess it makes some magic words appear at the end of your code that say nice things like “press any key to fuck off” or something. Can you tell I’m getting increasingly frustrated with this as time goes on? I DON’T LIKE YOU SCREWING WITH MY ABILITY TO ENGLISH, C++.

You can do math in your code! To an extent. Because if you try to do big math, things go very wrong. But we don’t know how to fix that yet, so stick to your small numbers. Christ, you could probably do this shit in your head, I don’t know why we need to program it out at this point.

+ for addition

- for subtraction

* for multiplication

/ for division

In theory, if you code cout << 6 + 10 << endl; and compile and run, you will simply get 16 when the window pops up. Wow. They should just give you your degree right now. I’m up for that. Don’t forget order of operations and shit, that still applies. But I’m assuming you passed the eighth grade so I’m not gonna lecture you about Aunt Sally.

Finally, save often. Like, all the time. Here’s my rule of thumb: Every time you think about sex, boobs, butt, penis, or video games, save your fucking code. Ctrl + S that shit. And every time you’re done for the day, save a copy of it to your personal Google Drive, just in case! Just do it. You will thank me later. “Gee wow that seems excessi–” NO IT’S NOT.




Mmmkay that about sums up the concepts of chapter one in my book.

Uhbuhbye. :D

agesx  asked:

The clearness of your linework always amazes me. I'm trying to improve my skills and I would hope you might give me a tip on improving linework. One day I'll do the long trip from Greece. Definitely. Thanks alot ^_^

I have a couple words of advice in fact. For starters: BE DELIBERATE. Don’t make sketchy hash lines. It’s sloppy and looks like shit unless you’re trying to make a texture. That’s a mistake. Give it a couple practice traces in the air above the paper before you make an actual line… feel it out. Take it one line at a time.

If you feel like you can’t make the whole line in one pass (our wrists only have about 75 degrees of a fine range from a neutral position… maybe 130 from an extended position.) then find a good place to pull up from the line and break it into smaller pieces… BUT NO MORE THAN ABSOLUTELY NEEDED. Treat your pen like a bird swooping down across a lake and then back up again. When you make a line, commit yourself to it. Pay attention.

Using a fat line weight makes it easier to pull clean lines, but don’t use it as a crutch. A lot of times it’s the thin detail lines that really add depth to your piece. The fat lines are just the backbone.

You can always go back into a fat line with a thinner line and clean it up, I do this on ends constantly.

Pay attention to directional lines in what you’re drawing. Everything has a flow, flow with it. For example: lines run in all directions on a human face, but only certain ways per area. Really look, and see which way they’re supposed to go.

I could go on for hours about this because I’m very dedicated to line work, but that’s enough for a tumblr broadcast. Practice makes better, and you’ll never amount to anything without real effort. Never stop drawing.

serenify13  asked:

I'm sorry, but can we talk about the 50th some more? Because the flames of my fury have been reignited. Nine is my Doctor, so when it came time for the 50th I REALLY wanted him back. But then I heard Chris turned down the chance, and I felt a little betrayed. I started questioning whether or not he might be an arrogant ass. Then I saw the 50th, and I understood. I got it. He read the script and said no because it was shit. But now there are people out there who are mad at Chris for having (tbc)

the gall to say no. Stuff like “he’s too high and mighty for DW now” and “doesn’t he know where he got his big break from?” The Moffat stans are coming after my baby, and I just want to fight them all off with a sword. I’m just so angry at Moffat for how he’s divided this fandom. I don’t know where I’m going with this. Just don’t touch my Nine with a 10 foot pole Moffat stans. My baby is flawless.

We can absolutely talk about this.

While I can totally understand the disappointment bordering on betrayal about Chris’s decision to not take part in the 50th—god knows I was there with you—he’s under no obligation to be part of it, neither to the show or the fans.  Being the Doctor once, regardless of how fabulous one has portrayed the role, does not come with a lifetime contract to return to the role whenever necessary.

There’s a lot of rumors of varying degrees of shadiness and/or believablity regarding his decision not to take part in the 50th, and we’re not going to get any real answers without, like, a recording and transcript of every meeting and conversation leading up to it.  He decided to pass, and Moffat let it go.

Personally, I’m glad he did, because it sucked soooo bad, and Moffat would’ve fucked him up bad, but that’s just me.

Regardless, Moffat stans need to stop, period.  Liking something—questionable or not—is one thing, but talking trash about anyone who doesn’t like it or chooses not to take part is completely out of line.  Christopher Eccleston’s career is under his own control, not the fans, and to make assumptions about his personal character based on the singular decision not to be a part of the 50th is shameful.

For the record, Doctor Who wasn’t Christopher Eccleston’s big break.  He’s been in the industry for 25 years; he played Nine ten years ago.  He was active before, he’s been active since.  Just because certain people weren’t aware of him doesn’t mean he wasn’t there.  But it doesn’t actually matter; whatever things he’s said about production and things, he loved being the Doctor; not doing the 50th doesn’t undermine anything he’s done, and it doesn’t mean that he suddenly has become too big for it or that he doesn’t deserve respect.

People tend to forget that these are real people, with real decisions that have real consequences for them.  He never once went on record saying that the 50th was shit; even Moffat said he was nothing but congenial.  Neither his integrity as an actor or the integrity of his portrayal has been compromised by his decision not to reprise the role.  Anyone who thinks differently can stuff it.