i'm never going to line this laughs

No but like, Ryan being fascinated with Michael and Geoff’s tattoos so he’s always tracing them with his fingers and his nose and his tongue and Michael laughs at him like “Dude, you’re never gonna be able to go over all of Geoff’s tattoos” so then he just takes it as a personal challenge to trace over every fucking line on Geoff’s body every chance that they have always remembering where he left off the last time and Michael is always there watching and getting in the way, trying to distract Ryan from his dutiful painting over Geoff’s skin (sure he’s a little jealous of all the attention Geoff’s getting; does he gotta go out and get a fucking full sleeve done to get some fucking Ryan action anymore? jesus) so Geoff has to soothe Michael’s little fragile heart by (reluctantly) pushing Ryan off of him so that he and Goeff can both focus on worshiping the lad’s body the way it deserves