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I love your bee Rose!! could you maybd draw Juleka with the volpina/peacock miraculous???? (So they are together :3)

thank you anon! of course i had to give her the peacock miraculous because “the birds and the bees” had me cracking up (and let’s be honest juleka would rock a peacock) so if peacock juleka is called peacock (if any of you have better names tell me i would love to hear them) would their ship name be peaille haha? either way they’re the best gay superheros in all paris, i love them 


I can choose to reject him, right? Even if he helped us, I can’t… I’m sorry, I just can’t accept this guy into my team after what he did to me. To Kevin. I can never forget. Don’t think my brain’ll ever let me forget. I wish things were different, but he did what he did, and he helped screw up my family. 

And I feel like it’ll always be an incomplete cycle of regret now.

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Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo for the series meme coz I'm so original 😆


  • Favorite character

Did you mean: owner of my heart, light of my life, my reason for being, Wang So?

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  • Second favorite character

My baby girl who I’ll stan till the day I die. (I actually love them in very near equal amounts, Soo just frustrated me more than So so she loses by like, 0,01%.)

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  • Least favorite character

Wang Jung. He makes me infinitely mad because he gets to be horrible without ever losing the good guy position and some fans even call him selfless because he did the bare minimum of raising Seol.

  • The character I’m most like

This is tough. I want to say Baek Ah because he enjoys making people happy and he’s basically the mom of the group, but there’s also a bit of So in me (why are people afraid of me, I’m literally five feet tall, yet whenever I approach their desks they’re like, “Oh no”) and Soo (fight me over your bad opinions, bro).

  • Favorite pairing

I don’t know, man, I don’t know what to say here, it’s not like I ship anyone in this show or have multiple gifsets and THIRTY ONE FANFICTION (I’ve never been this prolific in my entire life, jsyk)

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They are my life

  • Least favorite pairing

So/Yeon Hwa. I like Yeon Hwa as a character (choosing her own path in life like a boss) but their wedding/the consumation of their marriage make me genuinely upset because I’m 12.

  • Favorite moment

The entirety of episode 4; Soo holding So even as he’s covered in blood, Soo bringing him food and bickering with him, “she belongs to me”, “should I call you my person?”, “don’t forget to eat, don’t have bad dreams either”, THE ORIGIN OF THEIR DAUGHTER’S NAME AS THEY SHARE THEIR FIRST MOMENT OF PURE TRANQUILITY IN EACH OTHER’S PRESENCE, I’m crying just thinking about it, I’m not even sorry.

  • Rating out of 10

100000000/10, anyone can fight me, it’s a trainwreck but I’m in the first goddamn train.

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