i'm mummying


Newt: Once again, they are my biological children.
Jacob: And once again, I don’t believe you. 

(Parks and Recreation; season 7, episode 12: One Last Ride) 

i’d just like to get this out in the open right now, in the new mummy movie i will 100 percent be rooting for my girl Sofia Boutella’s mummy princesss. i dont care if she is trying to destroy the world, i want her too, let her. i have icons made already and everything i’m ready to watch her rain down destruction and i will cheer her on as she goes.

“Mummy?” said little William one day at the breakfast table, picking at his cream of wheat.

“Yes dear? And stop playing with your food,” Mummy said.

William begrudgingly ate a spoonful of the stuff. After he’d swallowed, he said, “Mummy, Father loves you very much.”

A smile spread across Mummy’s face. “Yes he does, darling. And I love him too.”

William seemed to be contemplating something very hard as he stared into his bowl of beige mush. “Mummy, when I get big, I’m going to marry a boy just like Father. Someone who is nice and handsome and loves me a lot.”

Mummy just smiled adoringly over her mug of coffee at her little boy. “I’m sure you will, Billy. And he’ll be the luckiest man in the world.”

William absolutely beamed, then began eating his cream of wheat again.

Roughly 40 years later, Mummy was dancing with her son at his wedding. She caught his new husband looking on proudly from the side of the floor. John’s eyes were swollen with all the tenderness and love in the world as he stared on in adoration at the consulting detective.

Sherlock nudged her, smiling shyly. “Told you I would find him.” He cast a soft answering gaze at his soldier-doctor.

Mummy squeezed Sherlock’s arm, holding back happy tears, so glad that her sweet son had found the perfect man to love him. “You certainly did, my lamb,” she sniffled.



karengardens  asked:

Hi, my 5year old son and I have just watched the episode of Arthur in which you feature. Once it ended I told him that I have several of your books, he then patted my arm sympathetically and replied "I'm sorry Mummy, but he's not real! Its just a story!" I tried to explain but he remained adamant. He still believes in the Tooth Fairy and Father Christmas though!

Best ask ever. Thank you!