i'm more than just a piece in their games

Las Vegas Aces Captain Kent Parson after having been on the receiving end of some dubiously motivated high sticking. Or something.

(companion Jack piece, but not intended to be the same game, let’s just pretend there’s another team out there that’s full of overly aggressive assholes. Jack and Parse can just sort out their differences by scoring more goals than eachother.)
Watercolor, Colored Pencil, Gouache.
(Lineart for this piece)

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I’ve beem 10000% enamored with A Hat in Time from the second that I bought it man like

The music & characters & settings just all brEATHE the kind of aesthetics I’m into, plus also make me super nostalgic for other games. (Especially all the frickin paper mario references this game keeps under its sleeves)

Wanted to try reALLY playing with 3d layers for this. The camera moves a bit faster than I wanted but any sorta tweaks to make it slower while keeping the speed of what I made jus kinda screwed other parts up. ‘Least I know for the future hhAHA

Now with more speedpaint


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Just saw a quote on Reddit that said “DMs need more DEX than INT,” and honestly, that should be the core of every piece of advice given to new DMs/GMs. Flexibility and the ability to adapt are infinitely more important than planning a world down to the tiniest detail. Your complicated world isn’t going to mean anything if you don’t know how to make the game interesting to the players on the fly.

You hear it now too, don’t you? The song is now yours, just as the story has always been yours. And with this final piece, your understanding of these impossible events is complete. Like I said before, you’re ready now. Darkness surrounds you, but be not afraid. After all, you’re going to win. We know that much. But that is the limit of my knowledge. You’re all caught up now. Whatever happens next, well, we’ll just have to find out… Together
—  Griffin McElroy

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Just curious, why as the leg amputation so important to you? It wasn't really a huge thing in the books after Katniss finds out about it in the post-Games interview.

I think Peeta would probably argue with you about his missing leg being a “huge thing.” The fact that he was an amputee who overcame major adversity is important, and the erasure of his disability is a serious oversight. Furthermore, his leg was more than just a flesh and blood casualty. It was also symbolism and the first of many pieces of himself that Peeta, who wanted more than anything to stay whole and true to himself and to come out of the arena unchanged, lost to the Games.

Peeta lost his mind, his family, and his leg. His mental, familial and physical support were taken away from him, and he still persevered. Those losses were part of his character arc, and helped to show just how damn strong he was to carry on despite it all. 

Yeah, his leg was important to me.


the hunger games || peeta mellark

“i just don’t want them to change me…turn me into something i’m not. i just don’t want to be another piece in their game, you know?…if i’m gonna die, i wanna still be me.”


I don’t enjoy playing… Because it was a game that was born during a brutal age when life counted for little. Everyone believed that some people were worth more than others. Kings and pawns. I don’t think that anyone is worth more than anyone else… Chess is just a game. Real people are not pieces. You can’t assign more value to some of them and not others. Not to me. Not to anyone. People are not a thing that you can sacrifice. The lesson is that anyone who looks on the world as if it was a game of chess, deserves to lose.

Paul Wesley at New Jersey Con :
  • Fan asked if he can be any other character who would he be and he said who sleeps with Daniel Gillies? Paul: "I would be Katherine!".
  • Paul would be JoMo for week or whoever gets to sleep with Daniel Gillies.
  • Fan: "nurse, cop, or school girl costume, which do you want Daniel Gillies to show up at your house in"? Paul: "no costume".
  • Paul: My sisters are because there's a rager at the Wasilewski house.
  • Paul chooses hard liquor over beer.
  • Paul: NYC and Paris are My favorite places of all.
  • Paul thinks Ariellel is his biggest fan. She was very amused.
  • Arielle gave Paul an awesome painting of a frog for his birthday.
  • Paul: While directing I wouldn't watch my own playbacks.
  • Paul will direct again in s6, they gave him a tentative episode it might change but its midseason.
  • Paul: "You're just gonna use me and leave and not stay for breakfast!" on Arielle leaving the stage.
  • If paul could eat one food for the rest of his life it would be a polish dish from his grandma.
  • Fav moment with Ian on set, Paul: "End of the day when we leave!".
  • What's your fav thing about being on set? Paul: "I don't have any!".
  • Paul originally auditioned for Bens role on the O. C.
  • Paul: I'm a fan of 1960s culture.
  • Paul told a fan that he loved her and she started crying.
  • Fan asked why he's hasn't tweeted? he said cause he hasn't felt inspired to tweet.
  • Paul: "I'm an old man" cause he's been instagramming more than tweeting and he needs to link them.
  • Paul describes: Ian: smoldy, Daniel: he blushes, sweet cheeks, Nina: boss woman, Candice: bubbly bubbles.
  • Paul wants to guest star on Game of Thrones.
  • Fan (shouting): 'Your hair's not right for GOT",Paul: "I WILL MAKE IT RIGHT".
  • Paul: "I started watching GOT, Everyone is naked, I'd probably die and I like period pieces".
  • Paul: "Ian's a tweet machine! 'I'm tweeting from a helicopter 50000ft in the air. Just got a jet with George bush. Chill out dude. Relax'".
  • Paul Impersonating Ian: "oh I'm tweeting from a helicopter 2819911 feet in the air and then I'm going to Zimbabwe".
  • Paul: "I need a minute." about missing Ian.
  • When asked if he got hurt on set Paul: " I hurt Ian A LOT!".
  • Paul: after every fight scene with damon and stefan Ian had to go to the chiropractor because l hurt him.
  • Paul used to listen to hip hop and wear his pants low and they fell to the ground in front of everyone.
  • Paul: "I don't really do dates".
  • Paul has asked his sister onstage with him!
  • Julia says she'll post the baggy pants picture on twitter, Paul: "Thanks Julia".
  • Paul: "If I'm ever in a good mood I search [Roll Bounce] and get depressed".
  • Paul: I had to take a 2 week long roller skating class with Lil Bow.
  • " how many boobs have to signed!"? Paul: "One male boob. Waxed chest".
  • Paul: "I love when Klaus and I were lovers".
  • Craziest Fan Experience Paul signing a baby's head: "Would you sign my baby!".
  • Paul: "I do not want to see Stefan in the 70's in roll bounce again!".
  • Paul's agent tried to get Paul an Edward Cullen audition but they wouldn't see him. He never tried out for Edward Cullen.
  • Paul: "I don't know any embarrassing moments. What's your most embarrassing moments?" Fan: "I don't know!" Paul: "Well what the hell!".
  • Paul: "This Daniel Gillies thing has gotten out of hand and I'm going to keep it going for as long as I can".
  • When Julia got her first boyfriend she texted Paul and Paul texted her back: "TEXT ME IMMEDIATELY".
  • Paul: I won't be as forgiving as Stefan with Damon and I'll say "peace" to the version of Elena.

okay so like. just hear me out for a moment i have some emotions abt Hunk being really good at comforting people

  • whenever anyone on the ship is having a bad day, they all know to just go and find Hunk 
  • they only have to say “i don’t feel good” and hunk goes straight into Parent Mode™
  • he won’t ask what’s wrong if they don’t want to talk. no explanation or reasoning required
  • but if they do want to talk, he is the most calm and patient person. he’s a great listener and he nods along and provides surprisingly helpful advice. 
  • he’ll give them the biggest, warmest hug. hunk gives amazing hugs im p sure this is just an accepted fact by now
  • he takes them straight to the kitchen for comfort food! they can help him make snacks he’s finally figured out how to prepare, stuff that resembles hot chocolate and brownies and nice things like that
  • if they want a distraction, he’ll show them the latest project he’s been working on. tinkling with an Altean device that looks like a nintendo ds, but he’s not quite sure, wouldn’t it be cool if Pidge could download pokemon from the earth internet and get it on there?
  • he got Coran to teach him how to play all the Altean board games they have, so hey if they want a distraction thats gonna last 6+ hours and confuse them so much that their brain might melt, there’s that option too
  • more often than not, if it’s later in the evening, they often just pass out together
  • now it’s not weird to walk into the lounge and find anyone asleep on the floor with Hunk, surrounded by strange looking board games and pulled apart pieces of tech

  • okay i’m done

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Your boyfriend and your friend in the MAG channel obviously know way more about gaming than you do. You just seem to be in it to be like 'OMG I'M A GIRL GAMER' but you don't put any real input in it...

Um, when the fuck have I ever insinuated I know more than them? When have I ever referred to myself as a girl gamer? When have I ever referred to myself as a gamer period? Further more, why does one need to know a huge amount about gaming to be “allowed” to play games in your eyes?

Those are some questions to think about while I tear this message to shreds piece by piece.

I make frequent mentions in the show at home I’m shite at certain games, especially anything that requires you to act fast under pressure (hence the hilarity of the walking dead and the ass punch incident).

I also have mentioned multiple times that when I was a kid I didn’t have any gaming consoles and spent most of my time out climbing trees and shit, so obviously two kids who sat in all day playing video games will have more knowledge and experience than me.

Why exactly do I have to be some ultra mega been-gaming-forever-elitest to be allowed to play games, and hang out with my friends and play shit together?

Most of the time, one person has the controller, the other two watch and enjoy the fun. Thats how the show works. This is such a painfully moronic, uneducated message it makes me cringe. Really anon just.. crawl back under your rock and die quietly, where you won’t bother anyone with your stupidity. BYE.

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I'm a game developer and the fact that you think Nintendo doesn't deserve to be paid for you to profit off their game is just mind boggling. What in the world is your mental justification? The fact that Mario Maker Mornings is your "most popular feature" kind of proves that people are tuning in more for the game than for you.

I wouldn’t close the door on Nintendo getting a piece, but 40% of my profits? Every video? Every time? For every piece of content? No, sorry. That’s not a fair transaction.