i'm more than excited man. seriously

Hey so if I were to be part of a D&D web show/stream dealio would anyone be I retested in watching it? It would be similar to Critical Role in length and “seriousness” I guess, as opposed to like TAZ. I think atm we might start in a two or three months, so I don’t want to get anyone overly excited for more D&D content I just kinda wanna gauge interest.

I’ll probably be running a tumblr for our group, and since there are 11 of us there will actually be two groups, two DMs, and then two shows. It would benefit people who watch both as there are bound to be player/character crossovers and they do take place in the same setting.

But yeah I guess just like drop a reply if you might be interested I guess? Or a like? I don’t really want to spread this around too much as it’s in the early stages.