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5Sos Preference - Promises (Part One) {Cashton}

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Ashton - (a/n: okay not gonna lie idk ashton’s mum’s name or if she’s married so just roll with it okay) 

“Let’s be friends forever.” 6-year-old Ashton smiled at 6-year-old you as you sat in the treehouse in his backyard.

“Okay.” You grinned, nodding in agreement. 

“You have to promise me,” He frowned. “Promise me we’ll be friends forever.”

“I promise.”

“Promise what?” He asked.

“Ashton…” You rolled your eyes.

“Just say it, (Y/N)!” He looked at me. “Please?”

“I promise well be friends forever.” You shook pinkies as you looked at him, waiting expectantly for a second before saying, “Well now you have to promise, too!”

“I promise, (Y/N). I promise we’ll be the bestest of friends forever.”

Around 13 Years Later 

You haven’t spoken to Ashton in a year now. You used to be so close but…times change. He had gone off with his band to go do what he wanted and in all honesty, you were so happy for him. They had made it so far and you were so proud of them. You just missed them.

Every now and then you’d try to call him but he’d never answer, and occasionally he’d send you a text apologizing and saying he’d call you when he could, but he never did. It pissed you off for a long time, enough to the point where you just stopped trying, and so did he. And now here you are.

“We’re going over to the Irwin’s for dinner tonight, you’re coming, right, (Y/N)?” Your mom interrupted your staring contest at Ashton’s contact in your phone.

“Oh, um, yeah sure.” Your mum and Mrs. Irwin had been friends since high school; they made it work. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case for you and Ashton. You had no idea where he was at the moment. You’d been trying to distance yourself from the band’s news feed and Tumblr fandom, just so that you could safely move on and not care. It had been working pretty well. You sufficiently had no idea what the heck the boys were doing right now.

Lucky for you, you didn’t have any plans tonight, so you might as well go and have dinner with them. You loved Lauren and Harry like your own siblings, and being an only child, they pretty much were your own siblings. You wanted to distance yourself from Ashton, but that didn’t mean you had to forget about Lauren and Harry. He was hardly ever home anymore anyway.

You shook off your emotions and put on a smile as you went over to the Irwin’s. 

Mrs. Irwin greeted you with a large smile, announcing that dinner would be ready soon. 

“Oh, (Y/N), I can’t believe I forgot to mention, Ashton’s home!” His mum suddenly spat out in the spur of the moment. You almost choked on your own spit.

And there he was, sitting on the couch, laughing about some joke that somebody told. 

You stood there, motionless, speechless, and then his line of vision stirred to you. 

“(Y/N)…” He muttered, standing up, starting to make his way over to you, but you coughed and quickly sped off to the kitchen, offering your assistance to his mother.

“Oh, are you sure you don’t wanna go catch up with Ashton? Don’t worry about me,” She smiled graciously. 

“No, I’d love to help, I mean-” You stuttered. 

“Could you cut those vegetables over there for me, then? If you wouldn’t mind?" 

"Of course." 

"The knives are in the drawer.” She turned around to stir the many pots she had going on the stove. 

You quickly set to work on your job, being purposely slow and fully focused so you didn’t have to think about your parents and Ashton in the living room. 

You were off in your own little world until you felt a tap on your arm, but before you could see who it was,

“Oh, Ashton, would you mind setting the table for me? I know you’re the guest of honour tonight and everything -” His mom asked. 

Ashton was the one who tapped you, you’d gathered. You didn’t turn around, or utter a word in his direction, you just minded your own business trying not to turn around and stab him with the knife in your hand.

“Uh, no, not a problem.” You heard the presence behind you step away and you sighed in relief. This would be a painful dinner, but it wouldn’t be impossible. 

You didn’t see or hear Ashton again until dinner was actually served. You so strategically tried to sit as far away from possible from him, which really only meant you were diagonally across the table from each other. You could feel his gaze on you from time to time, but you just ignored it.

“So (Y/N) what are you getting into these days?” His mom teased you, as he asked. You had to answer now. Everyone’s eyes were on you.

“Oh, I’m leaving for uni in August. I’m gonna study music and art, I think." 

"Really?” Ashton asked you. His eyes were wide in surprise.

“Um, yeah." 

"That’s awesome.” His mom said. And then the conversation carried on. But Ashton never stopped looking at you for the entire length of dinner. It was his own fault; he just altogether stopped trying. If he had actually stayed true to his promise, he’d know you were leaving. But that promise was made over a decade ago; it didn’t mean anything anymore.

When dinner was finished, you offered to help clean up, to which his mum just replied, “Nonsense. You helped make it. Ashton’s in the living room, I know you two have some catching up to do.”

“I’m gonna step outside for a second, I need some air.” You smiled, but they didn’t seem to be paying any attention.

You quietly slipped out the door and into the Irwin’s backyard garden. You walked over to that old treehouse, that same old treehouse that you and Ashton made that worthless promise 13 years ago. You sighed, and felt a tear trail down your cheek. You didn’t dare go up into it. That was sacred ground that you didn’t want to taint. That promise was over now, it didn’t mean anything. You wanted the last time someone was in that treehouse to be back when that promise meant something, and it hadn’t died yet. 

“It’s a wonder it’s still here.” A voice interrupted your thoughts. You jumped as you saw Ashton standing beside you. He looked at you, smiling. You didn’t say anything, you just looked down. “Please, say something, (Y/N).”

“There’s nothing to say.” You whispered.

“There’s everything to say.” He countered. “I missed you. I missed you so much.”

“Really? That’s a wonder. You never called." 


“Don’t tell me that’s not fair, because it is.” You sighed. “You never called. You didn’t care, Ash. You simply didn’t give a fuck about me. And I know it’s hard for you, because you’re off and living your dream, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t spare five minutes to say hello.

"We haven’t spoken in a year. In a freaking year. I’d hardly call us friends anymore, Ash. You broke your promise. You broke your fucking promise." 

You quickly left his side, running back inside the house to find safety away from him. 

Your world broke down that night, and he’d probably never know. 


Calum - 

You and Calum were in a very happy relationship. He was yours, you were his. And currently you were living with him and his band, maybe not the smartest idea, but you needed a place to stay while you studied at university and your boyfriend was more than happy to offer. You loved the boys like brothers, but sometimes, they got a little out of hand. They were teenage boys after all, it was only natural.

It was just another morning, just another day. You didn’t have classes until 11, so you were taking your sweet time getting out of bed and getting ready. Calum was nowhere to be seen, so you figured he was already up and either in the shower or downstairs playing FIFA or something. 

You got up and put on some trousers before making your way downstairs, only to stop at the mention of your name amongst the boys.

"So how’s your sex life with (Y/N)?” You heard Ashton tease. “I hardly ever hear you guys, you must be awfully quiet." 

"Or awfully bad, if you can’t make her scream.” Michael added, breaking into laughter. You frowned. 

You and Calum hadn’t had sex yet.

It wasn’t like there was something stopping you, you just hadn’t. You never talked about it as a couple so you assumed he was okay with it. But you knew in the back of your mind the topic could only be avoided for so long.

“Shut the fuck up.” Calum snarled in response.

“Geez who pissed in your cornflakes this morning, Cal? Sounds like you need to get laid." 

"Fuck you!” Calum yelled, and you heard footsteps in your direction. He stopped when he saw you, looking all pitiful and shocked, but he shook his head and shoved right past you into your shared bedroom, slamming the door behind him.

“Don’t you think you guys took that a little too far, maybe?” Luke asked. You continued to eavesdrop, even though it was undoubtedly rude, you couldn’t help but be curious.

“We were just teasing.” Ashton remarked.

“Yeah, he knows that. He’s just so private about it. Thought we’d loosen him up a little.” Michael paused. “Not my fault he had to go and run away like that." 

You chose this time as as good as any to make your entrance into the kitchen, wordlessly pouring yourself some cereal.

"So, (Y/N),” Michael commented. “Tell me. What’s sex with Calum like?” You looked at the red-haired boy who had his hands on his chin, looking at you with such an evil smirk on his face you wanted to slap it off.

“None of your business.” You smiled fakely at him, wanting nothing more than to slam his head into a brick wall. Metaphorically, of course.

“Oh, come on, why are you guys so shut in about it?” Ashton asked. “If you were my girlfriend, I’d brag about you in bed all day long.” Ashton sent you a wink and you rolled your eyes. He was only kidding; you knew that. 

“Because our sex life has nothing to do with you guys, if you hadn’t noticed.” You commented snidely, before sneaking into your and Calum’s bedroom to check on your boyfriend.

He was sitting on the bed, his head folded into his hands. You shut the door behind you and walked gently over to him, kneeling in front of him, placing your hands on his knees and caressing slowly so he knew you were there.

He merely brushed your hands off as he stood up, pushing you aside as he walked over towards the window.

“Calum…” You mumbled.

“Don’t ‘Calum’ me.” He responded. “I fucking love you, (Y/N), I do. I love you. I thought you loved me too.”

“That’s not fair,” You said, “I do love you." 

"Then why haven’t we had sex yet, (Y/N)?!" 

"Love isn’t merely based on sex, Calum, if you didn’t know!" 

"You know how demeaning it is to me, to have the guys tease me about me not having sex with you, because even they know that we haven’t had sex yet? You know how embarrassing that is?” 

"This relationship has nothing to do with them!” You yelled. “Fuck them! Who gives a shit? So we haven’t had sex yet, it’s none of their business!" 

Calum shook his head. “You know how humiliating it is to me, to know that for some reason, you don’t trust me enough to go that far with you? You say you love me, but, (Y/N), you don’t.” 

"Calum-” You were about to explain, explain everything, but the words hitched at the tip of your tongue. The world was silent for a moment.

“That’s what I thought.” He quickly left the room, and you heard the front door slam not long after.


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