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Rey Solo was my #1 theory until daisy came out and debunked it by saying han wasn't her dad. I mean I guess leia can still be her mom but I vehemently oppose the idea that Leia would cheat on han.

I liked the theory until after the force awakens. But after it became clear to me that Rey was not their child. It’s just not possible… that Leia or Han would cheat on each other. Or be that concerned with their son and not even mention losing a daughter. It would fall so flat emotionally and idk it’s just not fair to any of the characters involved. 

i was tagged by my beautiful darling @saferincages to do this game

Rules: Tell us one favourite character from ten fandoms & tag ten people.

1. cosette fauchelevent (les miserables)
2. galinda upland (wicked)
3. jane eyre (jane eyre)
4. arya stark (asoiaf)
5. harry james potter (hp)
6. spencer hastings (pll)
7. lucrezia borgia (the borgias)
8. christine daae (phantom of the opera)
9. effy stonem (skins)
10. cookie lyon (empire)

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Mind if I get a positivity for a Kirumi Toujou? It's been hard these past few weeks and I want a tiny bit of positivity, cause I feel like I'm not useful and I'm just a barrier to a close friend of mine. I can't control my anger, I can't control my sadness, it's just difficult. I at least want a bit of motivation to make it through the day.. sorry if this is a bit much, please and thank you.

Ah, Toujou-san, I’ve been in the same situation as you and I know how much it sucks… But-

Days will get better for you. The moment you feel frustrated, try doing something to relax, like taking deep breathes! You could even write an inspirational quote on your palm so you can easily take a look at it and get a mood boost!

Just know that there is always someone out there willing to help understand why you’re frustrated and/or upset and I’m sure you’ll have a great day, today, okay?

- Mod Memezuru

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can I have a link to your master list? I'm on moblie

Of course you can, sweetheart! You can find our masterlist here, and I’ll leave links to all of our current works under the cut. We hope there’s something you like there! Happy reading!

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