i'm missing him awfully a lot

the ocean to the moon.

we were an inadvertent mistake;
the universe that wanted to become perpetual.

but even the sun burns out after withstanding for so many years.

stars bursted with the surging, heavy flow of the
intimate gaze we used to look at it with during the night.
we were a vision, a day dream, a blissful oblivion.

i wanted the ears to be opened and the words to be said
so that the caressing touches weren’t all that stood between our hearts.
maybe the fiery feathered wings didn’t have to escalate the flames
and maybe the moon didn’t have to leave me with the distance
that tore the earth apart; stuck in between the space that floated
around the atmosphere that only kept it alive
to see itself wrinkle and shrivel into nothing.

the suffocating displacement of the moon’s entity
allowed the deafening darkness to close in faster and faster.
and i fell into the ocean’s arms, drowning in the waves
but the blissful ignorance that blinded my flailing arms to see
whether or not i was trying to live or trying to swim further down.

                             but the moon’s gravity pulled the ocean away;
                             washing me up onto the pebbled shores
                             with the stains the ocean’s regurgitated flow
                             i’m here once again,

lying under the moon’s midnight gaze.