i'm missing her

kirishima touka week ✿ day four; au
centipede → butterfly

sometimes i’m overwhelmed by the absence of her. this is gonna be a rough month. my mom thinks I need to seek counselling - are you not allowed to grieve? is it weird to grieve for more than 6mo? 


If I could draw a map that navigated me back to the sweetest and sourest of moments with her, I would follow it. I know I’d pass catfights and silent treatments on the way. It’d be a path of hair pulling and secret telling. Trust falling and name calling. Breakups and breakdowns galore, all paving a getaway to a past I call sisterhood. 

It’s where I was set free to be little because she was chained down to being older. It’s where she was a self employed teacher because she never left me unlearned. It’s where seven years of age difference didn’t detract from friendship.

It’s where I trusted, it’s where I trust.


                              ToG instagram au: Dorian and Aelin’s relationship
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                                                    Aelin’s profile here 

I had a 97 year old patient who was big into cartoons. All the staff thought it was pretty neat. She wasn’t super vocal about it, but you could tell, y’know? She’d just always have the tv set on some type of cartoon when we’d walk in to give her meds or take her vitals or whatever. Well, one time I walked in while she was putting on make-up and applying lipstick. I really liked the color and so I was like “Oooh I really like your blue lipstick” and she didn’t miss a beat before she replied “actually it’s Coral Blue number two” and it was the single most beautiful thing in the world and I remember it nearly every day.

I said I was over you, but the way she grabs your hand when I laugh at your jokes makes my blood boil...

~ love is blind, jealousy has 20/20 vision


Denmark’s first female Prime Minister, leader of the Social Democrats and outspoken feminist, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, addressing all of Denmark’s girls and women in her resignation speech after her centre-left coalition lost the 2015 general election.

You put the stars, the moon, and the sun to shame.

You’re like the stars, always there. Whether you visible or not, they’re there. They shine brighter, the greater the darkness, and never fail to make even the saddest of things, picture perfect. They’re what everyone reaches for, the same way I reach for you. Why? Because both hold the magic we’ve all dreamed of. Shoot for the stars and you won’t fall short.

You’re brighter than even the fullest of moons, do you see it too? The way your eyes shine drains away all the beauty and I only see life in you. The moon is big and calms raging seas, it’s in full control. You take everything in my out of control heart, and manage to make the tide as calm as it’s ever been, no more crashing of the waves or drowning in the water.

And you’re more important to me than the sun is to the earth, and to the moon. Why you ask? Because you are what keeps my world going, you give me a goal to work for and something to look forward to. You are my light, brighter and warmer than the sun will ever be.

It’s a wonderful thing what love does, it makes you realise your everything can be help by a singular person.

—  1:54 am : And You’re Still On My Mind