i'm missing her

The reason Sapphire sings. Honestly you’re missing out a lovely point!

Come on people, what are you doing?
Does really the majority think that Ruby is blind? We all watched the episode at least four times (a day) and I can’t understand, why no one interpets Sapphires singing the way I do?

For everyone that is unfamiliar with what I’m talking about, a lot of posts states that:
• Ruby is blind, because she said that she “can’t see” and were surprised by Steven
• Ruby is the one with the future vision, as a sorta compensation for being blind
• that Sapphire sings so Ruby can locate her, which she wouldn’t be able to due to blindness. (Why ever this is an argument. If she has future vision to orientate, why does she needs the singing?)

The reason Sapphire sings is a “my heart!! What are you doing with me??” moment, but first I want to disprove the above points.

Ruby is not blind. She focuses people in front. She recognises people far away from here, I’m talking about Lapis and Sapphire. So she is using her eyes.
I can’t see” is about her lack of future vision. Being fused for millennia made her get used to being Garnet, well duh.
Now she’s not Garnet and lacking the familiar future vision, because it’s Sapphires ability. This sentence is a hint to Garnet, like the two gems shown at the beginning or the short glance at Rubys left hand.
She is surprised by Steven, because she was busy being a piece of misery and didn’t expect an ally showing up outside of the cell. But mostly being misery, even needing a moment to get the idea of asking how he escaped.

Sapphire has future vision. It’s not Rubys or Garnet-exclusive power, she used it. She knows immediately where she should run to.

She is not leading Ruby to her, she is not counting on Ruby finding her, she is not counting on being freed nor freeing herself. No one is.
Amethyst and Pearl and everyone is feeling defeated, awaiting homeworld.
Everyone is hopeless. And she is singing.

When Steven wakes up, he hears two things: Someone groaning in pain and someone singing. Both is due to them being apart.
Ruby is in emotional pain, physically out of breath and worried sick.
Her voice cracks, when she trys to make Steven understand, that Sapphire is all alone..

And Sapphire sings,
so Ruby knows, that shE IS THERE!
So Ruby is not alone.

Do you finally feel me?!
They are forced to be apart and they are on their way to death!
There is no escape!
Only despair and resignation!
So Sapphire sings to let Ruby know that she’s ok, and there, and not dead yet and Ruby is not alone!!
She was planning to sing all the travel to homeworld, endure Jaspers wrath, for Ruby not being alone!!

I have Sapphire-feelings here and YOU left me all alone!!

alright since we had the discussion of whether Jack was actually going to kiss Phryne I might have made a gif of him in the moment where he puts his hand on her neck and I’m so sorry

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