i'm missing her

So apparently my brother and my mom already want to get another dog… I mean, sure, eventually, but guys, it hasn’t even been a week

“Guess who’s going on a Shopping Spree this weekend? That’s right – Moi! Ah … It’s as if those Salvatore Ferragamo Pumps are calling, no, screaming my name! Thanks Daddy! Uh-Oh! Now, I’d totally invite you. It’s just. How do I say this in a way that won’t hurt your feelings? You look poor. And I don’t wanna risk getting arrested for shoplifting. Three Words: Guilt .. By .. Association .. Understand?”

It’s weird. This week I’ve got a sort of calm anger about Becky being the target unlike in previous weeks.

I think it’s because she’s finally the target because the other HG acknowledge she’s a strong player. Before it was because she was expendable but this week it’s because she is a legitimate threat. I’m just glad she got to stick around long enough to prove she’s not some stupid recruit and that’s she’s actually a legit player. Regardless, if she goes home this week, it’s with dignity.

So it’s pretty damn cold here in Paris, I mean I knew it would be but not this cold. I literally stepped out the plane and instantly felt like an icicle. But at least it means I can wear cozy oversized sweaters all the time and not be judged for it. Anyway I have this showcase, event thing somewhere in the city and you should join me ‘cause I need company. - and directions…


Claire Riesen