i'm making this a regular thing

im gonna be so gay for a sec but

can we appreciate boys more
like all kinds of boys and everything they do??

like, when a boy is wearing a shirt or sweatershirt that’s just a little too short and he stretches and that Lil Bit Of Tum shows??? amazing.
and don’t even get me started on when boy’s wear hoodies that are too big and they get sweater paws. gosh dang sweater paws. they’re my weakness.

and chubby boys? can we talk more about chubby boys because chubby boys are the goddamn cutest. i wanna collectively squish all of their chubby cheeks and make all of them cookies. and also when boys GIGGLE???? don’t even get me started on boys giggling, especially when their nose get’s all crinkly as it goes from a giggle to a regular laugh ugh adorable. amazing and adorable, 25/10.
and trans boys?? do not even get me started. y’all are the absolute cutest, you deserve all the hugs & all the backrubs & all the cookies.

like, just, all types of boys are perfect and amazing. if you’re a boy or even somewhat see yourself as one and you’re reading this post you’re automatically adorable and perfect; sorry, i don’t make the rules.

On the care and keeping of your scientist
  • Congratulations on adopting a scientist! Regardless of their field they will require much coffee, free food, and love. Here are some field specific tips for keeping your scientist happy and healthy!
  • Biology: make sure they don't get overly invested in their model organism by reminding them about the flaws inherent in their system on a regular basis, but also make sure to join in when they criticize other models in favor of their own
  • Chemistry: don't let them do that 'just one more reaction' at 10 pm. make sure they get out of the lab and see the sun on a regular basis. try to keep them from partying too hard when they do leave the lab
  • Geology: humor their rock puns but don't let the lick the rocks (they will tell you they need to lick the rocks to identify them, but don't fall for it)
  • Astronomy: try not to let them become completely nocturnal. point out nice stars to them and look suitably impressed by their "pictures" of planets that don't look like anything to you
  • Physics: take them to the park on a regular basis to remind them that things larger than subatomic particles exist. bring a frisbee or a ball to play catch with and be impressed by their ability to calculate trajectories
  • Math: always make sure to have free batteries for their calculators and a mathmatica user guide on hand. Humor them when they tell you why space without angles is important
  • Ecology: make sure they remember to wear sunscreen and keep an eye on them in the field. Remind them to come inside and analyze their data occasionally
  • Psychology: don't mention Freud or ever call them a soft or social science, but make sure you gently remind them that social factors can impact reproducibility and try to keep them from drawing sweeping conclusions about the inherent nature of humanity
  • Neuroscience: be suitably impressed by their newest experiment and then remind them that people are not mice as often as possible
  • Computer Science: make sure they take breaks while debugging by limiting their supply of coffee. Nod and smile when they go off on indexing and arrays. Make sure they always have a rubber duck.
  • Make sure to keep your scientist away from engineers unless they have been properly socialized to interact in a translational household. The most important thing is to remember to hug your scientist on a regular basis and remind them that there is life outside the lab

I love her videos, I love her music, I love her soul, I love her face.

Youtuber appreciation post (1/?): dodie lockscreens
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Droughtlander Art Challenge
Week 28 - Voyager

Months ago, when a September premiere was first announced, I challenged myself to make one new Outlander painting a week until the premiere. Now we’re less than a week away! As this is my last #droughtlander piece I want to take the time to say THANK YOU to all you wonderful individuals. I’ve been lucky to have met so many incredibly talented and kind friends over the past months, and you’ve all helped make Droughtlander pass so quickly!

To finish, here’s my concept of a S3 poster in the style of S1. Several people mentioned this would be cool to see, and I’ve finally gotten around to trying it :)

Enjoy the new season and thank you all for an amazing year filled with creativity and inspiration!


He’s in this world where he has an incredibly glamorous job. But he is an everyman. He’s someone we all relate to. The question is, ‘What happens next?’ What would happen to any of us if we were in that world? What dilemmas do you face, and how do you reconcile that job with the perfectly natural desire to have the things people naturally desire in life? Eggsy’s a regular guy. And he wants regular things. And how do you make that work when you’re an international spy? — Jane Goldman on Eggsy Unwin in The Golden Circle (2017)

On one of his nightly strolls Robbie was letting his wings air out but suddenly he wasn’t alone anymore. A child was out wandering and saw him. In a panic he used his magic to create a fog hoping that they’d forget what they saw if they couldn’t see anything. 


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Kim Junmyeon/Lee Sunmi (OC/Reader)
Warnings: Smut in some chapters


00. Prologue

01. Conflicting

02. Welcoming

03. Guest

04. Provoke

05. Ambivalence

06. Consequences

07. Dormant

08. Thunder


Mochi Masterlist

leilanimargarita  asked:

Sorry, but all my weird headcanons revolve around Finstock. So Stiles is looking through this book called Encyclopedia of Gods. He comes across a picture of what he thinks is Coach Finstock. It couldn't be though, right? But it's so eerily similar. He decides to show it to Coach. Coach looks at the picture, snort-laughs and says, "Bilinski, no one has prayed to me for hundreds of years. I'm the God of beekeeping & featherwork. Do you have a need for those?" Stiles just backs away slowly.

I love it! 

And years later of course when everything has calmed down and Beacon Hills is actually stable and safe again, Stiles decides that he’s going to start making and selling honey. 

“What the hell?” Derek asks. “Do you even know the first thing about bees?” 

“No,” Stiles admits, “but trust me, I know the perfect business partner!” 

Finlinksi Honey makes them obscenely rich because for reasons that nobody can figure out, it’s just better than regular honey. 

59shoukei27  asked:

"Green Tea with toasted rice in it"? that sounds... weird. how does it taste like? i've never heard of that kind of tea and i'm really intrigued now

It just like regular green tea but smoother and slightly toasted tasting cause they put over cooked grains of rice in with the tea leaves. You can also make a tea that’s just made from over cooked grains of rice too. I hear that’s a thing in Korea.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I was hoping you could help/give a little advice. I kind of attract the Fair Ones. I have a slight idea as to why, but it's still a little baffling their incessant need to pester me. They go away when I ask them too, but it seems they like to test my boundaries a lot. It's a little irritating at times. I would like to be more involved with at some point, but I'm not very good at commitments/regularity. I'm just not sure what to make of them following me whenever I go somewhere they live...

Fairies are strange fickle entities. Have you tried communicating with them to see what is up? 

If its a big problem, you can wear a bit of iron on your person to push them back when you don’t want them.

I tie an iron troll cross on my door knob, so they don’t pester my poor girlfriend when she sleeps :’)

Otherwise, I would suggest reading more into the fairy faith and practices to get a good idea of things. 

anonymous asked:

2D and Mudz with a s/o who will get up in the middle of the night and just sit outside no matter the weather? (I'm outside right now and it made me think)

2D: Our poor boy would first be very confused and scared when he wakes up and you aren’t next to him. He is afraid you would leave him, but once he sees someone sitting on the balcony, he calms down a bit. He wouldn’t question it at first, but once he noticed it was a regular thing, he joins you sometimes. He loves the summer nights with you and when it gets cold, he would bring blankets and even put effort in making a campfire (which is hard on the balcony) He would be a bit concerned if it is cold or rainy and you are just sitting outside about to catch a cold. So he would just put a blanket around you and go back to bed himself.

Murdoc: Murdoc would find it extremely odd, but just lets you be. He doesn’t sleep much at night, so he would notice it when you sat outside and would watch you from a distance. Seeing how beautiful you were, while you looked at the stars, made him extremely happy. He would bring you hot coco and stay with you if you asked him to. He would get angry tho if you sat outside and it was cold. He doesn’t want you to get sick and he would just carry you back inside, even if you were protesting. After that, he wraps you up in warm blankets and makes sure that, if you were planning on going outside again, you were at least warm. This ends up in you looking like a fucking burrito, all wrapped up in the blankets (and sometimes Mudz will even put a fuzzy hat on you) And that always ends up with Murdoc blussing, because you look damn cute.

don’t let sana be misunderstood

if anyone wants to be mad at sana right now, go back and watch the season trailer again… 

People, do you understand me now,
If sometimes I feel a little mad
Don’t you know no one alive can
Always be an angel
When things go wrong I seem a little sad
But I’m just a soul whose intentions are good
Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood

anonymous asked:

I'm very inspired by your journals. Can you share your process? Such as, do you do a pre-sketch? Work from a photo in the studio? How long does it take to finish a painting? Do you finish the whole thing on site? Also, I'm struggling a little with the thinness of the inks. I am more comfortable with regular acrylic paints. Any tips?

Hi! First of all, your message has been sitting in my inbox for a quite a while. I’m sorry for taking so long to answer. 

-I rarely do a pre-sketch unless the scene requires accurate perspective drawing, my biggest weakness. I prefer to dive in with my ink and brushes from the start. I make changes to the composition and paint over mistakes when the ink is dry. Most pages are thickly layered with one or two failed attempts beneath the surface. 

-While I love to paint plein air, it’s not always practical. Most of my paintings document small, fleeting moments or memories. I usually snap reference photos with my phone and paint the scene later– sometimes that night, the next week, or even a year later.

-Some pages take only a few hours, like these:

Other paintings that require several layers of color can take up to five or six hours, like these:

-If you prefer acrylic paint you should follow that instinct. Personally, I love the thinness of acrylic ink and I dilute the medium with water to create thin veils of color. To thicken the ink up, do not dilute with water and load your brush from the bottom of the jar, where the acrylic resin settles. Some colors are thicker than others, usually synthetic pigments with descriptive names like “flame red” or “antelope brown.” 

I hope that helps!

*squints at amazon’s new echo thing with a screen*

is that… did amazon make a chumby

did they really

as if it weren’t bad enough that the regular echo is just an un-cute nabaztag