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I've been drawing for nine years now and have gotten considerably better since I started, but I find myself still struggling to get things right like facial features, bodies, and, my biggest problem, hands. This coming Spring I'm going to college for animation and illustration, but I just struggle so much that it makes me wonder how I could ever be successful in that area. I really want to do this, but I lack in many resources (I have a box of old crayolas and all of digital art is done on (1)

Don‘t worry, everyone struggles at first, mostly if you’re self-taught. I’m sure at college they’ll teach you the basics of drawing again before starting with more specific stuff (at least that’s how it worked at the school of comics)
But if you want to know some basic exercises I was given for human bodies and facial features, here there are:

the first thing to do is simplify figures, instead of starting drawing the body with anatomy right away, think of it as geometrical shapes put together

For the head there are these structures that might help you

For the hands, believe me, even the most expert artist on the earth has difficulties in drawing them.
But as the other parts, it helps to make a geometrical structure before

I do this

I’m not really that good at drawing hands but that’s the principle of it.

As exercise for human bodies and gestures, photos of athletes are really useful,

study their gesture drawing mannequins over photos

You can do the same exercise for faces and hands.

You can take all these “shortcuts” and modify the proportions to have the type of figure you want.

As for the equipment, I think if you want to go for animation you need at least a computer and a drawing tablet… For traditional illustrations you can use anything really


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Leafs 2016-17 Re-Watch Game 1/82


Leafs fall to Sens 5-4 in OT (10/12/16)

◆How many rookies is too many?◆

◆In his NHL debut Auston Matthews scores 4 goals◆

◆Mitch Marner is snakebitten after an exceptional preseason◆

◆Matt Martin gets in his first fight as a Toronto Maple Leaf◆

◆Auston’s second goal features an undressing of the senators defense◆

◆Ema Matthews becomes an icon for Leafs Nation◆

  • Canon McCree: Ran with the notorious Deadlock Gang as a teenager, a gang so strong it had lasted nearly a century and needed to be taken care of by Blackwatch. Trained under Gabriel Reyes at 17, joining Blackwatch where they only accept the best of the best. Extremely skilled with a gun, fires a revolver as if it were a sniper, and can lock onto targets with deadly accuracy without any known enhancements (see: a tactical visor, prosthetic, cybernetic eye) and in the dark as well. Can sit atop a train moving 640 kilometers per hour with ease, and has a bounty on his head bigger than both Junkrat and Roadhog's combined.
  • Fanon McCree: "wow gee oh golly darling i'm making a whole mess of myself what a complete shame ive absolutely retired and am completely useless in even the most basic maneuvers because of how rusty i am wow partners it's a sure good thing im gay and married to hanners and say a bunch of cutesy phrases and make lots of cowboy jokes along with m' hat otherwise there's no real tactical advantage in keeping a liability around. lovable and useless, can't even hold my own in combat but that archer sure as hell ain't ugly"
170811 - Meeting Monsta X at Starbucks in Berlin

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I met Monsta X on the streets of Berlin yesterday. Or at least two of them, my bias and bias wrecker, Jooheon and Kihyun. Nice.

Basically. My friend (from the Czech Republic) and I (from Sweden) had wandered around all day, visiting the kpop store and all that. Then we were standing by a pedestrian crossing, waiting for the green light. And suddenly this guy walked up to my side and I had to take a double take bc, ‘Is that Kihyun???????’. My heart dropped and I turned to my friend and was like “IT’S KIHYUN IT’S KIHYUN OMFG IT’S KIHYUN.” BC HOLY SHIT HALF A METER FROM ME STOOD THE ACTUAL YOO KIHYUN!!!! Sorry I’m still freaking out holy shit. He looked like a f**king god, looking all artsy in his round golden glasses and big camera. Plus: no make-up!Kihyun is 👌 👌 💕 👅 👅 😭 💖

Kihyun then waved to someone on the other side. We thought it was his manager bc what would he be doing all by himself in Berlin when his concert is just in a few hours?? Suddenly the light turned green and he went ahead of us, and since we thought that it was his manager on the other side of the road (we couldn’t see the person he was waving to yet) we didn’t want to ask for his autograph since they usually aren’t allowed to do that.

But then we saw who he was waving to. J O O H E O N!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was also standing by himself, wearing slippers, shorts and a wind jacket. He looked so fluffy and smol and okay imma stop talking. So now we had to make a decision in 0.1 second, are we going to follow them and ask for their autographs or just go back home? 

We decided to follow them, walking about 100 meters behind them. After only a minute or two they went into a Starbucks and we stopped outside. After about two minutes of freaking out we decided that our last chance was to also go in, just look at them and then leave without bothering them. So now my friend was literally standing right next to Jooheon (who ordered an iced americano for Kihyun and a coffee with milk for himself bc that’s important information). When he’d ordered he stood beside Kihyun who were waiting for their orders. Then one of the cashiers recognized them and asked for a photo, and they actually agreed to take the picture so yeah. My hands were shaking so bad when I payed for my drink but I’m proud of my friend and I bc we actually managed to act like any other customers in the café (where are our Oscars?).

While we were waiting for my friend’s drink, the boys left the café and we were kind of sad bc yep they’re leaving and we’re not going to follow them. But then they sat down at a table outside! At this point a total of five girls + a really kind dad had noticed them. So we looked outside and saw that they actually signed autographes to the girls! So they basically only sat down to make those fans happy and sign their stuff (stan monsta x) And now we freaked out again bc neither one of us had a pen nor a piece of paper. But when we walked outside a girl let us borrow her pen and paper so that was really nice of her (I owe her my life).

While my friend was doing something else, I walked up to their table, Kihyun to my left and Jooheon in front of me. I just said that I was “so so sorry for disturbing them but can I please get an autograph?” Kihyun made his “pftttth” laugh with his eyes looking like half moon crescents (y'all know which one I mean), but he took my paper and signed it. Since Kihyun was to my left I couldn’t really look him in the face that well, so when I spoke I mostly looked at Jooheon. I was stuttering like an idiot in the beginning but I was shaking so much while trying to act cool and look calm lmao. I basically told them that I was “really excited for the concert tonight” to which Jooheon replied with an “oh really?~” AND HIS DIMPLES ARE SO FREAKING DEEP MAN I SWEAR TO GOD THAT BOY WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME. . So yeah I basically managed to keep eye contact with JH for like 15 seconds and then I just said “thank you so much and sorry for disturbing” to which Kihyun replied with a “It’s alright” then I  left so that I wouldn’t disturb them more than I already had.

A short clip of me saying the last sentence and Kihyun replying with “it’s alright”. 


The video was recorded by smallestnose

So yeah, in totalt there were five people plus my friend and I who noticed them that time. Everyone was really respectful and left as soon as they got their autographs. My friend and I left (shaking like idek) and when we looked back when we had walked about 300 meters, we noticed that the boys had left.

So yep that was the first time I met an idol and talked to one. Also, you should know that I’ve always thought that I would be one meter taller than every mx member (I’m 175 cm [5'8 ish inches?]) but both Kihyun and Jooheon were taller than me. They looked 300x more beautiful in person and both of them were tanned and just yeah. Kihyun looked like a photography student who just walked out of class while Jooheon looked like a fluffy 22 y/o who just woke up, hair in a mess. 

So now I own a paper with their autographes (jh signed w J-honey i mean yes i’m dead) and I’m just so so so so grateful that they took their time to make their fans happy. A plus is that the concert also was bomb af.

Basically: never be one of those fans who tries to search for the location they last were seen, just walk around, do your thing. And if it happens it happens, ya know? 

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I know the mainstay of your advice on such matters is basically to stop saying your life sucks and make your life look like what you need it to look like in order to be content with it, but what if a disability means I can never make my life look like what I need it to? What if I've spent years putting every effort into making myself happy with what I've got and fail every time? If I can't be happy in the position I'm in, and there's no way to get out, is suicide a valid option then? (3/4)

[cont’d] I simply cannot grow old counting all the things I cannot have, and I cannot make myself content with the things I do have and I am so tired of grieving what I’ve lost and missed out on. Help. (4/4)

Dear tis-better-to-reign-in-hell,

For starters, suicide is never the better option, full stop. Whatever is on the other side, I would rather have you on this side until you absolutely can’t be. Can we make a deal about that? Your story isn’t done yet.

When I was a kid, I didn’t want to be a writer, or a musician, or an artist. I was interested in all of those things as hobbies, but I had one concrete dream that burned so fast and so hard that it had to be a goal. Yes, it was competitive, and yes, it was difficult, but I liked both of those things about it. 

I wanted to be a fighter pilot.

I’ll let that sit in everyone’s minds for a moment now, and you can feel free to laugh at me if you want, because I don’t mind, I’m ridiculous. (joke: how do you know if there’s a pilot at your party? answer: they’ll tell you)(I should have been a pilot)

So I daydreamed and planned out this life for myself, and then, suddenly, my eye sight started to go. Not a little bit, like, oh dear child we should get you some spectacles. But like, um, let’s warn this child of the warning signs of imminent blindness. I went from whatever eyeballs are supposed to be to legally blind without correction in just a few years. I have a prescription that makes every new eye doctor scoot their chair back from the desk a little. If it gets any worse, they don’t make my sort of contact lenses for it anymore. 

My eyes, they’re not very good at being eyes.

For the longest time, I kept that calendar where I wrote down THE GREAT ANNAPOLIS LET DOWN the day I came back from the eye doctor with a prescription officially too bad to ever fly jets. 

You may have noticed that I am not a fighter pilot.

Yeah, I was crushed. Yeah, it was non negotiable. My body was and is never going to be able to fly jets. But that doesn’t mean I can’t find something that makes me feel the way flying jets was going to make me feel. I don’t mean in a “I’m traveling at 500 mph yay” way. I mean, what was it about flying jets that pleased me? Not on the surface. Deep down. What is flying jets a metaphor for? What does it mean to me?

For me it was about speed, of course, but it was also about usurping my way into a man’s world, and it was about feeling like I had a job that moved as fast as it possibly could, demanding all of my mental resources, and it was also about looking cool in aviator sunglasses.

I found a life that did that that didn’t have anything to do with flying a jet. It took awhile to get there, and I suffered from a significant failure of imagination when I first got dealt that blow of blindness. I don’t know what your disability is, but I believe in your imagination to find you a life that feels the same way as the one you want now. 

And when you figure it out, shoot me a letter and let me know you got there. Remember that we have a deal.



  • *On the way to Dragonstone*
  • Jon: Is Sansa okay? Should I turn back? I should turn back. She needs me.
  • Davos: Your grace, for the last time, your lady sister will be just fine. She is a strong woman.
  • Jon: *huffs*
  • Davos: *sighs*
  • *Drinking wine with Tyrion*
  • Jon: Sansa thinks highly of you, ser. And I trust in her judgement. She's an amazing woman.
  • Tyrion: Yes, my wife is *laughs*
  • Jon: *angry kitten growls* Not your wife. My Sansa.
  • Tyrion: Uh....
  • *Meeting Theon*
  • Jon: I must thank you for bringing Sansa back to me. For that, all is forgiven.
  • Theon: She deserves to be safe. I only want her to be safe.
  • Jon: *annoyed kitten growls* Yes, yes and I'll be the one to protect her now. She's my Sansa.
  • Theon: Uh....
  • *Speaking to Daenerys*
  • Dany: And it is your sister now ruling in your stead?
  • Jon: Yes, my Sansa. She's wonderful and fierce and strong. I have no doubt she will be just the most amazing ruler there ever was. The North is lucky to have her. The world is lucky to have her. *sighs dreamily* I'm lucky to have her.
  • Dany: Uh....
  • *Meets the Hound*
  • Jon: *knife to the throat, angry murderous kitten growling* You ever come near Sansa, you ever touch her or speak to her and I'll kill you myself!!
  • Sandor: All I said was hello...

Dᴀʏ 7: Fᴀᴠᴏᴜʀɪᴛᴇ Wɪɴɢ Sᴘɪᴋᴇʀ

Bᴏᴋᴜᴛᴏ Kᴏᴜᴛᴀʀᴏᴜ

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honestly I think you make pwyll out to be a better dude than he is like... the text indicates that he doesn't sleep with annwfn's wife out of respect for him and not due to any respect for her or consent or whatever, like it's more "oh hey I can't dishonour this awesome dude" which is why when this is revealed he's like "wow pwyll must be super loyal to me" instead of "wow pwyll is an excellent respecter of women". if that makes sense? like I'm not objecting I just don't think he deserves it

(cont’d) shit in my last ask I got arawn’s name wrong ughhhhhhh I always get them muddled / back to front. ANYWAY basically I think your interpretation gives pwyll too much credit and he doesn’t entirely merit it  

Hello!! You make two very good points here. The first point is that ‘Arawn’ and ‘Annwfn’ are ridiculously easy to mix up - I had to do a Ctrl+F and fix all the times I did that myself in the retelling, so you’re not alone on that front. The second point is that yes, in the Mabinogion text, Pwyll’s reasoning for ‘sleeping chastely next to’ Arawn’s wife instead of using his disguise to get some matrimonial action (remember, Pwyll himself isn’t married, so it would be his first opportunity as a ‘married man’) isn’t out of a sense of respect for her consent, or any desire not to trick her into sleeping with him - it’s literally entirely because he wants to respect Arawn, who has treated him fairly and properly. You’re right!

However, I think I would probably have to disagree with you that I ‘made Pwyll out to be a better dude than he is’, and this is because I didn’t actually change Pwyll’s character at all, even though I did amend his reasoning. One very important part of Pwyll’s character in the Mabinogion, and something I tried to allude to multiple times (hence the running joke about his love of formal greetings), is his insistence on morality and etiquette. Pwyll’s character throughout the Mabinogion is honestly completely obsessed with etiquette and justice. It’ll come up in the next part of the retelling (spoiler alert!) but Pwyll is very often obsessively polite, often to his own detriment, but also to his credit.

Two good examples of this come from the Rhiannon episode of his narrative; in one instance, Pwyll is so keen to please a guest at his wedding to Rhiannon, in line with the Celtic / Medieval moral code of respecting guests as a host (it could represent the moral code of when the Mabinogion was set or written, or both) that he ends up accidentally promising his fiancee to another man. This is a pretty good example of how Pwyll’s insistence on doing the Right Thing, such as it was codified in the morality of his time, is integral to his character, even when it’s not necessarily the most convenient thing for him to do.

This does have its upsides; when Rhiannon is later accused of infanticide, Pwyll again falls back on the fact that, as prince of Dyfed, he is expected to have a legitimate heir, and he knows that Rhiannon is both noble and fertile (and also the love of his life), and so he doesn’t have her executed - a good thing, as it turns out, because Rhiannon was falsely accused. Again, Pwyll would be totally within his legal rights here, as the wronged husband and the prince, to have her put to death, but he doesn’t, because his own moral code won’t allow it. He chooses a punishment instead which will make Rhiannon repeatedly admit her crimes and suffer until she has atoned for them; he doesn’t let her off the hook, but he doesn’t kill her, either. Instead, a little like Arawn, he gives her a chance to redeem herself.

A lot of Pwyll’s actions, to us, might seem strange and amoral, i.e. not concerned with morality, but rather just the idiosyncracies of an obsessive man. This is because Pwyll isn’t adhering to a moral code that we now recognise. The episode at the wedding is probably the best example of this. Nowadays, if it’s our wedding, it’s generally expected that our wedding guests will want to make us happy on our big day; we want our guests to have a good time, but ultimately the day is about us, and we’re not going to go out of our way to make sure that, I don’t know, the brother of the bride’s best friend’s uncle has everything he wants. In Medieval Wales - and possibly also Celtic Wales - this wasn’t the case. Your responsibilities as a host extended far beyond what they do today, and as the host of an event - even your own wedding - you were morally responsible for welcoming your guests, keeping them comfortable, and respecting what they wanted. In turn, your guests would respect your authority in your space and behave according to proper moral codes, even if they hated your guts and you’d killed their cousin in a duel; the guest/host relationship was one where hostilities were supposed to be forgotten.

A very famous example of just how important this guest/host relationship was is the behaviour of the De Braose family in 1175. William de Braose, the Lord of Abergavenny (truly an illustrious title), had something of a grudge against several other Welsh princes and leaders. Subsequently, he invited them all over to his castle at Abergavenny, telling them that he wanted to gloss things over and start afresh, without any malice between them, at the end of the year, which, in Welsh tradition, was a recognised practice. The guests all dutifully turned up without their weapons, as was part of the unspoken guest/host contract, and De Braose promptly had them massacred. His reputation never recovered from this, not just because of the brutal nature of his act, but also because of how he had abused cultural codes of morality.

So, that tangent aside, it’s pretty clear that Pwyll’s morality is one of the key tenets of his character. All things considered, he’s a pretty good dude; he’s just good in a way that we don’t instantly recognise as good. When I was doing that retelling of his narrative, I decided that, for the reasons I’ve outlined above, it was important to get across his strict adherence to moral codes, and that the best way to do this would be to make his moral code recognisably, well, moral. Subsequently, I turned his refusal to sleep with Arawn’s wife into an issue of respect for her consent, as issues of consent are now deeply (and rightfully) embedded into our cultural idea of what is moral. I did something similar with Arawn’s wife, who, in the original text, accepts ‘Arawn’s’ wishes purely because she is his wife and doesn’t have the right to demand anything else; in my version, I made her respect Arawn’s decision out of a wish to maintain mutual consent. I also named her, albeit a bit jokily, because our modern idea of morality tends to say that ‘Arawn’s wife’ isn’t really a suitable name for a character who has such a big role to play in the narrative, just because she’s a woman.

This has been a very long-winded way of saying that I don’t think I did make Pwyll into a better dude than he actually is, or give him too much credit; I think I just transferred his credit into a form that we would now recognise, because one of the key reasons I like doing these retellings is to make them accessible to a modern audience, and I think that sometimes means bringing some of the character motivations up to date so that they’re more in keeping with what a modern reader would understand. Myth is constantly being reworked and changed to keep it relevant, and changing Pwyll’s reasoning for cockblocking himself is just my small contribution to that long held tradition.


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Spanpanese / Japanish

Yup. Spanish + Japanese. Did you all know this was a thing? Because it is. Just… Don’t argue with me on this one. I’ve been speaking it almost fluently the past week & a half. 

I was at work yesterday and I almost said aloud “Uggh yo quiero tabemasu” 

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Hi Diane! I've been a huge fan of yours since middle school (thank you for making that time more bearable). "A Wizard Abroad" has always been my favorite, and I'm rereading it for the umpteenth time right now. I'm finding myself interested in learning more about Celtic mythology. Do you have any books/authors you could recommend? Thanks!

Sure. Here’s a copy and paste from a previous post on this subject:

…Here’s what our present Irish-myths-&-legends shelf looks like:

— This is quite basic stuff. If I needed anything really complex, rare or obscure, I’d check the online catalog for the library at Trinity College (which is one of Ireland’s legal deposit / depository libraries and has copies of every important book published here in the last couple of centuries, along with many much older ones), or the National Library of Ireland (ditto).

The listing of the above: (NB: I’m excluding the relatively modern fiction [the Stephens] and the Welsh, Scots and Orkney material from the list to keep things clear.)

LEGENDS AND TALES OF IRELAND, Samuel Lover and Thomas Crofton Croker


OXFORD COMPANION TO IRISH HISTORY, S. J. Connolly (not a book on legends, but provides context)

THE IRISH FAIRY BOOK, Alfred Percival Graves






THE TAIN, Thomas Kinsella (a modern translation of the Tain Bo Cuailgne, and widely thought to be one of the best)

…As I said, this is a goodish basic library. There are of course hundreds if not thousands of books on Irish folklore out there, some of them excellent and some of them pretty worthless. The only way to find out which is which is to get a basic grounding in the subject and then start feeling your way forward.

Have fun!

*These three were published by Colin Smythe, who besides being Terry Pratchett’s publisher and agent, is also an Irish-literature scholar of considerable repute.