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film genre meme: action/adventure [4/8] - Kill Bill vol. 1
“For those regarded as warriors, when engaged in combat the vanquishing of thine enemy can be the warrior’s only concern. Suppress all human emotion and compassion. Kill whoever stands in thy way, even if that be Lord God, or Buddha himself. This truth lies at the heart of the art of combat.”

Some thoughts on trans Logan

-he can’t get breasts removed, they’d grOW BACK. On the flip side: NO BINDER PAINS. EVER. Weird kinda good kinda bad side: when he’s living on his own he binds with duct tape and ace bandages and basically it’s only healing factor that keeps him breathing
-I’m a big fan of the theory that he was too stuck in his old ways before he lost his memory to realize and accept that he was trans then when he woke up in the middle of nowhere without a single fucking clue who he was the old farm couple he ran into called him a woman and he was just “I am not a fucking woman” and the sweet couple was “??? Okay sweetie well you’ll need a good name then” (based on what i remember of the origins movie) Basically he woke up and Knew
-How old is he? I don’t remember, he was probably around before the regular use of T. I’m just imagining him finding out it’s sold somewhere and stealing a fucking case and running full pelt out the fucking pharmacy. Somehow it works on his physiology. Don’t question it. He has hair now. He’s Fuzzy.
-He makes absolutely no attempts to pack and considered it maybe once, walked into a triple X store, then noped out
-Every Wolverine in like every universe has that problem where YOU’RE indestructible but your CLOTHES aren’t. It’s a much bigger problem when you have tits. And bind those tits. Yeah he’s accidentally come out to sO MANY PEOPLE because his shirt and binder got torn to shreds
-HE’S LIKE HILARIOUSLY DEFENSIVE ABOUT IT TOO LIKE he has no sense of modesty but catch him nips to the wind and he’ll scream and cover himself up, cussing and trying to not look flustered
-He strangely has a habit of sleeping shirt and binderless. That or he tears them apart during nightmares.
-Rogue walked in on him sleeping shirtless one night. She screamed. He screamed. They had a nice dad to daughter talk. Rogue was incredibly Okay with it. Logan nearly cried.
-When he first moved into the mansion Charles gave him a package a few days later and he opened it up to find like ten binders and a note. Charles told him to never fucking bind with dangerous methods ever again because it set a bad example. Logan nearly killed him because A) he’d never actually TOLD Charles, the fucking SNOOP and B) every single binder was PLAID

(I get nervous posting OCs online aha…haha…..ha….)

This is Bubblegum! She uses She/They primarily, and is basically obsessed with 90’s candy. She often wears candy jewelry- More than what’s pictured.
Her outfit is… Pretty heavily inspired by it, too. The purple/pink pairs represent nerds, the blue cloudish trim of her dress represents what I THINK is an Australian gummy, that I’m pretty sure was a 90’s thing? I think? Idk they’re nice though. They’re also a bit glittery, so that part is a bit shimmery, I’m just…. bad at visually showing that pfft.
…Also yeah she has a toffee glued to her skull. She’s kinda messy.

She’s sarcastic, competitive, and would probably kill a man for a ring pop. She tends to somewhat… Zone out, a lot. She has a bad attention span and will sometimes stop in the middle of a sentence to say something odd, like, “Hey. Y'know what’d be totes weird? If I just… Chugged a freakin’ lava lamp. That’d be weird.”
…She’ll then continue the conversation like nothing happened.

If Bubblegum threatens someone, it’s not a shallow threat. She WILL follow it up, some way or another. She hates Fresh, and thus feels protective of the other Parasites that he’s created. She has the ability of ‘Wound Transference’.


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I’ve reached that dangerous stage of writing when the story is so clear inside my head it’s like I’ve seen a movie about it, which means either it’ll be a joy to write it down or I’ll gradually start to see all the problems I’m not seeing now and probably stab myself with a fountain pen.


Go read my fic. I have 60 of em (and only TWO, that’s right TWO are still in progress) and some of them are really sappy and dumb (if you’re into that garbage :D :D :D) and some of them are angsty and some of them are all about gettin’ that D in, and maybe one? (maybe?) is rpf, but basically what I’m doing to cheer myself up is reading good old johnlock fic. And if you haven’t read mine, well, read mine, because I’m desperate for attention and I think my stuff is as least pretty good? And might put a smile on your face?

Oh, and I have one about Sherlock watching John play rugby and then they bone. So. Yeah.

Go read my things, because I wrote the things for the people who want Sherlock and John to kiss and be happy, and I assume that’s some of you.

I won’t be dramatic, mostly because I’ve cried so much that I’m bitter and now dramatic seems pathetic and further away than usual. He did not make it through the operation.

Basically the last honest conversation we had was about me knowing how much I’ve disappointed him with my life choices. How he was never happy for me because I was never happy myself.

I never knew that. He should have told me. Endearing expressions weren’t exactly his strong suit.

I told him I knew he never liked me. Hell of a thing to say to your father, I know. Of course, you’d have to understand my culture to fully appreciate where that came from. He admitted he couldn’t see me as ‘successful’ in the classic sense because I wasn’t a mother, I wasn’t a wife, I wasn’t fulfilling my duties as a woman - in his antiquated perspective. I accept that. What’s hard to accept is that he never forgave me for leaving the country after med school. He reminded me again that I abandoned my family and my religion and that HIS pride was tied into all of it.

I suggested we attempt to repair our relationship after his recovery began. He nodded in agreement and they wheeled him away to the O.R. That miniscule yet revealing conversation was the last time I will speak to my father.

I’m not sure where I was going with this anymore except I can’t work on it. We won’t get that chance to heal. I cannot repair it with my father, fix this broken thing, but you can, and you should. Not because you read this and somehow feel guilted into repairing a fractured relationship in your life, but because there will come a time when you realise you could have done something more, and you didn’t.

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Do you mind making a color tutorial or like a human structure tutorial?

for now i won’t make new color tutorials but i did some in the past and maybe they’ll help you!! they’re a bit old but i’m basically still doing it like this

how i color, overall drawing process, how i color hair

as for human structure… i’m still learning myself so i wouldn’t want to teach others my wrong ways to draw anatomy. simple advice for drawing bodies is just to draw lots of action poses (lots means not ten, but thousand,) and use photos of real humans as reference when you practice 🔥

can you believe that rory and logan are madly in love with each other but are not together because logan’s character was reduced back to his S5 self and rory’s character is again the helpless girl from S2 when she is unable to make a move on the guy she wants because she’s afraid? so basically ignoring all the character development in later seasons since logan helped rory to be braver and rory made logan believe in himself. can. you. believe.

Saw this wonderful image on a certain post a short while ago; it’s two separate panels from the manga, one of pre-timeskip Sanji and one of post-timeskip Sanji, merged together to create an uncovered-face Sanji. I love it so much because it is, just like the post said, “basically Oda’s work”. So I just had to color it.

oh boy isn’t it wild how u can just see 1 thing and it ruins you lmfao bc I’m having a breakdown over this stupid Instagram post


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NAME:  alexandra  /  lexie,  ally,  panda.
PRONOUNS:  she  /  her.
SEXUALITY:  the  most  bi.


ONE:  finding  good  skincare  is  a  bitch  because  i’m  allergic  to  aloe  and  tea  tree.
TWO:   oh  and  also  citrus  fruits  pce
THREE: i  met  freya  mavor  once  and  she  called  me  cute.


HOW LONG (MONTHS / YEARS?):  like  seven  years  on  and  off  from  group  to  1x1  to  indie.
PLATFORMS YOU’VE USED:  tumblr,  livejournal,  aim.
BEST EXPERIENCE:  the  original  hprp.   oh!   and  of  course  the  union  of  the  fab  four   —   even  if  we  only  share  the  occasional  text  or  email  every  few  weeks  now,  they  got  we  through  a  terrible  time  in  my  life  heart  emoji.


FEMALE OR MALE:  females.   but  i’d  love  to  branch  out  and  give  some  males  a  try.   aka  my  son  eve.n  bec.h  næsh.eim.
FLUFF, ANGST OR SMUT:  despite  the  lack  of  it  on  this  blog,   i  am  a  known  smut  hoe  hmu.   BUT  ALSO  angst  is  so  important  to  me,   and  the  thing  i  find  easiest  to  write.
PLOTS OR MEMES:  i’m  a  terrible  plotter   —   just  because  i’m  always  like  is??   this?   too??  much???   and  i’m  terrible  at  communicating  but  also  memes  give  you  creative  reign  and  you  can  take  it  ANYWHERE.
LONG OR SHORT REPLIES:  long  usually,   but  i’m  very  slow  and  an  utter  perfectionist  so  i  like  to  take  a  while  to  make  sure  i’m  giving  my  partner  my  very  best.
BEST TIME TO WRITE:  listen  4am  is  my  creative  peak,  which  doesn’t  gel  well  with  my  chronic  fatigue  and  my  depressive  episodes  but  THERE  YOU  GO.
ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S):  i  see  a  lot  of  myself  in  aria,   sure.   we’re  both  creative,  prone  to  escapism  to  avoid  real  life  problems,  have  a  tendency  to  be  self  destructive.   when  i  was  younger  i  had  the  same  knack  of  regarding  myself  as  maturer  than  others  my  age  when  realistically  that  was  just  not  a  thing.   but  then  we’re  also  very  different   —   she’s  braver  than  i  am,   i’m  less  stubborn  and  have  a  very  forgiving  nature.   i  can’t  drive.   i  would  be  dating  spencer  hastings  if i  was  her.   idk  it’s  chill.  

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I’m Cats, the elusive yet totally charming writer of Automatic. That one Breek story on AO3 that people seem to like.

I decided to revive this old url to help with ease of possible communication. Not that I expect much, but I like to make myself available in places other than a comment section.

Feel free to say hi or ask me anything!


make me choose:season 4 Carl or season 6 Carl (from anonymous)
→ You keep watch. You can barely stand. I’m not gonna let you go in there alone. Excuse me? We’ve done this before. I’m gonna help you clear it. You should just let me do it myself.


Selfie spam & update.

Finally managed to tidy (most of) my room, and even managed to get dressed. So I decided to spend the last 10 mins taking stupid selfies.
Couldn’t bring myself to put make up on today so thank god for forgiving filters.

Even though I am still not wanting to leave my house today, I have at least managed to accomplish some basics today. Hope your Wednesday’s are going better everyone!

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Well. I'm not a very entertainin person really. I do have sort of a question though, basically because you're the only one I know of who's ace and it makes me think maybe you have the answer or i don't know but yeah here goes. Um. So I like sex. But I don't like relationships with sex. Basically I'd be perfectly happy being in an asexual relationship even though I myself don't actually identify as asexual. It's very confusing. Is this.. like is this a thing? I don't fucking know??

Okay, so the definition of asexual is not being sexually attracted to other people. It isn’t actually defined by whether you like sex or enjoy it or not.

Enjoying sex, but not being interested in relationships with sex, isn’t something I’ve personally come across before, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t count. I’ve always stuck to the firm belief that whatever label works best for you, whichever one you feel most comfortable with, then that is your label, however others see or define it.

I guess if you want to get more specific about it, consider whether you only enjoy the physical act of sex, or if you look for sex with certain people because of how they look. Do you prefer relationships without sex because you’re not interested in their bodies? Or is it more of a hesitancy towards intimacy?

Also, do you only desire sex with someone in particular after you’ve gotten to know them really well? It’s possible you could be grey-asexual or demisexual.

If it helps at all, here is some brief information and a diagram on the asexuality spectrum

Also here is a detailed FAQ by the official asexuality network. They answer a lot of ace questions, some you might not have even originally thought of.

Whatever happens, whatever you decide, don’t be embarrassed or ashamed for how you feel or how you thought you feel. This is an ongoing process, and it’s completely normal to feel confused, misguided or otherwise wrong, but it doesn’t invalidate how you feel or what you feel to be the truth about yourself.