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Coruscant, appearing in The Phantom Menace (1999), Attack of the Clones (2002), and Revenge of the Sith (2005), bears strong visual similarity to the futuristic Los Angeles of Blade Runner (1982). This echoing connects the two as places dominated by the profit concerns of large organizations, be it the Trade Federation or the Tyrell Corporation, and as a people who are collectively oblivious, apathetic even, to the plight of the artificially shortened clone trooper and replicant lives manufactured to serve their interests.

xoxdeathspells  asked:

ohgosh any tips on making gifs in photoshop? hella interested but i have no clue where to start .

hii!! first of all you gotta know what you want to gif and hmm tips

  • HQ: try to find the highest  quality for your video
  • SPEED: make sure your gif isn’t too fast or too slow. for eg, if you’ve selected “limit to every 2 frames” and each frame’s time delay is 0.04 sec, change it to at least 0.07 sec
  • COLOURING: it pains me to see unedited gifs tbh so here’s a bunch of colouring tutorials. also try to use less colours or your gif will look dotted like this
  • SUBTLE TEXTURES: textures like these help to distract the eyes from the imperfections. for eg, this looks better than this
  • WATERMARK your stuff bc fucking shitty ppl on tumblr will repost your stuff bc they suck. just add a small text at the corner with your url