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so, they are finally coming back :’)

the cycle of this comeback will officially start when they drop the first concept photo set. i’m guessing it’ll be tonight, about 13 hours away from now. i am so excited ;-; not only because i’m intrigued to see what kind of concepts they’ve come up with, but also because it means i’ll get to see them frequently soon. i’ve really missed them.

negl, i was perhaps a bit bummed when i heard that it’s going to be another single album. does it mean we’ll only be getting two new songs? idk about you, but two new KNK songs after waiting for six months don’t seem enough. but then again, they must have their own reasons, considerations or even circumstances, so i’ll stop myself from complaining and just take what i can get. besides, the last time we got a single album, it was gold and both songs were awesome. quality always matters more than quantity anyway, so bring it on, boys! :D

that said, i wonder if they were involved in the production as much as they had been for the previous mini album. did youjin and heejun co-produce any of the songs this time? did jihun make the choreo for any of the songs? for the last two mini albums, he choreographed for the intro songs. i doubt we’ll get one for GRAVITY since it’s only a single album. so what does that mean? did he take a step further and try to make the choreo for their title track this time? and how about youjin and heejun then? did they (or either of them) also get to try to produce the title track? i guess i’ll just have to wait and see, huh.

anyways, as this is already their third comeback, it’s only understandable that fans are thinking of finally giving them their first win. and don’t get me wrong, obviously i want that for them as well, really i do. but realistically speaking, i’d have to say that it seems impossible, at least for the time being. they have yet to reach the size of korean-based fandom and the level of public recognition that could grant them the illusive first place. not to mention the more established names that will be making their comeback around the same time KNK do. so, unless they become some kind of an overnight sensation, chances are slim they get to achieve it with this comeback.

tho i can’t say this for others, personally i won’t be too disheartened by it. after all, that’s not really what i want for them for this comeback. no, what i actually want is growth - in their musicality, in themselves as persons as well as idols, in the fandom size, as well as in their appeal to the general public. if, by the end of this promo round, there are more people who acknowledge their talent compared to now, i’ll be happy with just that. to be able to achieve that, i think they need more chances, more opportunities to show what they are truly capable of, and that’s another thing i want for them. they’re already on the line-up for KCON NY, which is really good because it connects them to broader/international audience as well, so i hope they’re really gonna seize the chance and make the most out of it. 

and, seeing how things went for them last time, i hope they can kick off this promo with a good start. which means: LET THEM HAVE A PROPER MV, PLS. 

last but definitely not least (as this is the most important), i want them to have fun with this comeback, to experience lots of new things, and to run till the end without getting injured or hurt.

welcome back, boys ♡

not to be like…. that person. But it would’ve been cool if The Last jedi was the title of the third sequel movie? because Return of the Jedi was the third OT movie. because ~Parallels~

then again, the movie after tlj could be something great like  “The End of the Jedi” which would parallel nicely with The Return of the Jedi

and also parallel with the fact that the Jedi were ended in revenge of the sith. nice

~~~~P A R A L L E L S~~~~~

Mudad Week: Day 3 - AU

Welcome aboard Passione Airlines, we hope you have an enjoyable and safe trip.


Run like hell, because you always need to. Laugh at everything, because it’s always funny. Never be cruel and never be cowardly. And if you ever are, always make amends.

anonymous asked:

I just wanna say that your Law is the one I always imagine when reading fics XD You really struck that line between slim and muscular that's just so perfect. Also, I subscribe to your ver. of his colour scheme (black hair + gold eyes, the best of both worlds). Keep up the good work!!!

Law’s golden eyes are so important to me

(also that’s such a nice message?? Omg I feel spoiled thank you very much!! ♥ I just- love him SO DAMN MUCH I’m so glad other people enjoy the way i draw him!!)

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Vicky!! It makes sense!! Because asdfghjkl you can't come and tell me Emma Swan will go evil because of secrets and lies asdfghjkl thank you for making me feel I'm not crazy lol!

like honestly though Emma is strong and independent and has a strong sense of good vs evil she isnt petty (?)  either so I think that could be correct 


What if Snowings secret is that they could’ve chosen to keep emma and use another product of true love baby to be the saviour and like avoided everything. Basically by something that ursula and cruella could’ve given them, but because of who they are they said no. Like they could’ve been a family but like they did something ?????