i'm making her last post for tonight

I’m very sorry, I don’t know if we’ll have many, if any, gifs from the Mexico secret show tonight. Watching the videos right now is making me feel sick and as some of you know, my co-admin Ericka is dealing with the attacks on Marawi in her country. (She’s safe by the way, Marawi isn’t close to where she lives). 

There’s been too much going on these last 24 hours, I really can’t bring myself to watch the videos from the concert. Thank you for your patience, we should be back on track very soon. 

- Joely Olivia 

Waiting for the finale is like waiting in the doctors office as a child when you think maybe you’re gonna have to get a shot but your mom hasn’t really told you if you are or not so you just keep staring at her all suspiciously because she totally told you no shots the last time but you had to get one anyways and okay maybe you’ll get a lollipop after or maybe the doctor’s just an asshole and will forget…you can’t be sure…