i'm making fun but i do feel bad for him

Transformers Headcanons #(Good Lord idk)

I enjoy playing around with the idea that some urban legends/myths were created thanks to certain Cybertronian individuals being stuck on Earth:

The Nemean Lion? Oh that was Razorclaw having a bad day. They thought they could get some strong flesh bag to drag him out of his den. The plan was so horribly executed that they had to make up some story to make the humans feel better.

Quetzalcoatl? Divebomb’s doing. He was particularly keen on the thought of the humans bringing him shiny gold as payment for his services. Even made them build him a city of gold to help him ease the pain of being away from Cybertron.

Minotaur? C'mon man that was someone seeing Tantrum in his root mode after scanning an Aegis bull and taking his anger out on the locals.

Were jaguar? How else would natives describe seeing Rampage transform from panther to root mode? He must be in a lot of pain while he does it too, since he is basically close to starvation levels due to lack of energon.

And don’t even get me started on the whole Godzilla/Trypticon conspiracy…

Edit: forgot some tags and also wanted to know if this was borderline appropriation/erasure. Everything I do I try to keep it as respectable as possible but, you know mistakes happen. Just let me know (civilly please) and I’ll take it down.

Dear hell
I got a Keys of Fire head canon that Natsu blushingly goes to Gildarts for a man talk before his wedding because he doesn’t get exactly what he’s supposed to do on the wedding night and he didn’t know who else to ask and Gildarts feels so bad for the boy that he doesn’t make fun of him and tries to explain without it being too awkward but it’s also eXTREMELY AWKWARD