i'm making fun but i do feel bad for him

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we need more spaghetti

I'm not trying to be mean but...

You know how in school, people tell you to ignore the bullies?
That’s what we should do to the “bad skins” guy. The more you react, the more you make it fun for them. I know you might feel justified in stating that you like the skins posted, but even then, you’re still giving them that spiteful reaction they’re looking for…
If you really want to show your support for the skins, tell the makers! Post it in the discussion forum, but the more you react to the posts, even liking or reblogging, is giving him satisfaction and justification to keep doing it…
Really, if they see that their post isn’t getting attention anymore, they’ll stop making them!

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WHAT A TWIST! Now I'm thinking of ghoul Ford doing research late into the night and vampire Fids is like 'you need to sleep go to bed' and Ford says something like 'no, sleep is for the weak i must do science' and Fids is like 'don't make me summon you' 'you wouldn't' and Fids goes to Ford's room and summons him and Ford is like 'DAMMIT FIDS' 'shut it ford its not healthy to stay up so late all the time'

OMIGOSH YES YES fiddleford abusing his power, and at first its all fun and overprotectiveness but then eventually he overdoes it and Ford feels bad and Fidds feels bad, and he promises to never use that power again–

.. but then the whole Bill disaster happens. Ford starts with building the portal, and he’s more detached, he seems different. Fiddleford knows Ford is hiding something/working with someone else and he is concerned for him, but Ford won’t talk about it/say there’s nothing wrong. 

Fidds sees no other option and ultimately summons Ford and demands answers, and Ford is forced to tell him he’s been working with Bill and Fidds feels betrayed, angry. Why would Ford keep something like that secret, why would he even trust a literal demon that turned them into vampires the first place? .. but Ford counters, that he certainly can’t trust someone who can control him at will and doesn’t hesitate to do so– he shouts something he didn’t intend to (’maybe i’ve really become just a servant to you’) and there’s heartbreak and hurt all over the place–

omigod their break-up would be so messed up in this AU ;___;

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hiya sorry to bother ya, i love crowley a lot. and you love crowley a lot. but the fandom really hates crowley. like, a lot. i feel really bad about loving crowley, and i feel like loving crowley makes me a bad person. i know it doesn't. i'm a pretty good person. but seeing everyone hate him makes me feel like shit?? they have every right to hate him i mean hes evil af. but do you have any advice on how to deal with this kinda stuff? thank u have a great day

listen to me, you are not a bad person. loving a character who happens to be bad does not make you a bad person. it’s fiction. you’re allowed to love whomever you want because it’s fun and none of it is real. crowley is a delight and i can’t stop smiling every time he’s on screen. i hope you feel the same. you have every right to enjoy him to the fullest and it has no saying on your character at all. i love you lots. ignore the haters!

Kevin and Bean: I just can’t wait until next season when they turn the baby over and it has a tail or something, that’s what is going to be awesome.

DD: Well, I just can’t believe that Mulder is going to be a deadbeat dad.

KROQ, Kevin & Bean, June 2001

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Hey, I've been playing league for a little while but then I gave up because the community and I'm really not good at it. My boyfriend plays it religiously and instead of getting mad at him, I want to be a part of it with him and play with him but he gets mad at how bad I am and people online make fun of me, I can't help but to take it to heart. Not to mention almost all of my friends play it and I feel so left out I could cry. Do you have any ideas or links to help me get better or understand??

Play on your own get good at impress them. You don’t need to be good at multiple champions just play one and research and spectate challenger and diamond players play that one champ and copy. If they get mad at you, don’t put up with it tell them to fuck off and someday show that you’re better then them or just as good

Of course that’s just what I would do, it’s hard to think in otherwise when you’re the best like me. Have confidence and have fun with your own play

Dear hell
I got a Keys of Fire head canon that Natsu blushingly goes to Gildarts for a man talk before his wedding because he doesn’t get exactly what he’s supposed to do on the wedding night and he didn’t know who else to ask and Gildarts feels so bad for the boy that he doesn’t make fun of him and tries to explain without it being too awkward but it’s also eXTREMELY AWKWARD