i'm making a lot of these cause my sister loved this movies

Shit-Chat [Kleinman!Reader]

Summary: Exams are bAD. The squad and you attempt to motivate eachother, it doesn’t work so well. considering it’s 3.A.M. There’s also a movie night.

Warnings: a lot of swearing, exam stress (?). that’s about it i think

A/N: (pairing: evan x reader) this is…indescribable. If yall like this i’ll make it a bit of a series !

Connor has created a chat.

Connor has added Zoe, [Y/N], Evan, Alana and Jared.

Connor has named the chat ‘somebody fucking help me’

Connor: GUys.

Connor: One of you lazy assholes better answer me right now.

Connor: Oh for fucks sake you’re all sleeping aren’t you?

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I haven’t actually watched Call the Midwife in so long ahh! The end of the semester has been kicking my ass but good news, this is my last week of class & I only have 2 finals next week! So I’ll be able to relax a bit and go back to being ctm trash™ later next week + I also convinced my mom to buy the books so I can read those when I get home too. Anyways, I have a break in between my second and last class & instead of being productive/working on all the assignments I have due this week I’m going to watch 4.06 (I closed my eyes and picked from the episode guide lol) because it’s been far too long! 😭👏🏼📺 ✨ here goes nothing, I’m officially back to annoying you all with my commentaries™ 💁🏼

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I really love him, he’s a great duelist, and better person. I want to say a lot of things about him…

He’s my favorite character for the next reasons:

1. How he fights for what he loves, her sister Serenity and his friends. Most loyal person ever.

2. His relationship with Mai is just precious, look at them

 (my babieeees)

3. He doesn’t have a Pharaoh helping him, doesn’t have a cards shop and he isn’t multimillionaire. He’s just Joey, and he achieves so many important things just being Joey, with no advantage.

4. He fucking survived an egyptian God attack. Strongest duelist ever.

5. Look at him and tell me he’s not adorable, I dare you

6. And of course he is sexy too

7. Don’t forget his creepy chin

I still hope he makes an appearance in the upcoming movie ‘cause I need more of him.


Sincerely, a Joey Wheeler’s fangirl (wish there were more fangirls of him, he really deserves it).

i do like the ending to the animorphs and personally, i don’t think it is out of line with the books’ theme. i do wish it weren’t a rushed job and that it had elaborated a lot more, like making the epilogue into possibly a separate megamorphs book instead of being tacked at the end of the last book. overall i’m not as unhappy about it as a lot of people understandably are, but one thing that i dislike a lot about the ending is the author reasoning for what happened to rachel.

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the-autistic-canine  asked:

tell me what you think about the ppg reboot. Personally i'm interested but i know there will be "loyalists" who will shit on it without watching it. I gotta say the change in va's doesn't bother me they sound in character for the girls, though i am interested to see what they do with this green lantern like superpower they have. The animation looks indicative of the old style while having today's flow to it, i'm excited to see what they'll do i just hope they remain faithful to their roots

To be honest, it’s 50/50 with me. While I’m intrigued by this new 2016 PPG reboot, I’m also a bit nervous about it. Like the ‘loyalists’, I was a fan of the original series. Watched the episodes, watched all the specials and I even dragged my sister with me to see the animated movie in theatres when it had first came out. PPG was a part of my childhood along with so many amazing and memorable cartoons from the old school Cartoon Network and for that, I will always love the original.

That being said, I’m willing to give this reboot a chance. Mind you, I don’t know much about the remake. As a matter of fact, I only just recently found out about this remake. I mean I had heard about a potential PPG remake years before but I didn’t really know it was going to be a finalized this until this year. I’ve already watched a little sneak peak clip of what the series is going to be like, in terms of style and the voices and I also took a listen to the theme song for it too.

I’ll admit—as a fan of the original series, like everything with this series, it’s going to take some getting used to. I am looking at this series and I’m still seeing the original. I’m listening to this new theme song while at the same time remembering the original which I absolutely LOVED (y’know Blossom, commander and the leader…Bubbles, she is the smile and the laughter, Buttercup—she’s the toughest fighter, Powerpuffs save the day. Fighting crime, trying to save the world and they come just in time, the POWERPUFF GIRLS).

And even when watching this clip and hearing the voices, even with the new cast…all I can think about are the old voices. Y’know Cathy Cavadini as Blossom, Tara Strong as Bubbles, E.G Daily as Buttercup. I REMEMBER them and it’s hard for me to kind of accept the new Vas cause I still remember the old original PPG girl actresses.

The nostalgia man. So much nostalgia!

I guess even though it’s been years since I’ve watched PPG (other than old reruns of it on Cartoon Boomerang), I STILL very vividly remember the original from my childhood and looking at this—

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to be one of those ‘loyalists’ as you called em who will start to critique the series before it even premieres. I’m going to give this series a shot when it premieres (I’m not sure if it’s already out. I don’t have the American CN anymore so I’m not sure if it’s out). I’m definitely interested in watching the reboot. That’s what I would say. Commenting about what I like so far about the reboot based on what I’ve seen for it, it looks pretty good—animation wise.

I liked the fact that even though it’s a reboot, they still kept the original art style for the girls. Despite a few design tweaks (like putting actual blue bobbles in Bubbles hair and adding extra spikes to Buttercups hair. I dunno), the girls pretty much look the same as they did in the original. I liked that they didn’t go in the style that they used for the PPG Dance Pantsed Special cause that was kind of….hehe…odd (interesting cause they looked like card board cut out characters which was aesthetically cool but from an original PPG fan perspective, it looks very odd—not to mention that bits of story was changed in the special) and I remember a lot of fans complaining that they didn’t favour that look so much.  

Nor did they try to make the girls more realistic with actual fingers and toes (like Demashita! Powerpuff Girls anime style or Fusion Fall style PPG or even the look from that one episode from the old series where we got to see how the girls would look if Professor Utonium hadn’t added Chemical X to his Perfect Little Girl formula). They stayed true to the old series with the look and animation so…it looks good animation-wise.

While I don’t know how true the reboot will stay to the old series nor about their new powers/abilities, I guess I’ll have to see when the series is out *shrugs* As I mentioned before, it’s gonna take some getting used to the new series but it’s one that I’m willing to give a chance as a PPG fan.
That is all I can say, m’friend.

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Now you could say this was all part of his act. Whatever. But I just wanna calmly remind everyone that a lie is much more believable when grounded in the truth.

This line and “you said she’d never hurt you” both stand out to me a lot because the way I see it, they compare Anna’s view of Elsa to Anna’s view of Hans. She trusts him, without question. Hans knows that and he counts on it.

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21 & Over (mostly) Flirtatious Sentence Meme
  • "This is friggin' awesome."
  • "Do you go to school here?"
  • "Whoa. Foaming."
  • "Wait, is that a beer?"
  • "What is he wearing?"
  • "Come on, bring it in, baby."
  • "How you doing?"
  • "Dude, how you fucking doing, dude?"
  • "Dude, how's your family? And your sister?"
  • "How's your sister?"
  • "It would seriously be an honor to my entire family if you fucked my sister."
  • "Jesus Christ, this place is quaint."
  • "He's kind of a good dancer."
  • "We're gonna take you out tonight and melt your fucking face off!"
  • "Gentlemen."
  • "Holy fuck, he is totally here."
  • "Your suit is pressed?"
  • "Could we go out tomorrow night?"
  • "I'm gonna fuck you with alcohol."
  • "I will stand outside your bedroom window all night doing this."
  • "'cause I miss you. I miss your hugs."
  • "What? Wow, I guess we already have a lot in common. That's great."
  • "I feel like she's picking up what I'm putting down."
  • "So, what are you drinking?"
  • "Are you kidding? I'm the mayor of Crazyville."
  • "Oh, my God, you're such a dork."
  • "My shit is bananas, girl."
  • "This can't go on. He's hurting you."
  • "I think we should get the fuck out of here."
  • "Yeah, let's get the fuck out of here."
  • "Dude, stop thinking with your penis."
  • "I really don't want to fuck this up."
  • "Honey, are you OK?"
  • "Have you seen my bra?"
  • "I'm gonna spank that ass."
  • "Yeah. I have a bit of a wild side."
  • "Sometimes after eating, I jump right into the pool. I don't even wait 20 minutes."
  • "You're a fucking renegade."
  • "Sometimes at night... (WHISPERS) I don't even wear my mouth guard. And I'm supposed to."
  • "But I didn't know she had a boyfriend. Wow.
  • "You're one of the smartest people I've ever met."
  • "Oh, my God. You are so cute."
  • "Is this you being jealous? Is that what this is?"
  • "Do you want me to come with you?"
  • "Do you want to make out with me?"
  • "Hi. Nice to meet you.
  • "Your nipples are just looking right at me."
  • "The longer you wait, the longer the kiss.
  • "You're actually kind of a good kisser."
  • "Just listen to your heart."
  • "Was there something you wanted to ask me?