i'm making a lot of posters lately

  • what he says: I'm fine.
  • what he means: We begin on Christmas Eve with me, Mark, and my roommate, Roger. We live in an industrial loft on the corner of 11th street and Avenue B, the top floor of what was once a music publishing factory. Old rock 'n' roll posters hang on the walls. They have Roger's picture advertising gigs at CBGB's and the Pyramid Club. We have an illegal wood burning stove; its exhaust pipe crawls up to a skylight. All of our electrical appliances are plugged into one thick extension cord which snakes its way out a window.Outside, a small tent city has sprung up in the lot next to our building.Inside, we are freezing because we have no heat.

anonymous asked:

hi I was wondering if you had any tips on printing digital illustrations; especially choosing sizes for prints. I usually work on a A4 canvas (w/ 300 dpi) in Photoshop but lately I've thought about making it larger. However drawing on larger canvases (A3 or higher) slows down my computer considerably. I've thought of enlarging the drawings afterwards but i'm concerned about how it might affect the quality of the prints. any advice would be greatly appreciated

General rule is to always work bigger then scale down, never the reverse. Scaling up, especially significantly, can blur and pixelate your illustration a lot.

I work at 11x17 inches (or roughly that size) for illustrations I know I’ll be printing. It’s a just big enough for nice posters and t-shirts, without being too big.

If your computer has a hard time working with larger prints, try using less layers (delete or merge unneeded ones), closing ALL unneeded programs, and saving + restarting Photoshop every 30-60minutes. PS can be a huge memory hog, and I’ve found quitting and restarting it periodically helps reset the memory usage it builds up. Other than that, look into trying different programs (MangaStudio/ClipStudio is a great alternate) and upgrading your computer’s RAM.

Hope that helps!

chalkstains  asked:

I'm trying to make posters for women's history month for my university's Society of Physics Students to put up in our physics building. I've been looking for female physicists of color in particular, because we don't see enough of them; do any women (historical or still alive) come to mind that I could make posters for? I've found a few, but the fact that I've had to dig for a lot of them is extremely upsetting.

I’m so sorry this took me forever, and I realize it might be way too late.  It’s very upsetting indeed that I can’t think of any names off the top of my head myself.  I do have a lady scientists of color tag, so hopefully there is something helpful for you there!