i'm majoring in psychology so

Like I know people don’t like to hear this on here, but,,, Exercise does temporarily relieve anxiety and/or depression and chronic exercise has even been known to reduce catecholamine and cortisol levels in the brain when a stressor is presented to an individual,,, Lots of research has been done specifically on exercise and anxiety and, like, aerobic exercise is best (running, walking, elliptical, etc.) whereas strength training and the like can actually increase anxiety momentarily. Meanwhile, in depression, any form of exercise helps.

I know y'all don’t like it when neurotypicals present exercise as a form of treatment but (especially w anxiety) it’s been clinically shown to work just as well as medications. Also, like, you can trust me,,,I study this ish and suffer from (diagnosed) anxiety and depression. I’ve been working out and exercising since January and I see an overt difference in my quality of life (ESPECIALLY where my anxiety is concerned).

If you don’t have time or the motivation, then fine, but all the posts I see on here about how exercise doesn’t help just aren’t,,,true. It does help. Even just walking for 20 minutes will help if you do it three-to-five days a week. (Eating well also helps. Couple exercise w smaller portions of foods and/or more veggies and fruits and you’ve got yourself a helpful anxiety and/or depression treatment!)

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thought I'd share a cute story today, so here goes: since I'm this major psychology nerd, I thought I'd try out this little experiment I've frequently heard about (two people stare into each other's eyes for five minutes and then talk with each other for a bit afterward), my group of friends and I took two people and after the entire thing they couldn't stop glancing at each other and subtly complimenting each other it was so cute (so hint hint try it with bean boi)

Oh my gosh that’s adorable

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Do you believe psychology is a science? I'm a psych major and argue with so many people that it IS a science. We have a bio professor at my university who says he doesn't like psych students and have said we are a "soft science and give science a bad name." I was wondering your thoughts since you're a psych person

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That’s such a biologist thing to say. 

Psychology is clearly a science. 

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I've not idea who pays for your art as its utter shite. Plus your constant begging people to buy it. Lol pathetic.

well gosh darn!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey Amanda! So i'm a psychology major and today in class we were talking about personality disorders and my teacher mentioned that Anakin qualifies for Borderline Personality Disorder and I was curious what you thought, since i consider you the Anakin expert in my life :)

First of all I would like to give a shoutout to your psych teacher for actually bringing up Anakin Skywalker in an academic setting and for using him as a legitimate example of someone with a mood disorder

Secondly I totally 100% agree with her assessment
Anakin is practically textbook borderline personality disorder and I would list all of the reasons why with in text citations but it’s midnight and I don’t feel like it but just know that I agree with your teacher what a great teacher honestly