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u cant even imagine how many ppl actually dropped ym for ys throughout the last year so

i have all other yoongi-centric ships blacklisted. i’m never dropping ym for ys. also even though i ship jimin w/other people it’s totally different from the way i ship him w/yoongi. you can see the difference in what i reblog


marchetta meme: [1/9] characters>>>justine kalinsky, saving francesca and the piper’s son

It’s always been the same with Justine. She was the most comfortable in her own skin of all of them, and since they left school, she was the one with the biggest social life outside their group, totally at ease with the guys. Unless she’s madly in love with them.

gwitae - deleted scene

a/n: eunsook & minho are selfishly hogging the narrative & gwiboon & taemin’s private conversations are being forced to suffer.  😞

“so how much older are you?”, taemin asks, running his fingers up & down gwiboon’s forearm as she flips through her magazine.

“why are you so curious?”

“you keep teasing me for being younger.”  she shifts on the sofa, leaning away from him & propping her elbow on the cushioned back.

“you really want to know?”

“maybe.  actually i kind of like the mystery.”

“as long as you remember my birthday.”

“23 september, 1991.”  the magazine strikes him on the shoulder & he laughs.

“you brat!  who told?”

“minho.  he didn’t seem to think it was a big deal.”

“well of course he wouldn’t.  he’s got an older woman too, you know.”





“…how much older?”.

A Madly Wonderful Wedding

They say that when she returned, he held her close and never let her go.
They say that when he embraced her, she promised never to leave him again.

When they touched, time himself had to stop and take a breath.
When they danced, the clouds stopped to watch them.
When the kissed, an unrelenting force emanated from their souls.

Underland had never seen such love; they proved the impossible was possible.

life things that are great
  • when someone uses your name in conversation (yknow when you go “who’s a good boy” to a dog and it doggy smiles and wags its tail that is what happens in my brain when someone uses my name like yes it me)
  • landslide by fleetwood mac
  • when people are madly in love. tell me all about them i want to know about the time they tucked your hair behind your ear or listened to you talk about that thing for two hours (don’t gimme any of that sitcom spousal hate shit okay that’s boring)
  • when laughs come out like barks. that’s the good shit.
  • seeing someone on the bus smiling down at their phone. who’s talkin to you? what delight are you reading? how the fuck did you get wifi this bus is full of people my friend you are living
  • ticking off the last item on your to do list
  • when someone pronounces animal like aminal. idk man i just like it
  • happening to have some free time and knowing exactly what you want to do with it
  • tulips
  • singers that don’t change the pronouns
  • walking barefoot on freshly mopped floors once they’ve dried
  • the perfect metaphor
10 Good Things

I was tagged by @autiacora. Thank you! ^_^

Happy New Year!!! 🎇 List 10 good things that happened in 2k16, then tag 10 people to do the same.

1. Eruri has happened with me. I wasn’t so madly obsessed for a long time since my first love disease x)

2. Eruri is canon! xD

3. Now I know a lot of great artists and interesting people… but I’m too shy to communicate with them because of fear to bring a chaos in the universe structure…  ┬┴┬┴┤・ω・)ノ

4. I drew a lot.

5. I’ve started to create my own ball jointed doll.

6. I’ve ironed some old paintings. it’s so relaxing…

7. I held the part of sarcophagus cartonnage with encaustic painting… it was created more than 3000 years ago! *O*

8. With the help of my teacher and dad, I made a small stained glass lamp in the style of Tiffany.

9. I lived with my grandparents at the dacha and made a lot of jam and grated berries.

10. Watching the Milky Way without binoculars. It was very dark and clear august night. I’ve listened Starset and thinking about Levi’s loving gaze at Erwin…

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I first took notice them when they were a young couple passionately in love in my neighbourhood. I dismissed their connection because thought it wouldn’t amount to much, since young flames tend to burn out quickly. I didn’t speak to them outside of a casual greeting, I didn’t know their story or how they met, what made them fall madly in love, but I knew it was true because of the way he looked at her when she wasn’t paying attention. On the rare occasion I would see them outside my doorstep, she would her rub his shoulders and kiss his forehead, a morning ritual they practiced before he left their home. It’s easy to be cynical about love when you’re young but sometimes a faint spark can turn into a soft flame that blossoms into the kind of love most people dream about.
—  soft flame // A.H. 

As someone who uses sarcastic jabs as a sign of affection, I’m endlessly confused by people who claim that Barba hates Sonny. I mean, come on, there’s a huge difference between insulting someone and teasing them a little… and Sonny’s just an easy target because he’s too positive to be offended.

The whole “Am I right?” - ”Seldom.” thing they’ve got going on is a running joke. What kind of people do you have running jokes with? Probably not with those you dislike.

Like, yeah, you don’t have to ship them, but Barba sure as hell doesn’t hate Sonny. If he did, his remarks would be a lot more cutting and there would be no doubt about it.

Okay so we love how much Genos is so madly in love with his Sensei, right? But I also want to appreciate just how much Saitama loves Genos as well. Saitama, normally so airy and independent, let Genos into his life. Saitama lets him live with him - at a price, yes, but he shares his precious (and disorganized) space with him nonetheless. He let Genos become a part of his daily routine. He constantly looks out for Genos. He wants the best for him. He wants Genos to accompany him on his missions. He always looks to see if Genos is alright in the aftermath of a battle. He is the one person who can bring Genos out of his haze of self-deprecating desire for destructive and ultimate strength. He can snap Genos out of internal stupors with just his fingers and a wide smile. Saitama loves Genos so much that it’s just become a normalized part of his life. 

How beautiful. 


I thought of you, and where you’d gone and let the world spin madly on.

Semi serious question: If Emma went up to Hook and “broke up” with him or “cut him loose” would any of us ACTUALLY consider them not a couple anymore? Or NOT still madly in love with each other? More importantly, would the SHOW? Both RB and OQ “broke up” (for you know a hot minute in the grand scheme of things) but Regina didn’t just suddenly start dating someone else. Belle did in the saddest attempt at a rebound ever, mostly because they were trying to figure out how to include Michael Socha, not because the plot actually made sense.

This is Captain Swan. The couple that’s been painstakingly built for three years. Coping with Emma as the Dark One is more than enough to be getting on with than some artificial “break up” drama that would really be null and void once Emma is herself again anyway. Because she’s going to need Killian to lean on to cope with the guilt and pain of her turn with the dark.

Killian certainly wouldn’t accept that. He’d double down on saving her. He wouldn’t give up because she’s “cut him loose” or whatever. I think the darkness will drive a wedge between them, of course it will. Anyone who doesn’t think that is painfully naive. And maybe KILLIAN will take a step back while Emma’s off indulging in the darkness because he can’t cope with seeing her that way. But to me, it’s only a true break up if the show intends for them to never ever be together again, which is just stupid, and never gonna happen.

Basically, I think people are jumping to conclusions with this “heartbreaking” comment by ONE writer. I like Bridget so far, but I don’t think she realizes how much stock people are putting on the things that she says. How seriously some fans take Twitter comments as the fucking gospel. Seeing Emma lose her battle with the dark, to fully become the Dark Swan after all her struggles? That would be heartbreaking. If some vile dreamcatcher shows her a terrible vision of her AS the Dark Swan and she runs from her loved ones (all of them not just Killian) in an effort to protect them, that would be heartbreaking. 

There are a million different scenarios. We have very little idea of what is happening. And frankly, the show would be INSANE to fuck up CS since as Eddy pointed out, it’s a writer and fan favorite. So let’s just hang on to the angsty ride, K?