i'm loving this concept so much


“Humans cannot reject temptation. When they are plunged into the depths of despair, likened to Hell, they will hold on to anything that may help them escape from the situation they are in, even if it’s merely a spider’s thread, no matter what sort of humans they are. That’s exactly what I did. Life was dull, boring, uninteresting. Heists, murders… everything sounded amusing to me. And tell me, Mingyu: if we are to die one day, wouldn’t it be better to have no regrets? (…)”

Dimmed Lights. Read here.

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Listen…I love Psychonauts and I love Mob, so here’s some crossover doodles and concept ideas for a level inside Mob’s mind that I put way too much thought into.

I could talk about this concept all day.


Tadashi Hamada + Icons

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Happy 2nd Anniversary

Big Hero 6!!!

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me most of the time: the concept of this show is so brilliant! a main character for each season! we get so much insight and we feel so much closer to them! this is honestly great! i love it! 

me right now: ok but this means we can’t see even when he’s not with isak we can’t know how he’s doing we can’t get a shot of his face as he receives isak’s texts and reads it honestly who said this was a good idea 

.:The Two Geezers:.



the organization + major arcana // partial remake of this

one of the best things about natsume yuujinchou is there is no romance. instead it’s about an abused and neglected kid making friends and being accepted by his new foster family and befriending and understanding something that previously terrified him. such a good concept. and there’s a talking cat. i love natsume yuujinchou so much

10 reasons to ship bughead:))

1. The way they stand next to each other 😫💦wow
2. The nonexistent chemistry. #goals
3. A lesbian and an aroace male? Perfect together😫
4. The way jug looks at Betty in his nightmare, like he’d much rather be anywhere else <3
5. How forced their feelings are!! Just so adorable :’)
6. It’s just such a new concept. A white, straight couple? Groundbreaking.
7. How Betty just, suddenly, out of nowhere, after being friends with him for years, falls for Jughead and is suddenly over Archie, whom she’s been supposedly in love with for her whole life??? How sweet and ~not~ forced at all.
8. The aroace erasure of jughead😍😍 cause it’s not like that’s one of the biggest aspects of his personality or anything
9. How Betty completely disregards the kiss and goes back to the murder case, barely acknowledging it❤
10. How they were the best platonic pairing ever, being sleuths and shit, until CW ~forced~ them together romantically😫😍 true love

I have a strong love and passion for the Star Guardian lore. I believe it has so much damn potential because I love the concept, the designs, and the idea of how the Star Guardians can do things through teamwork. I just have this fantasy of Dark Star Thresh and Varus being the main villains, and Jinx, Lux, Poppy, Lulu and Janna stopping them from being a threat to the world. They all go to this academy and transform and AGHHHH I just love the Star Guardians so much!

Artwork by Freeze-Ex

“Nothing comes even close
To half of you
It can’t fill me
It doesn’t fill me up.”


Limitless - 1x01 - Pilot

“Hi. My name is Brian Finch, and the first thing you should know about me is I didn’t do anything wrong. Well, not the kind of wrong that leads to having a gun in your face, anyway. I’ll explain.”


My copy of the Mega Man Official Complete Works arrived! I’m so happy I was finally able to afford it. It’s everything that I’d hoped it would be and more, filled with all kinds of interesting tidbits of information and interesting concept art.

I love it so much.