i'm loving it and yes pun intended

New Monster theory

Watching the new teaser, I noticed something :

Don’t you feel like something is missing ? 

Yes, THE MEAT ! There is no steak!!!

Now remember EXO at KCON in 2013 ? Remember what Kyungsoo said ?

Yes, That was a hint. EX’ACT Monstermind is D.O ( pun intended )

Here’s a pic if you don’t believe me:

Now, time for the explanation, Satansoo and his slaves ( exo members ) went to eat, (at the time, they were okay with being trapped in a clinical facility funfunfun) 

BUT there was no steak. OMG NO STEAK !!!! Soo went mad !!!

And that’s why Kai killed everyone. I mean OTP  anyone ? KAISOO!!!! Yup he did this for the love of soo.

anonymous asked:

KP anon- not sure if my last ask went through so just in case! Thanks for that amazing ignoct omg it was 👌👌 love u

Hey KP darling! If you’re talking about this one: 

Then YES I got it, and I LOVE IT, and I want to be able to do it justice so I’m taking my sweet time. But I promise to get to it here shortly - I’ve got a couple days off in a row (OMG WHAT PLANET IS THIS!?) so I should have plenty of time for tear-jerking, fluffy smut <3 

As always, thank you for your amaaazing prompts and support

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