i'm lovesick and damn proud of it


       I arrived home today to a phone call from him, and I wondered why he was calling me so late (midnight his time) while he was out at a formal with his friends, light drinking, and, basically, having ‘guy time.’ No room for an annoying girlfriend in there.

       "Baby, you know, you know I love you a lot and you are the sweetest and cutest and prettiest and cutest and bestest and sweetest girlfriend ever, okay? Okay?“ he slurred adorably over the phone. Normally, I hate it when people drink, but he does it so rarely and responsibly that I didn’t mind at all.. I just had to fight giggles as I listened to the rest of his (very untrue) monologue about me. But what he said next made any residing laughter evaporate instantly.

        "Happy one month baby.. I waited until the time I asked you to be mine.” So amongst the drinking and partying with his guy friends, he counted down to the moment where he asked me so long ago (and even I couldn’t remember exactly when he did..) I fought back tears as I repeated the sentiment back to him. He then asked his Taiwanese friend to translate his words into Mandarin (because he likes speaking to me in Chinese sometimes.. I don’t know why hehe) and tried to say “wo ai ni, ni zheng ke ai” (I love you, you’re so cute) and other phrases I’m a little embarrassed to write on here because it makes me feel allskdfewuru. 

         After hanging up and writing this post, he called me again 10 minutes later to say “Baby I’m so drunk but I love you so much, you’re so sweet and youre the best okay? You’re the best girlfriend and you’re so sweet and cute and I love you so much I love you. You’re the cutest and I know I’m drunk but you’re so cute please please believe me.” He interrupted his (very very untrue) monologue with a short pause, and returned just to say, “Ivy I’m sorry but I just gave one of my girl friends a hug goodbye I hope you don’t mind baby please don’t be mad.” He’s always thoughtfully assuring me whenever he has any physical contact with the opposite sex which is completely unnecessary but also completely sweet of him. After some more talking, he grew desperately sad and pleaded me to go to see him, now, and that he just wanted to be with me again… and it took all of my strength to not break down in tears and tell him just how much I missed him too. After more mushiness and cheesiness I eventually had to go because my phone was about to die (which was answered with more desperate 'nooooo’s haha)

       Anyway, darling, I know you won’t see this until tomorrow morning, and I know we’ll both be so embarrassed reading back on it, but I know it’s just one of those nights we’d both like to remember and reflect upon. I don’t like divulging extremely detailed and private areas of our life like this but.. well, to hell with it. I just want to be able to scroll through my blog, read this, and smile. I’m one of the luckiest girls in the world, and this past month (well, four months really–but who’s counting?) has been spectacularly unbelievable. Never in my dreams did I think I would have–or even deserve–an utterly sweet, kind, and selfless being like you. From the little things you do to the grand gestures, I’m grateful for every second we’ve spent together and I can honestly say that you were the change and the fire, the light that I needed in my life, and I hope that I brought just as much happiness into yours. You inspire me to be better in every way, every day, and you will always continue to be, above all, the best friend I’ve ever had. I adore you.