i'm looking through year 12 photos and getting high school feeeeels

After my last HSC exam finished (I think it was Legal Studies) my family came to pick me up from school and we were just going to go home. I remember being so disoriented at the time. I should’ve been jumping up and down and crying in joy. But I wasn’t. I hadn’t digested it all yet - how everything was finally over. All those all nighters, last minute assignments, nights filled with stress and tears, graduation, exams, high school, everything. Everything was finally over. I was in a trance of sorts idk. And my mum realised that in the first one minute she saw me. So before I even got to the car, she had made my dad change all the plans. Instead of going home ad relaxing we were now going very far out of Sydney - almost out of Sydney. Just a very long drive. And she made me drive. She knew if I got home I would go insane with my thoughts. She knew how worried about it. Because, often, the wait before the results is harder than the actual exams. And it just made me realise how my mum/family knows me better than I know myself. Sometimes I feel like I take my family for granted. I don’t think I realise fully just how amazing they are. Thank you bhagwanji for this family :’) And yeah this is just a little story no one cares about.