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Vernon and DK are celebrating their birthdays with a VLive and Vernon is so far gone. 


Okay listen up, I’m tired of the misinformation. THERE ARE DIFFERENT WORDS FOR DIFFERENT AGES! OTAYURI (and any other ship like it) isn’t pedophileia, hell it isn’t even ephebophilia bc OTABECK IS 18 NOT 30 SOMETHING. and again, in their home countries it’s perfectly legal. So….. Tell me again why it’s wrong :)


interconnectedness, coincidence : a dirk gently fanmix

life out of balance : cristobal tapia de veer journey of the sorcerer : eagles who are you : the who i’m gonna win : rob cantor meditative chaos : cristobal tapia de veer face to the sun : galahad kiss the sky : shawn lee’s ping pong orchestra saint claude : christine and the queens deserted skies : s u r v i v e

Can I just have a girlfriend already?

*watches all the notes this doesn’t get*

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Do you know of any spells for energy? Ive been low on energy for a while and I figured why not find a spell for it!

I have a [tag for “energy”] on my blog. Here are a few spells from that tag:

[Spells and Sigils for Energy Masterpost]

Vantage Point Ch. 10


I am sexually aroused and personally offended that I am sitting here on a blessed Saturday morning at 7:40am reading this fic and fanning myself. I don’t deserve this treatment. I’m a good person!

I’m not even half way done and I need a cold shower. LAWD

Gay Disney - Merida and Rapunzel

“Are we shooting for your hand this time?” - Merida

Based on this post by the amazing @dopeybeauty