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happy birthday, Harry



I would like to personally thank ATLUS for making our dreams come true

Stranger Things appreciation week // day six » favorite scene

El are you okay? 

SO! HOLY TAMALES!!!!! <3 I commissioned @taylordraws to draw her wonderful OCs because i love them very very much <333 This was so much better than what I expected especially since I was totally vague about it pfft. TAY THANK YOU SO MUCH!! <3<3 I love ittt and just they are so cute and will be the death of me


The winds are calling up we can’t stop the rain
Wish that you could take it back but it’s too late
It’s too late

AU in which Killua has really homophobic parents and Gon helps him accept himself. 

Also big thank you to seekerofweird for sticking with me throughout the whole process of this comic!!

Very small update/part I know I’m sorry I’ve been very busy and stressed lately working on other projects so I kinda forgot how to draw the two (ಥ﹏ಥ). Please forgive me. 

Oooo but spring break is coming so I will be able to post the next part in two weeks (hopefully) it will be longer, I promise. 

Part 1 | Next - smhhh dudes you didn’t spam me when I didn’t update either you are very polite (thank you) or you don’t care (can’t blame you) 

Headcanon: @coredesignixandnekonee

By the way I named this comic, “Not Funny”. Get it? Cuz I’m not funny. (._.) 


Sten [ @stenuniverse ] suggested a drawing meme challenge which is take outrageous outfits from the g/ucci site and draw our characters in them

dont tell me Serendi wouldnt wear this outlandish thing thats totally her aethestic


video: x