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'Great News' Taps 'Veep' Star Reid Scott as Season 2 Love Interest — Exclusive
But what does this mean for Katie and Greg?

The actor will recur in the second season of the Tina Fey-produced sitcom as Jeremy, a highly intelligent New York Times reporter who first appears in the fourth episode. Sparks fly between Jeremy and Katie (Briga Heelan) when they work together to cover a dangerous story, and the two eventually begin dating. (Looks like Katie, who previously dated Tommy Dewey’s freelance photographer Trip, has a type.)


Mads “fake it till you make it” Mikkelsen.

concept: kara’s pod landing on themyscira and diana and the amazons raising her and kara teaching them kryptonian and them teaching her how to fight along side them


Teen Wolf cast portraits

I was in such a doodly mood today AND GUESS WHO JUST FINISHED THE FIRST HALF OF THE 3RD SEASON. I blame SOMEONE. ಠ_ಠ

OH GOSH. _(:3 JL)_ <– That’s me… Like after marathoning season after season. OTL I’m sorry for the lack of stuff I make because yeah… Now you guys know where I’ve been. XD

This is my first time drawing these babes. I hope I did fine! There was just this weird urge to draw them and I enjoyed it, actually. It got me practicing semi-realism tho. Heehee~

I want to draw more Teen Wolf stuff. AAAAH! SOON. I just LOVE ALL OF THEM WAAAH. All of you deserve so much better. (T⌓T)

And Bee said to tell you, ladymangoberry. “Sooner or later Basil will be drawing Teen Wolf fanarts… Yeahp. Abby, totes CALLED IT. HAHA!” 
Oh and thank you, candypinkcocks for trying to keep me in my mountain ash circle and guiding me. XD XD I’ll just… Lie down here now.

Hope you guys like this! (。・ω・。)