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Mads “fake it till you make it” Mikkelsen.


“I love you.”

Happy Valentine’s Day! Have some McDanno kisses :)


Tessa & Scott  - Into The Mystic  |  Stars on Ice Canada 2014, Toronto (x)

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what are your scerek headcanons? (If you have any)

 I’m super excited no one has ever asked me about this before!!! 

  • Derek tries really hard at first to impress Scott who laughs at him and calls him a dork but likes it anyway
  • I bet they would talk in Spanish to each other under their breath all the time in public 
  • Scott is totally the big spoon 
  • They would love cooking together, maybe Scott would teach Derek his abuela’s recipe for tamales and they would just have lots of fun making yummy food and being happy
  • Derek fills the Netflix account with documentaries and “How It’s Made” episodes while Scott likes mysteries and dramas
  • Early on in the relationship Scott finds out Derek is super touch-starved and makes a point to cuddle as often as possible
  • They’re always in the middle of fostering like three different cats from the clinic and end up keeping a one-eyed tabby who likes to sleep on Derek’s stomach

New @j_butt program - a work in progress here in Japan, as we are still trying to master his nuanced and contemporary intricacies. Love the feel of the piece!!#HowWillIKnow  [x]


Teen Wolf cast portraits

I was in such a doodly mood today AND GUESS WHO JUST FINISHED THE FIRST HALF OF THE 3RD SEASON. I blame SOMEONE. ಠ_ಠ

OH GOSH. _(:3 JL)_ <– That’s me… Like after marathoning season after season. OTL I’m sorry for the lack of stuff I make because yeah… Now you guys know where I’ve been. XD

This is my first time drawing these babes. I hope I did fine! There was just this weird urge to draw them and I enjoyed it, actually. It got me practicing semi-realism tho. Heehee~

I want to draw more Teen Wolf stuff. AAAAH! SOON. I just LOVE ALL OF THEM WAAAH. All of you deserve so much better. (T⌓T)

And Bee said to tell you, ladymangoberry. “Sooner or later Basil will be drawing Teen Wolf fanarts… Yeahp. Abby, totes CALLED IT. HAHA!” 
Oh and thank you, candypinkcocks for trying to keep me in my mountain ash circle and guiding me. XD XD I’ll just… Lie down here now.

Hope you guys like this! (。・ω・。)

Carnivals: A Tessa & Scott thing since 1998.

is there a name for the phenomenon where an up-and-coming artist creates a really inspiring work with radical, progressive themes, and it becomes popular, and they’re pulled to create more work, but as they become more successful they start leaning more to the conservative side and it almost seems like they never understood what made their original work so important in the first place?