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In the Angel Bath by losinghome

“Harry, who loves him unconditionally and never judges him, who shows he cares at the worst of times. Harry who’s looking at him like nothing else in the world matters except for the two of them right here right now. Harry, who’s odd mannerisms captivate anyone lucky enough to know him. Harry, who’s wearing a button down hawaiian dad shirt and a pair of sunglasses he stole from Louis months ago that are just a tad bit too small to look right. God, Louis is undeniably terrified of him. He hopes this isn’t what love is meant to feel like; Louis wouldn’t be surprised if he had somehow gone about this all wrong. He tends to do that. The never ending pounding in his chest and dizziness is just too much for him. He doesn’t think he’s falling in love. Crashing might be more accurate.”

+ Louis is a bit lost, maybe a bit scared. Harry is more than willing to keep him grounded. All in all, there might just be a bit too much love in both of their hearts.

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I may have asked something similar before, but does Keith enjoy sexual compliments from Shiro? I'm not sure how ace people would take stuff like that.

From time to time Shiro does it and it makes Keith laugh. 

Exhibit 01: Keith looking dapper trying out his new fancy suit.

Shiro: I have no idea what I want more. You in that suit or you without the suit.
Keith: *snickers* Awww, babe. You know I get cold. *winks*

Exhibit 02: When Keith comes down to the kitchen for breakfast.

Shiro: It’s utterly unfair how sexy you look right now. 
Keith: *raises an eyebrow* *smirks* Your definition of “sexy” is skewed. 
Shiro: My husband wearing matching pyjamas with me. One button unbuttoned that I can see his collar bones. Hair as wild as a storm. *hums* *eyes Keith up and down* I think my definition is correct. And I’d like some of that, please. *pulls Keith into a morning kiss and hug*

Exhibit 03: While taking a bath together.

Shiro: I want to kiss every inch of your body, explore every corner—
Keith: *laughs* Not with soap, you’re not.

Exhibit 04: Keith coming out of the bathroom with just a towel on.

Shiro: *sighs* Are you still against me making an Instagram account with nothing but your pictures on it?
Keith: *drying his hair* *laughs* I swear to god, Takashi. For the last time, NO.
Shiro: But what if you get a modeling contract?
Keith: *smiles as he tilts his head* I think I can survive being an author with a neurosurgeon husband.


Guess what, Summerarara’s back!

It’s incredibly simple- if you’d like to participate, go ahead! This is for anyone and everyone. Whether you’re an ask blog, an rp blog- if you draw fanart, write fanfiction, or make GIFs, you’re welcome to join.

☀All you have to do is tag your work #summerarara. (Be sure to tag your work appropriately. Violence, nsfw, etc. You can do whatever you’d like, but please be sure to tag it. Thank you!)

☀This event is purely for fun! If you join and later feel like it’s too much, that’s absolutely fine. No pressure, I promise.

If you’d like to have your participation advertised, message me your blog url and what kind of blog it is (ask, rp, fanart/fanfiction, gif, etc.), and I’ll include you! Here are previous examples of what the navigational post will look like. Summerarara 2015, Duraween 2015.

☀If you have any questions, feel free to message me and I’ll answer as best I can!

☀Thank you, Celty-san, for providing the beautiful image for this post!

Do you ever sit there and think about Aaron Dingles arms? His biceps in that tub scene during ssw? When he wore that black shirt and folded his arms in the stairway after his ONS with finn? How he looked in that tight ass white button up during the stupid jailbreak episode? I mean, fuck. Every time that man folds his arms I die a little. I’d give my life for those arms.

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I just saw your koi mer Todoroki and I'm in tears ?????? I immediately hit the follow button and began to look through your blog and everything is so gorgeous 😭 I wish I could commission a piece from you but I don't have much money right now,, how long will they be open?

For the next 3 years at least haha :D I don’t plan on closing them anytime soon so take your time! And thank you so much for the sweet compliment ❤

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now that i'm going into my second year of college and ~reinventing~ myself i've been shopping in the "men's" sections lately for clothes to Butch Up!!! i was always afraid of looking like a stereotype but now i don't care!!! i might cut my hair too before Pride. i'll literally look like the tackiest lesbian but i don't care!!! button downs and suspenders are cute

!!!! look like a tacky butch lesbian!!!! there is nothing wrong with that!!!! i Love tacky butch lesbians listen,, doing what makes u feel good abt urself and what Feels Right is more important than whatever heterolioli thinks, trust me, i am so happy for u!!!!!! u do u and present the way u want to present!!!!!! lesbians OWN tacky culture embrace it love~

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its okay to feel lonely in the aroha fandom rn !! tumblr aroha are p inactive because astro aren't up to much lately. once a comeback is announced it'll be much easier to talk to people because everyone will be screaming about new stuff. i would just say don't be afraid to shoot people asks (even if they are on anon) to get yourself used to doing it (see look at me now i don't know what i'm doing but what the heck i'm gonna hit the send button and pray for the best)

omg thank you for this!

yeah I guess it’s because Astro is not active right now and I hope I get to interact with more arohas when they have a comeback!!

  • Hook: thanks for healing my injuries, Swan
  • Hook: and... my clothes?
  • Hook: wait, did you fix my hair too?
  • Hook: why are my pants so tight?
  • Hook: where did my shirt buttons go?
  • Hook: why do I feel so---
  • Hook: did you poof away my undergarments Swan?
  • Emma:
  • Hook:
  • Emma:
  • Emma: well uh look my magic is still a little erratic okay, sometimes it just... does... things
  • Emma: but I'm learning! Baby steps, right?
  • Hook: right
  • Hook:
  • Emma:
  • Hook: now to be perfectly clear, when you say "baby steps"...
  • Emma: listen the house was like this when I got here
I think I handled it
  • INTP and INTJ are in the car, with INTJ driving. INTP just received a snapchat and is freaking out.
  • INTJ: What?
  • INTP: So Richie just sent a SC with us in a snow globe and I like it but like how do I tell him I like it without coming off as if I want him?
  • INTJ: *starts chuckling*
  • INTP: OMG it's too late I replied but like I had a seizure while trying to ask how he did it all while giving a thumbs up that looked like a claw.
  • INTJ: *can't hold back and starts laughing*
  • INTP: So you know that meme involving the hand slapping the red button? Yeah that's going on in my head right now. That's why my hand does this weird three fingers E thing when I have to involve emotions. I'm literally showing you that my mind has aborted the conversation and it's all ERROR from there.
  • INTJ: *dying from laughter*
  • INTP: OH SHIT HE REPLIED. I'm throwing my phone out the window I can't deal right now.
The day they become canon:
  • DEO guard: I'm sorry ma-am, you don't have clearance to access this building not accompanied by an agent. I can't let you in.
  • Maggie: *looks down, sighing but with a smile on her face* listen carefully pal, you know agent Danvers, right? Cute, brown eyes, short hair, she happens to be your boss... you know her right?
  • DEO guard: *nods but sill with a stern face*
  • Maggie: Good, now, I'm in the process of getting into that elevator, go up to headquarters and profess my undying and undeniable love for that woman and probably kiss her like my life depends on it in front of the whole department. So if you don't press that button and let me through, I can just whistle and have Supergirl here in less than a minute, and when she learns why I'm here and that am I not being allowed up, you can bet her heat vision is gonna get pretty unstable and murderous... you don't want that... do you?
  • DEO guard:
  • Maggie:
  • DEO guard:
  • Maggie:
  • DEO guard: *presses button*
  • Maggie: Thank you, have a nice day.
Fuck Up

Phil has his head down on his desk and is seriously considering drinking during working hours when a familiar rat-a-tat-tat echoes through his office.

Phil straightens immediately, pulling his jacket down to hide the creases.  “Come in,” he says, wasting a moment he could have used to come up with some excuse instead to pray, Not Clint.  Please, God, let it be anyone but Clint, except the door opens and of course it’s Agent Barton who pokes his head inside, because today the universe hates him.

“Hey, Boss,” Clint says, the careful tone a clear clue that he’s already heard about today’s fuck-up.  “How’s it going?”

Phil doesn’t want to meet his eyes right now, but he knows Clint is called Hawkeye for a reason and if there’s anything Phil can do to salvage the situation, he’s going to do it, so he clears his throat in what he hopes is his usual manner and looks up.  “I’m just finishing up some paperwork, Agent Barton” he says, instead of demanding that he leave right the fuck now.  “Is there anything I can help you with?”

“Uh, no - not really,” Clint says, rubbing at the back of his neck awkwardly.  “I was rather wondering if there was something I could do to help help you?

Phil is sure that his expression has gone flinty, but he can’t reign it back now.  “Oh?”

“Um, yeah,” Clint says, gesturing behind him.  “Maybe?”

“Agent Barton,” Phil starts.

“You’re not a robot,” Clint blurts out.

Phil pauses.  “Excuse me?” he asks, thrown.

Clint blushes.  “You’re not a robot,” he says again, like it’s a meaningful statement and not some random assortment of words.  “I mean - you work harder than ten field agents and a support staff put together, and your op’s are beautiful things with elegant backups, but you’re not - I mean - ”  He swallows.  “It’s okay that you make mistakes.”

Phil’s grip tightens around the ballpoint of his pen.  “No, it’s not.”

“It is,” Clint insists, coming forward.  He sounds determined, and so earnestly sincerely, that Phil has to check to make sure he’s real and not a product of his own deranged imagination.  The door swings closed behind him before Phil’s completely made up his mind.  “You caught the problem, anyway.  You radioed in for support.”

“Not soon enough,” Phil spits.  Jiang’s terrible, bloody cry still rings in his ears, and Phil doesn’t think he’s going to forget the sound of it anytime soon.

“But that’s okay,” Clint says.  He steps a little closer, and then lifts a hand and lets it hover, like he’s not sure where it should go from here.  “Because you’re human, and not a robot.”

“I wish I was,” Phil confesses, as he watches Clint’s hand hover.  It’s mesmerizing.  Will it come down on his shoulder?  Or won’t it?  Who can know?

“I don’t,” Clint tells him seriously, and - oh, so the hand is coming down after all.  Phil feels it’s grip and is reminded in that moment that he skipped lunch, and dinner, in the fuck-up that Johannesburg had become.

“If you weren’t human,” Clint goes on, leaning closer, “it would feel really weird to do this.”  

Phil blinks, but then lips - Clint’s lips, of all things - are right there, on his, and they’re softer than Phil had thought they might be, those few, lonely nights that he’d imagined this, lying aching in his room.

“Clint,” Phil asks warily, because he’s not entirely sure Clint’s not not a hallucination, at this point.  “Does this mean you still trust me?”

Clint blinks, as if he’s confused.

“Because I fucked up,” Phil goes on, hurriedly now, because once the words start coming it’s like they can’t stop - won’t stop, not until Clint knows what he’s getting into.  “And I know that I’m the man you look up to, the one who’s always promised I’ll bring you home, and I don’t know - I can’t know - if I’ll be able to hold myself to that.”

Clint smiles and shakes his head.  “You never promised to bring me home, Coulson - you only promised that you’d try.  I know - and everyone outside this room knows - that you absolutely tried your best today.  Mistakes happen, and op’s go bad.  That’s not a surprise.”  His lips quirk.  “The surprise here is that you haven’t pushed me away just yet.”

His smile is lopsided, but Phil can read the real question behind his eyes.  Phil debates what to do next, except there’s never been a question, and he carefully threads his fingers forward, over Clint’s tac suit and belt loops, and pulls him closer.  “Never,” Phil says.  “I’m good if you are.”

“Please,” Clint whispers, against his lips, and so Phil tips forward and kisses him.

It’s messy - wet lips and too many teeth teeth - but it’s perfect, too.  Phil blinks and leans back enough to look up at Clint.  “I’m sorry I messed up today,” he says seriously.  “I’ll try harder tomorrow.”

“If that’s what you need to do,” Clint tells him.  “Now shut up and kiss me.”

Phil does.

  • "The lights are so bright."
  • "You can want who you want."
  • "You know you wouldn't change anything."
  • "I could show you incredible things."
  • "You look like my next mistake."
  • "I can read you like a magazine."
  • "I know you heard about me."
  • "I'm dying to see how this one ends."
  • "I can make the bad guys good for a weekend."
  • "It's gonna be forever, or it's gonna go down in flames."
  • "They'll tell you I'm insane."
  • "I love the players, and you love the game."
  • "Find out what you want."
  • "I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream."
  • "Don't say I didn't warn you."
  • "Come and pick me up, no headlights."
  • "I should just tell you to leave 'cause I know exactly where it leads."
  • "I heard you've been out and about with some other girl."
  • "What you heard is true but I can't stop thinking about you."
  • "Looking at it now, it all seemed so simple."
  • "Are we out of the woods yet?"
  • "Are we in the clear yet?"
  • "We were built to fall apart, and fall back together."
  • "When you started crying, baby, I did too."
  • "I'm setting you free."
  • "All you had to do was stay."
  • "Let me remind you, this is what you wanted."
  • "You were all I wanted, but not like this."
  • "My ex-man brought his new girlfriend."
  • "I wish you would come back."
  • "I wish you were right here, right now, it's all good."
  • "I miss you too much to be mad anymore."
  • "You always knew how to push my buttons."
  • "Take a look at what you've done."
  • "Now we've got problems and I don't think we can solve them."
  • "I was thinking that you could be trusted."
  • "Did you think we'd be fine?"
  • "Did you think it all through?"
  • "You say sorry just for show."
  • "Let's get out of this town."
  • "Say you'll remember me."
  • "Say you'll see me again."
  • "No one has to know what we do."
  • "It's been a long six months."
  • "I want you for worse or better."
  • "I would wait forever and ever."
  • "You know that I don't want you to go."
  • "Remind me how it used to be."
  • "I never dreamed of this."
  • "This love is good, this love is bad."
  • "It's a bad sign."
  • "Something happens when everybody finds out."
  • "I know places we can hide."
  • "Just grab my hand and don't ever drop it."
  • "I think I am finally clean."
  • "We took a wrong turn and we fell down a rabbit hole."
  • "Didn't they tell us don't rush into things?"
  • "Didn't it all seem new and exciting?"
  • "It's all fun and games til someone loses their mind."
  • "There were strangers watching..."
  • "I reached for you but you were gone."
  • "You are in love."
  • "He is in love."
  • "We play dumb but we know exactly what we're doing."
  • "Every day is like a battle."
  • "Please take me dancing."

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You keep saying that Harley would be happier without the Joker and acting like she actually hates him. I'm not trying to argue, but do you have anything to support that? I don't know a lot about Batman so I'm actually curious, is that the way the original comics tell it, or is it like your personal interpretation?

That’s actually a good question! I’m going to give a cover-all spoiler warning for DC Media here, but I’m specifically discussing the DC Animated Universe and the Arkham Universe. There’s also going to be a few descriptions of abuse and violence, so if that’s the sort of thing that triggers you, I suggest you tap the “J” button right now and auto-scroll past this post without looking at it. 

First off, the Joker is abusive, both physically and emotionally. He makes no secret of the fact that Harley’s affections go one-way unless he needs something from her. He often physically injures her and leaves her for dead so he can make a getaway.

In the Arkham universe, it’s made incredibly explicit in the movie “Assault on Arkham” that Harley wants nothing more than to be rid of him forever, even trying to murder him at one point when he was caged. However, once he’s escaped, she quickly and very uneasily changes her tune and swears total allegiance to him because he was threatening to kill her new teammates and new lover if she didn’t.

So that speaks a little bit to Harley hating the Joker, but let’s look at the DC Animated Universe. See, Harley didn’t originate in the comics. She was created for “Batman: The Animated Series,” which was part of a greater continuity that also contained Superman, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Static Shock, Batman Beyond, and the Zeta Project among others. So the DC Animated Universe version of Harley is the original or “prime” Harley from which all other versions of her descend. 

In the DC Animated Universe, Harley is with either the Joker or Poison Ivy for most of her appearances. “Word of God” statements from her creators make it canon that Harley is romantically involved with Poison Ivy whenever she is not with the Joker, and even though the network would not allow them to explicitly state this onscreen, it was pretty obvious even to the children who were watching that they were closer than “close friends.” And in the episodes where Harley is with Ivy, Ivy makes it really clear that the Joker is bad for her and she actually wants her to be “happy” and not just “subservient and loyal.”

Now, the DCAU version of the Joker meets a grisly end in the film “Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.” After kidnapping Robin (Tim Drake), Batman and Batgirl arrive to recover their captured ally, only to find he’s been brainwashed, tortured, and twisted into “Joker Junior,” an adoptive son for Joker and Harley. Joker tried to get Tim to kill Batman, but he broke through his conditioning and turned the gun on the Joker instead, fatally impaling him through the heart with a flag that said “BANG.” During the fracas, Harley was knocked down a seemingly bottomless pit and assumed dead, but no body was found. 

However, this is Detective Comics, and no one who falls down a bottomless pit is ever dead for very long. At the end of the movie, you find out that the “Dee Dee Twins” who’ve been working in a gang that styles themselves after the Joker for the whole movie are actually Harley Quinn’s twin granddaughters, and she’s very upset with them for getting mixed up with criminal clowns, because she’s worked her whole life to give them a good home so they don’t end up like her.

Here she is yelling at them for associating with characters like the Joker!

So basically the real original canon Harley Quinn’s whole character arc leads to her giving up a life of crime as soon as she was rid of the Joker, and eventually becoming a badass grandma who knows that she deserved better and insists that her granddaughters learn from her misfortune.

  • Sasu: Sarada, I need--
  • Sara: -playing 3DS- Hold on, Papa. I'm a bit busy right now.
  • Sasu: This is important--
  • Sara: One second.
  • Sasu: Sarada, I won't take--
  • Sara: -hits button-
  • -game makes noise-
  • Boruto: -in distance- WHAT! NOT AGAIN, 'TTEBASAAAAA! WAAAH!
  • Sara: -looks up- Yes, Daddy?
  • Sasu:
  • Sara:
  • Sasu:
  • Sara:
  • Sasu: -pats her head- Just wanna say that I'm proud of you.
1989 starter sentences
  • "Welcome to New York."
  • "Everybody here was someone else before."
  • "But you know you wouldn't change anything."
  • "I could show you incredible things."
  • "Oh my God, who is she?"
  • "I can make the bad guys good for a weekend."
  • "Darling, I'm a nightmare dressed as a daydream."
  • "You can tell me when it's over if the high was worth the pain."
  • "They'll tell you I'm insane."
  • "All you had to do was stay."
  • "You've got that James Dean daydream look in your eyes."
  • "I've heard you been out and about with some other girl."
  • "Are we in the clear yet?"
  • "I go on too many dates, but I can't make them stay."
  • "There's a fella over there with some hella good hair."
  • "I miss you too much to be mad anymore."
  • "I wish you were right here, right now."
  • "You always knew how to push my buttons."
  • "Say you'll see me again, even if it's just in your wildest dreams."
  • "He's so bad but he does it so well."
  • "No one has to know what we do."
  • "You know, it used to be mad love."
  • "We've got problems, and I don't think we can solve them."
  • "Band-Aids don't fix bullet holes."
  • "You said sorry just for show."
  • "I want you for worse or for better."
  • "That's how you get the girl."
  • "This love is bad."
  • "I never dreamed of this."
  • "They are the hunters, we are the foxes."
  • "I know places we won't be found."
  • "I think I'm finally clean."
  • "I punched a hole in the roof."
  • "10 months sober, I must admit."

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oh shit is this actually some manly cc? omfg i'm so fucking happy right now, I just can't thank you enough!! I was so tired of finding extremally realistic jpop hairstyles and stuff for my male sims in every single website, not a single mohawk or even a stubble... I kinda gave up on cc's since sims 3, because everywhere I searched I would only find stuff for female-looking guys with tons of makeup. But here? Even your female clothes and hairs are great! (where is the button to give you my soul?)

OMG This is 2sweet5me. Thank you so much!

(have your soul back, you need it!)

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I've been in the market for dress shoes for a bit now and I can't seem to find the right one for me. I'm looking for a brown lace up dress shoes that I could wear with dark jeans with a button up and kakis with a polo. Have any suggestions?

Allen edmonds:

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Our uniform has polo-type shirts, and I usually wear it buttoned up to the top. and my assistant manager asked me to unbutton mine further. I asked why and he said "looks better on a young girl like you". I told my manager about the situation. He talked to the assistant manager. Now the assistant manager has been making snide comments about me (even to customers) and I am so uncomfortable because I don't want to go to my manager AGAIN but i'm getting to the point where maybe I should just quit.

That’s sexual harassment and you have every right to report that assistant manager. Hope the creeper gets fired like he deserves. -Abby