i'm lonely for her

I’m having quite a conflict about the grimmy couple after Goblin’s ep 16 now Should my feels be towards the perfect Grim Reaper x Sunny couple?

Or is the policeman and actress totally hot too sweet and dreamy

(we all know we’re talking about some really hot stuff here ^ *tears*)

Omo the irl couple is something else too though…

Iyaa I think this couple might be the real deal actually…

Haha I love all of them tbh of course and I shed tears for the Goblin couple’s cause in that last episode. Such a bittersweet ending❤️️

I am still struggling with the grimmy couple though! I l-o-v-e-d them and…their love was technically never accomplished as a grimmy couple. But they are completely happy and peaceful in the next life so I’m incredibly happy too. We need a spice of tragedy after all lol

The truth is I never learn. I will let you break my heart over and over again just to spend more time with you. I’m so pathetic because I’m begging for your love that you will never be able to give me.

Doodles some simple head shots of my faves from this installment can’t wait for the next one ^ↀᴥↀ^

I joined university late so I’m older than everyone there, not by much but sometimes by just enough to stand out.

So I was with my mates yesterday, and we were talking about how old we’d be turning in Year 3 (from September), to which I said 23. And then one friend snort-laughed - not in a rude way, that’s just how we are with each other - and said “Damn, 23 years old and still no bae,” (because they know that nobody’s ever shown interest in me, etc.), and then everyone laughed. Including me! Because it’s sad but true. But not the end of life as I know it, right? 23 isn’t that old…

But the problem is, ever since I left them I’ve heard the laughter. And now that I have the idea in my head, everything is just reminding me of my solitude. Every now and then I remember, and turn red with shame. Imagine that. Over two decades of nothing. No interest whatsoever. Nor prospect of it on the horizon. Just… nothing.

She was right. Damn. 23 years old and still no bae.

Maybe I’m just a robot.


“If you want to survive after taking on a foe like Choi Yoo Jin, that is.”