i'm lonely and i have a cat

I want one of those friendships where I can call up my bff and talk about random shit. And fangirl, and plan meet ups, and Skype all the time, and rely on eachother. I want to call her my ‘bitch’ without her getting offended, I want a BEST FRIEND. You feel me? Like, how do all of these people get amazing Internet friends? I want that.

Help a girl out. Accepting applications now. Message me if you’re in the same boat. Don’t care about age (I’m 18, tho.) , Sexuality, color, race, what have you. Just, message me.

  • Even: Can you get some food for Kardamomme?
  • Isak: ????? The fuck??
  • Even: Our cat.
  • Isak: ?????? We don't have a cat...????
  • Even: We do now. 😚
  • Isak: Even, we agreed we would get one someday but I didn't think "someday" meant 4 hours later when I'm at the fucking grocery store! 😑💢.
  • Even: She was unplanned!! 😫. I was taking out the trash and I saw her scared and lonely across the street!!!
  • Isak: Fiiiiiine 🙄🙄🙄
  • Even: ❤️ I love you so fucking much 😘
  • Isak: That isn't news to me 😎
  • Even: ASSHOLE
  • Isak: ❤️❤️❤️😁
  • Even: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Of Supergirls and Cherries

Of Supergirls and Cherries

Cat watched with barely restrained control as Kara built up her pile of cherry stems in the discard bowl, and rapidly emptied the full bowl of whole fruit in front of them. The cherries were amazing, Cat loved cherries, but apparently so did Supergirl, and seeing the girl in her suit, licking her fingers clean in between the tiny treats, and seeing her lips rapidly stain to red from the fruit while she ate…

Cat barely restrained a moan.

Kara licked off her fingertip and reached for another cherry, and Cat sat back, watching her from the corner of her eye. Hey, if Kara was going to provide a show, then Cat didn’t see why she shouldn’t enjoy it.

Long time happening, this attraction, but usually Cat could tame it, it being Kara beside her, the personification of sunshine. The sweetheart. Cat could handle that, the loose unflattering blouses and cheap thrift store slacks. But this girl… Supergirl was anything but calming to Cat. It was the opposite, raging and flaming… Cat wanted this hero like nobody ever should, especially at her age.

This was a simple invitation to have Supergirl here at the event. It didn’t mean anything, if not insane protection should anything untoward happen here, and Cat could see Kara was happy in her suit, happy to be here, and the girl seemed to have boosted her confidence a little while ago.

Cat knew Kara was comfortable as Supergirl, but in such a public place as a CatCo party, Cat understood that Kara had secrets to keep. Things to hide from the paparazzi filled world. But she was calm now, happy even, laughing with some people as they passed by their table, and cheering for the presenters on stage occasionally.

It was the freaking red cherries that were killing Cat softly. This was too much. Cat had always thought Supergirl was stunning, even more so than Kara, and maybe it was a kink, that beautiful cape currently laid sweetly over her lap. Or maybe it was seeing Supergirl with red stained fingertips and even redder stained lips, but Cat was dying here at this table, watching her lick her top lip off and then bite again, then lick off her finger when some of the juice ran down and stained her.

Cat wasn’t going to properly survive this, not fully, anyways. Not without getting what she… no. Cat wouldn’t. Not on her life. It would be corporate suicide if anyone ever caught Cat with her assistant, let alone Supergirl. Cat watched as Kara moaned at a surprisingly sweet fruit, and licked her own lips, which were suddenly all too dry, and clenched the satin of her dress in her hand, trying to ground herself.

Cat was right beside her, there were inches apart, hidden by low lighting and dark ambience. Cat could touch her, right here, right now… she had no doubt in her mind Kara would accept. Kara could hide her identity and her secret powers, but her want for Cat was plainly there, even if only to Cat.

Cat slipped her hand under the table, against Kara’s skirt, and felt the younger woman stiffen, then look over barely, and settle back into her seat.

“Keep eating those, and I might lose my mind, Supertease.” Cat whispered barely, knowing Kara would hear it like a drum in the room.

As if that was a challenge, Cat watched her reach forward for another fruit, and Cat groaned softly. “You’re a vixen, Supergirl.”

“I know what I want.” She retorted in a whisper, and her free hand slipped to Cat’s thigh, underneath the slit of her expensive dress, and Cat’s breath caught in her throats when a powerful finger slipped beneath the edge, just barely, of her silky black panties, at her hip. “I like getting my way, Cat Grant.”

“You’re insane, Supergirl. We’re at my own party, which I expressly invited you to, and you want to… what? Go backstage, my office, break the rules and some furniture? Now?”

“Why not?” Kara said barely, and bit into another cherry, making Cat sigh and sit up straight in her seat. “You’re the Queen, after all. Shouldn’t you make your own rules?”

Cat was going to respond, and possibly get up and take Supergirl’s hand and drag her along right now, she’d rarely been so aroused in her life, let alone by another girl, but Kara kept slipping her fingers closer, and Cat bit her lip as Kara leaned in a bit and teased a finger along the inside of her thigh, and Cat nearly combusted in her seat.

When Kara removed her hand, Cat suddenly felt very cold and hollow for a second, lonely, and her body begged for Kara’s touch to return. Cat stared, mouth agape, as Kara licked her finger again, not from the cherries this time, and Cat stood up, the look in her eyes proving no words were necessary for Kara to understand, but Cat spoke anyways.

“You have two minutes to be on my balcony, Kara Danvers.” Cat said, and Kara gasped softly, but she smiled wickedly, dark intent sparkling in her pretty eyes. “Bring the cherries.”

ramtiger  asked:

another sephiroth w a cat concept: at one point while sneaking thru shinra owned buildings, avalanche comes across a sparsely-decorated apartment absolutely filled with coffee mugs that say stuff like "i don't need friends, I have cats", "crazy cat dude", "my cat hates you", "i'm more of a cat person than a people person", and "yes, i am a cat person. no i am not socially awkward or lonely. and no, you are NOT invited to my cat's birthday party"

Omg yes that would be perfect. 

Sephiroth would readily admit that most of those mugs were gifts, but all of them were also true so he kept them. 

He also would like them back before he destroys the world.

ask-guilldawhiteinkwildcat  asked:

Do You remember"Catty" the Girlfriend of Boris? For your @theinkybros comic. I have a Pet Name"Catty" yes she is a Female, I miss My Pet Since He have to Sell her after My Family Move out, The Cat was Everything to me. She Broke My Heart because she was at the rain & lonely back then but I saved her from the floor then she repay me to live with snuggles&everything but she had a kitten. I love them as my Famliy. I'm Glad to see That name to keep me smiling though

oh wow, what a coincidence huh? i’m happy that you feel glad, and it also make me feel glad, i make people happy! and i feel important, so, don’t worry, Catty is here to give you a big bear hug!

give her a hug too 

OBS: she is not his girlfriend ‘3′

The signs as things Bucky Barnes has probably said
  • Aries: you can't spell assassin without two asses and I think that's great.
  • Taurus: Are plum smoothies a thing... *googles it* OH SHIT YES THEY ARE
  • Gemini: I may be a walking mental disaster, but at least I'm a gay™ walking mental disaster.
  • Cancer: Thanks to Steve, my right arm never gets tired
  • Leo: *exaggerated and theatrical sigh* Thank you, Sam, for getting me a cooler and a walking cane for my birthday. *quieter* I'll use the cane to beat you and the cooler to hide the body.
  • Virgo: there's a fetus in a red onesie shooting cobwebs outside and Steve, I have not dealt with this shit since '43
  • Libra: do we really have to run this much on missions?? Why can't we speed-walk like a mom at a Macy's sale instead???
  • Scorpio: *while drunk off his ass* Steve, I wanna go as a cougar for Halloween... No, not the animal.
  • Sagittarius: Natasha, you should name your new cat T'Challa..... you think I'm joking
  • Capricorn: *singing karaoke* JUST A SMALL-TOWN GIRL... LIVIN IN A LONELY WORLD... SHE TOOK THE MIDNIGHT TRAIN and fell from it, the end.
  • Aquarius: Tony, let me into the Avengers Tower, there's a vulpix in there goddammit
  • Pisces: I may be 90, but i'm still hip and cool and fucking Mr. United States so w/e
(This is a joke please don't take it seriously you guys lmao. Everything is greatly exaggerated in this and made to parody certain things. Also since chat posts don't give sources for some reason and I spent a bit too much time on this I'll say it's made by me Hunnidpisanenchilada pfft lol)
  • New Sonic 2017 character: Aw man it's so cool I've befriended the famous hero Sonic the Hedgehog and I get to meet his friends and join them on adventures this'll be so great..!
  • Amy: Hi! Nice to meetcha! I'm Amy Rose and I'll cheer you on and believe in you and support you like no one else can, but if you touch my Sonic I'll fucking cut you, ok? :)
  • Tails: Hello, I'm Miles Prower, but you can call me Tails! I'm Sonic's best buddy and if you try to get between him and I or steal my role in the series like that rich piece of shit, Sora rip-off, Chris Thorndyke tried to, you'll go for a visit to my lab one day and get electrocuted/go missing from an unfortunate lab accident :) btw if Eggman says he's smarter than me he's a liar. I'm the fucking smartest around here,,,ok??? :))
  • Knuckles: I'm Knuckles the Echidna, sole guardian of the Master Emerald. My entire race is dead, I don't know what happened to my parents but I have vague memories of my dad jumping into a wall of fire and killing himself for no reason. Ken Penders took everything from me..!! He took the love of my life and now all I have is this damn rock--! I love that rock like She is my own but because of Her I have to spend my whole life wasting away on this floating rock with no family and only the occasional visits from my asshole friends and occasional participation in Air Board Races to keep me going. I've devolved into a complete joke to this series---!
  • Vector: Hi, I like money! I'd sell my soul for money! :)
  • Charmy: I'm Charmy Bee! BEE BEE BEE BEEE BEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))
  • Espio: I am Espio the Chameleon, trained ninja assassin from the Naruto Academy of Ninja Assassin Arts. Naruto is a filthy orange casual compared to me. Beware my Ninja Power or die a lonely death! Evil must die!
  • Blaze: Hello. I am Blaze the Cat, princess of the Sol Dimension and protector of the Sol Emeralds. I burn things and because of that I have spent my life in solitude. I now know what it is like to have friends. Friendship is beautiful!! I was killed once.
  • Silver: My name is Silver the Hedgehog! I was born in a barren wasteland, filled with lava and flames. Everything burning--! All alone my entire life with only Blaze to keep me company, and even she may be just a hallucination created from my mind to keep me sane. Every day feels like a repeat of the last one--I fight the god that puts my world in eternal flames, but it returns every time I defeat it!! How do I stop it?! How do I save my world?!? Is it even worth it if I stop Iblis, it seems like everyone in my world is dead besides me and Blaze...
  • Rouge: Ah, so you're the new kid around here is that right, hun? Beware of rule 34.
  • Shadow: I am Shadow, Shadow the Hedgehog. The Ultimate Lifeform. Do you ever question your existence? I am darkness and darkness is me. My life is a black abyss. I blew up the moon and threatened to kill all life on Earth. Silver the Hedgehog has bigger chest fur than me, why? I love Black, the only time I'd ever wear a color other than black is when they invent a darker color,,, the only color that is an exception to this rule is Red because that is the color of blood and reminds me of all the people I have killed. I dye my quills with my own blood and with the blood of people that I have murdered. I was made in a test tube and I'm a alien/hedgehog hybrid created by a human government. I am immortal, ageless and immune to all. Rouge is my best friend but I'm also her only friend besides Omega and she doesn't have any girl friends to hang out with so I am her substitute and she makes me go shopping, have sleepovers and do other various womanly things with her that I do not want to participate in. I love flowers, good interior design, nice smelling cologne, green apple scented shampoo, hot pockets, motorcycles, guns, My Damn 4th Emerald, jewelry, and corpses. My sister is a corpse. Bracelets aren't girly they are manly and fashionable and if you disagree with my opinions I will kill you. My dad is an alien who hates me and my other dad is an 80 year old man who went insane and tried to kill all of humanity, my nephew is Eggman, why are all of my family members villains. I have depression, PTSD and I hallucinate and hear voices. I don't understand why I don't have friends cause I'm the fucking nicest person ever. I'm a fucking disgrace I hate myself but I also love myself because I Am fucking all powerful and perfect and I look great and I have the best taste in style (fuck Rouge) and I Am so much better than that idiot Sonic and I should be main character as I Am the best and most popular Sonic character fuck Sonic if Sonic is so great, then why can't I, Shadow the Hedgehog,,,
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Me:</b> Who needs friends? I feel good alone, I enjoy my solitude and my cat is really funny. I have to tell someone about her, she's such a sweety and I'm sure that person would laugh so hard like I do and...<p/><b>Me:</b> oh... I think I do...<p/></p><p/></p>
The Haunting of Maddie the Cat

So I found this prompt and I thought immediately “Oh it’s Vlad and Danny” so have whatever this is. My only explanation is that I haven’t slept in 2 days and it’s currently 11 o’clock at night.

Show: Danny Phantom

Characters: Vlad Masters and Danny Fenton. Mentions of Maddie the Cat (like a lot of mentions)

“So, uh, what’s your evil plan?”

“Oh, is this a plot to get me to spoil my plan so you can find a loophole and eventually defeat me, little badger? Because that won’t work.”

Danny pressed his face against the steel bars of the cage he was held in. “No. I’m just curious to be honest.” He tried to look past Vlad to the table behind him. “I see a box of… I think that’s dog food, a framed photo of my mom, a sledgehammer…”

Vlad glanced behind him and shifted to block Danny’s view. Danny responded by moving to the side.

“There’s a stuffed owl, one of my action figures, a oujia board…”

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I was tagged by @frenchfiles, thanks :D

Nicknames: I don’t have any :P

Gender: Female

Zodiac: Taurus

Hogwarts house: Slytherin (with a bit of Ravenclaw probably ^^)

Fave colour: Black and red

Time now: 00:41

Last thing I googled: GoT s6 vovf

How many blankets I sleep with: 2 because of my dog who’s sleeping on the bed :P 

Favourite bands: I don’t really know the names of the bands I listen to x) I just listen to a lot of stuff, mostly mainstream or/and stupid songs though :P

Favourite solo artists: Same, also most music I listen to is either in English, French or Japanese

Dream trip: Japan ! One day I’ll go there !

What I’m wearing: Black jeans + black underwear + black socks x)

Age of blog: 3 months I think 

What I post: Mostly m&m’s fanart, I sometimes reblog photos of MV and other stuff

So I can now tag some people from my tag list ! :D If you don’t want to do it you don’t have to of course ^^ @alysae @alicedraw-ing @apres22hcestpluslheure

just imagine a world where books and cats are readily available and rain falls on the roof, not your head, and there’s a fire and a blanket and anyone you want to sit with in the world just waiting for you, ready and excited to see you

Teenage Phan be like
  • Me: I can't have boyfriends
  • Idiot: wth r u talking about
  • Me: I'm just too weird for them *absently drawing cat whiskers*
  • Idiot: you're just lonely
  • Me: No, I am perfectly accompanied by two idiots making videos in the Internet and who couldn't just admit they love each other -
  • Idiot: ...
  • Me: *crafting*