i'm living the life can't you tell

Worst pain in the world is when you miss someone so bad. But you can't tell them coz they have moved on with their life and no longer care or think about you

So Emma needed to be taught a lesson? She needed to be taught that it was wrong of her to have dreamt of a life in which she didn’t grow up abandoned, unloved, and crying herself to sleep every night?

It was wrong for her to long for an existence in which her role as Savior doesn’t constantly put the lives of everyone she loves at risk?

Imagine the nerve of her wishing for things like that yet still choosing to forgive and befriend the woman who ruined her life!

How dare she long for peace, happiness, and quiet moments yet still choose to accept the burden of being the Savior even when it means her certain death!

Good thing the EQ showed her!

If Emma hadn’t learned this “lesson” - that she’s nothing without the suffering Regina’s villainy bestowed upon her - the writers might have had to have Regina actually apologize some day for the pain she caused Emma.

But now she never has to - because Emma’s “ok with that” since otherwise she would have “sucked”.

I’ve lost all hope for this show.

You know what also sucks? The idea that because someone is “famous” they shouldn’t be treated as actual human beings. It’s so ridiculous to me that people think because someone is in the spotlight they have rights over their lives and privacy. NO YOU DO NOT. In no way do you get to invade someone’s personal life because they are well-known. 

The idea should always be, “treat others the way you want to be treated.” I can tell you I’m sure most people would not want their private lives dragged into a public sphere. But people don’t seem to think about the people they are hurting or the lives they are destroying when they act out online. Just make sure you get those likes and retweets. That’s what matters in this life, right? 


❝ ––– And even though I sin, baby we are born to live, but I know time will tell if we’re meant for this and if we’re not  I hope you find s o m e b o d y. I hope you find somebody to love…❞  

So…it is 100% confirmed that Andew Garfield and Emma Stone have not broken up. The media was wrong. Completely and utterly and totally wrong. So tell your friends. Spread the news. Have a party and shout it from the rooftops. Publish it in your local newspaper. Call the town crier. And can I just say, and I rarely do this, so please excuse me, I WAS RIGHT I KNEW IT I WAS ACTUALLY RIGHT FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE I WAS RIGHT I’m SO HAPPY AHHHHHHHHHHH I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!! Anyway thank you for reading this and carry on with your lives. :)