i'm literally shaking in anger

Reblog if your ok with ANYONE no matter what color, sexuality, gender, etc enjoying a show

we gotta prove the haters wrong…

• Edit: Kubo-Sensei and the Yoi team didn’t make this show for us to fight over, but for similar people with common interests to come together as one whether or not we’re bisexual -gay, ace, straight, etc. As a anime that actually shows an LGBTQ+ couple we should be proud that we actually made history, and support anyone in the fandom no matter what. I also didn’t think I would have to make this edit since so many wonderful people reblogged this, but their are still some lingering antis out there who still don’t seem to understand ((pls also refrain from comparing my post to love on ice, I rlly don’t feel like hearing about that because I hate the movie as much as anyone else :)
Muslim Ban

I’m sorry, but this Muslim Ban is disgusting. I literally feel so sick to my stomach.

My cousin is Iranian, he’s a qualified doctor was offered an amazing job in the USA, a job he has spent all his life trying to get. And now, just as he as his family have uprooted their lives and have exhausted themselves to get the paper work required to live  and work in the USA he can’t go. Everything he’s worked for, the safety and security, of his family are now at risk all because of a bigoted cheeto.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet and simply say fuck this ban, fuck Donald Trump and fuck any idiots who support him and his policies

feel free to message me if you want to talk this blog is a safe space