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Hogwarts Headcannons
  • Give me Dean, muggleborn that he is, imitating Steve Irwin in Care of Magical Creatures class, much to everyone's confusion except for Harry and Hermione who are. On the ground. Unable to breathe. And refusing to explain why.
  • Give me Harry, demisexual that he is, realizing that the reason he can't stop obsessing over Draco is because Draco is the one who saw - and subsequently disliked - 'Harry', and not The Boy Who Lived. Realizing that Draco was the only one to first talk to him for HIM, in that robe shop, and not his parents or fame (because even Ron and Hermione did that at first). And thus, leading to him randomly starting crying in the middle of lunch and claiming he's doomed, much to everyone's fear.
  • Give me Seamus, pyro that he is, super happy one Christmas when Hermione buys him a book on fire caution, flammable materials, and elements such as magnesium. Thus afterward, the mysterious fires that have always happened are far more safe and controlled.
  • Give me Luna, wonderful airhead that she is, being stared at as, calm as anything, she waltzes right into the Slytherin common room and starts talking to the mermaids like its absolutely normal. A first year drops a book he's staring so hard, because HOW DID SHE KNOW THE PASSWORD. Draco just sighs, gets up, goes over to her, and offers her tea.
  • Give me Draco. Who looks on as Neville offers Harry rhubarb pie that he made himself, as Harry stares forlornly at his Treacle Tart, and makes and annoyed sound. "Dammit Longbottom he hates bittersweets." The Slytherins stare and Pansy just mutters "How do you even know these things. Merlin, help him realize."
  • Give me Parvati, who is being constantly mistaken for her sister by Ron, who panics and screams "IM A LESBIAN" when it gets to be too much.
  • Give me Ron, who stares wide-eyes from a distance whenever he sees Padma from that moment on for a full week, until Padma flips out too and hexes him. Parvati awkwardly wonders why Ron starts getting scared whenever she tries to approach from then on, since she knows Ron doesn't have problems due to that sort of thing from how he handles Harry.
  • Give me the thirty or so of the school's Muggle-raised, who made the mistake of showing their folks howlers, and react accordingly whenever one of the families sends one that is just a recording of Rick Astley, or High School Musical, or spoilers for Doctor Who. And the Wizard-raised just... staring... in fear... watching their savior and multiple other students as they run around screaming and crying in an absolute panic for some reason even though it was a different student that got the weird howler.
  • Give me Harry, whose hair surprises people by being dark red like his mother's when in direct sunlight. And usually at the Weasley den they're inside, but one day Harry joins them outside for a picnic, and Molly is so confused about where Harry went to then has do do a mental tally of her children.
  • Give me George, who in the midst of the final battle, hit Lucius with an Anaticula curse, so that every spell he tries makes a duck instead. And the Death Eaters are just so confused. "Lucius... is that a duck?"
  • Give me the Gryffindor common room. The new first years suggest Monopoly for game night. The entire room goes dead silent. One first year tries to ask what they did wrong. "Never mention that game again," is the only response they get. "But why-" "NEVER TALK ABOUT SIXTH YEAR. WE NEVER TALK ABOUT SIXTH YEAR." Their brave upperclassman Neville yells, trembling. Hermione starts crying. Harry goes into a panic attack. Ron whispers, "There are many reasons we don't talk about sixth year. If The Incident had been the only thing that happened, we would only not talk about The Incident. Many things happened that year. Thus, we do not speak of that year, or of that game."
  • Give me McGonagall, who struggles to control the cat population, because while students are told to have their cats fixed you know not all 100 students that brought cats did so. Her curling up around a litter that lost their mother to illness. Training them to stalk the corridors. Albus had his ways of getting information, and hers is the spy network of cats.
  • Give me muggleborns singing everything from Phantom of the Opera to Katy Perry in the corridors. Singing We Will Rock You to a pureblood who disses them for it. The purebloods thinking the weird songs and their tunes are some kind of Rite of Passage and fleeing whenever a muggleborn student starts singing. Altering song lyrics. "I throw my ferret in the air some-times, singin EEEEEEEYO, this is DRAAAAAACO!"
  • Give me muggleborns that are really confused about the whole quill instead of pens things, throwing transfigured pokeballs in Care of Magical Creatures, the band students bringing kazoos and harmonicas and the wizrd-raised students that are just so confused as to how those things even work, because it must be some sort of air magic, right??
  • Give me muggleborns making entire conversations out of pop culture references specifically to confuse some Slytherin who just called one girl a Mudblood. "These are not the droids you were looking for." "I'm right on top of that now Rose, I promise." -jazz hands-
  • Give me muggleborns with Patronus that are things like Pikachu, velociraptors, the quiet Canadian transfer student with a moose patronus the size of a SMALL HOUSE, the one whose is a angeled-out Castiel, the one whose patronus is the democrat donkey and another the republican elephant and the two, previously best friends, become mortal enemies rivaling the fame of Harry and Draco.
  • Give me muggleborns hugging each other before break, promising to 'call' each other, trading weird codes, how they can't wait to go for 'sushi' or planning that trip together to 'disneyland' where they can go flying?? But no one's allowed magic?? Or flying?? And the wizard-raised think that somehow, shockingly,<i> these children totally new to our world have developed a way to cheat the system?? Muggleborns are badasses!!</i>
  • Give me muggleborns who are fully aware that the anti-tech wards were made when, like, radios barely even existed, much less cellphone towers and microprocessors, so while they can't turn them on inside the stone school walls there's this group that Harry joins constantly that just sit there in silence staring at these tiny things and sometimes randomly laughing hysterically, and every now and then standing and just running all the way across to the other side of the lake all at the same time with no signal whatsoever. The purebloods are <i>terrified</i> of this frequent happening.
  • Give me Harry, Hermione, Dean, and Justin from the D.A, muggleborns they are, doing a movie night every week to help the D.A. relax and bond. They re-start this after the battles, during eighth year, with several other people such as the returned Slytherins joining in. The entire year they play things like Tangled, The Breakfast Club, Brave, Lion King. But then the last four weeks, they announce they don't want to mislead everyone that everything is all fun and rainbows. The last four movies are My Sister's Keeper, The Shining, Marley and Me, and for the last week, a marathon of the entire Jurassic Park series.
  • Give me Hufflepuffs, who secretly are very relieved to be the 'normal' House. Jocks over there, know-it-alls over there, goth wannabees over there, now lets go camp out by the kitchens we're gonna need it to survive the next seven years like this.
  • Give me Ravenclaws who are so done with the riddles when they stumble back at midnight after having fallen asleep in the Library. "What's the truth?" "THE TRUTH IS THAT I WILL SET YOU ON FIRE IF YOU DON'T LET ME IN."
  • Give me the Trio, who use the Marauder's Map to find the most absolutely ridiculous routes to class, knowing every single one of the shortcuts. It's not odd for them to simply appear out of the ceiling. One day the new first years try to follow them, to learn the school better, but it doesn't go so well because then they try to go through a disappearing wall the Trio just did they instead run headfirst into it, and the next time they do behind a tapestry, down a waterside, around some sort of tower, causally past an entire doorless room full of bats, and somehow come out on the complete other side of the castle.
  • Give me Draco whose just completely had it with Harry's staring and confronts him, like they always do, and Harry just blurts out that he likes Draco's new haircut and can he touch his hair, and Draco so shocked he lets him. "Potter stop treating me like a cat I'm evil remember? Bloody hell have you gone daft?!" "But... it's soft..." "I hate you." But he just can't find any anger over this, so there's like no venom whatsoever in it and Harry can't stop giggling.
  • Give me Ginny, who can't stop giggling as Luna confuses the fuck out of an entire crowd with her way of speaking, and who during seventh year could 100% get away with insulting the Death Eaters because of the way she said things. Who after Luna used said tactic to get her out of a Crucio punishment just clung to Luna, shaking, and realizing that she loves Luna so much for this very reason. That there will never be another person like Luna in her life, ever.
  • Give me Harry, who was not really well educated while living at the Dursleys, who couldn't read very well but was wonderful at sneaking around, little tricks like hiding things, and loved music. He taught himself magic tricks, and MERLIN ALMIGHTY THIS 11 YEAR OLD KID HAS MASTERED VANISHING SPELLS, WHAT, HOW, and Percy, uptight prefect he is, just looses it.
  • Give me Ron walking in on Harry talking to some random snake in their dorm room, laughing like the snake said a particularly good joke, tipping his head and smiling as he responds, the python slowly curling up his arm to rest over his shoulder. Ron freezes, stares, and then slowly backs away, closes the door and stands there staring at it for a full half hour in absolute horror.
  • Give me the rest of the D.A. walking into the Room of Requirement and hearing screaming, Dean shrieking that he's going to murder someone, Hermione crying, Justin cursing like a sailor yelling for everyone to stop, and the rest panic and run around the corner and there the four Muggle-raised students are. With some sort of odd device in their hands. Playing Mario Kart.

@arabian-batboy said: Can you write something where Bruce comes across Jason in an alley after his resurrection but before Talia took him in & since he couldn’t talk at that time (& because he’s supposed to be dead) Bruce thinks it’s just a hallucination and just leaves him?

It had been a long time since Bruce was afraid of ghosts, mostly because they never left him alone. If this one seemed more real than usual, hey, it had been a rough day.

Always was, this time of year. 

April 27th. Bruce liked to think he was getting better— maybe some year he wouldn’t find himself lurking in Crime Alley on today, the anniversary of Jason’s death— but he wasn’t there yet.

It made sense. How was he supposed to forget Jason? That was what it would take, Bruce knew, to leave the guilt behind. Every time Jason crossed his mind, it all came crashing back: the grief and shame and pain in his chest. 

Flashbacks, sometimes. Hallucinations.

He wasn’t particularly surprised to see his dead son lying on the cobblestones. It was bound to happen today. 

Bruce took a deep breath. It was time for another hell ride through his own subconsciousness. What would it be this time?

Older, he thought— this Jason looked older, the age he would be if he had lived. That was normal; Bruce spent a lot of time imagining Jason alive and growing up. This Jason looked like he had been on the street for a long time, and Bruce could explain that too; they’d met on this spot when Jason was young and homeless. Of course he was remembering that day. 

Bruce blinked away the image of Jason, small and defiant, sprinting towards the mouth of the alley with his tire iron. Who hit the Batman with a tire iron? Jason did. Jason was…

Well, Jason was dead. Jason had been extraordinary— brave, bright, explosive, kind— but he was gone, and the illusion on the pavement was just that: an illusion. A memory. Bruce’s mind playing tricks.

The punishment he deserved. He could feel it beginning like it always did, his heartbeat pounding in his ears, his fingertips, his chest, rooting him to the stone underneath him until he couldn’t run— not that he should run. He hadn’t saved Jason. The least he could do was feel it.

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This Thing Called Love (I Just Can't Handle It)

Summary: Clarke Griffin’s ill-timed discovery of her feelings for her roommate, Bellamy Blake, leads to a misunderstanding that confuses the both of them.

for awards winner @bispaceprincess

Word Count: 2320

Warnings: Slight Language


“Here’s the deal,” Clarke said, collapsing onto Bellamy’s bed as he shuffled around getting ready for the day. “Tonight is a good night to stay in and be lazy. So I’m thinking you and me, Chinese takeout, and a Netflix documentary of your choice.”

Bellamy looked over at her as he shrugged on his jacket.

“That’s tempting,” he said with a small smile. “But I can’t tonight.”

Clarke’s own smile faded and she sat up.

“You busy?” she asked.

He nodded as she tried to remember if he’d told her something about tonight. He never worked on Thursday nights, a byproduct of working at his station so long that he was consistently able to request them off.

“I’ll be late so don’t wait up, okay?” Bellamy said.

“Yeah sure,” Clarke nodded, unable to keep from frowning.

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Writing Romance (Lin-Manuel x Reader)

Summary: You and Lin spend the day book shopping. You get mistaken for a couple. Casual flirting in between.

Word Count: 669 (ha)

Warnings: Lots of flirting, a direct Alexander Hamilton quote, a non-existent book, a few cheesy Hamilton references, another cheesy twitter ending. Nothing honestly, I’m a fluff writer through and through.

A/N: A short ficlet that falls in line with the other fic I wrote, Halfway, but that one doesn’t have to be read for this one to make sense. I would’ve written something longer but I’m in the midst of battling a few ideas that r e f u s e to cooperate.

“Love, look what I found.” you chirped, sinking to the floor at the back of the bookstore to sit across from Lin. You leaned back against the bookcase behind you as you fished out the book. You held up A Complete Collection of Alexander Hamilton’s Work with a grin before you feathered through it and started to read aloud. 

“I have told you, and I told you truly that I love you too much. You engross my thoughts too entirely to allow me to think of anything else. You not only employ my mind all day; but you intrude upon my sleep. I meet you in every dream - and when I wake I cannot close my eyes again for ruminating on your sweetnesses.” you paused and your eyes flicked up to look at an unusually quiet Lin. “What?”

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Genji Shimada Headcanons


  • a reserved man with a tragic past, Genji is incredibly observant and cautious of those he comes into contact with.
  • as opposed to his younger self, the ninja is much more mature and insightful. while he is more relaxed and mellow than his older brother, he is neither naïve nor gullible.
  • for much of his life he struggled with accepting who he is and what he has become. with the help of his Master, he was able to find mostly inner peace. he does have moments of weakness and can be insecure, but is much more stable than years before.
  • Genji is mostly quiet, but will speak when addressed. he speaks more in his native language than English, but enjoys having conversations in either with those he befriends. he’s the type to correct a person politely if they were to say something incorrectly in Japanese. or laugh playfully.
  • he is open-minded, and accepting of many. he enjoys learning new things and educating himself on the world around him.
  • while older, he is still current and is knowledgeable of trends and technology. some things others may not suspect him to be aware of will be proven otherwise.
  • the former assassin is serious when need be, and is incredibly professional in terms of lending his services to those in need.
  • often one does not register his whereabouts, and that is due to his upbringing. he comes from a deadly clan, and is an exceptional fighter because of it. this does not even cover the advanced tactics he learned from his time in Blackwatch.
  • though he learned the ways of the assassin, Genji does not kill without reason. he prefers to avoid violence if he can, but will not retreat from a challenge.
  • often his blades are on his person, and he rarely leaves them in the company of others. only a select few were able to touch them, and he refuses to have anyone use them.
  • if his mind becomes clouded, he resorts to meditation or training to keep his mind sharp. he does not mind if one wishes to accompany him some times, but does not appreciate clingy or overbearing behaviour.
  • he has a large heart, and is protective of those he loves, platonically or otherwise.
  • it is very unlikely for one to see Genji with his mask off. because of how badly scarred his face is, in addition to feeling more secure with it on, he feels no need to reveal his face. do not attempt to coax him to take it off. he will not.
  • subjects such as his mask or what happened to him, he does not get into too deeply with strangers. he is at peace who he is, but does not want to revisit the conversation come every new encounter.
  • he does not mind if a person asks what type of armour he is equipped with, or to study Ryu-Ichimonji and his wakizashi visually. he does not appreciate, however, if someone tries to touch him unannounced whatsoever. not only will he dismiss them, but keep distance.
  • mostly calm, he can still be irritated. Genji is not violent when angry, but he will vocalize his agitation towards the person or situation that troubles him. he needs time away from others to calm down, so does not immediately want someone to try to help him.
  • a lot of his anger he’s internalized over the years, but his Master has helped him come to terms and healthily rid himself of it. presently he will at times keep deep frustration reserved, but it rarely gets to that point. his Master would be the first he would seek advice from, and Genji would return to the situation when he has a clearer mind.
  • disrespect towards his Master is not appreciated, and he will slowly grow to disapprove and dislike their company.
  • overall, the younger Shimada is a forgiving and gentle soul, but is guarded. he recognizes certain behavioural patterns, and will not associate with negative energy if he can avoid it.


  • relationships are bonds that mean greatly to the ninja, and he does not take them for granted.
  • he is not actively searching for love, and is often unsure if he’d even be ready for it. at times he feels lonesome on the subject, but does his best to not let it affect him.
  • it would be some time until he is in a relationship with anyone. it already takes a long time for him to develop genuine friendships, so a romance would be even more difficult.
  • emotionally, Genji is shy when it comes to romance.
  • he has had a multitude of mostly physical relationships with women in his past, as the occasional on-and-off situation between others, and from that doesn’t aim to repeat it.
  • at the same time, he does not want others coming onto him too strong, especially in terms of the physicality of the relationship. he wants a love that is genuine, and earned. he is not who he was years ago.
  • admittedly he’d doubt himself at first as to why a person would possibly be attracted to a cyborg, and if a relationship would truly work.
  • for an unknown amount of time, he would observe a person of interest and reflect unto himself as to how they are as a whole. he would analyze how truthful their relationship was, and if he would see any degree of growth between the two of them as a pair. despite not being involved with another romantically, he is acutely aware of superficial behaviours.
  • if he is more comfortable with a person and develops romantic feelings for them, he will not hound them with gifts or overwhelm them. he would keep. he would keep a respectable distance at first and he will not make it obvious. true to his upbringing, he will be silent about it and prove through his actions.
  • quietly Genji would invest more time in being around them. he’d be attentive to things they like. he’d research about it, to make the conversations longer. accompanying them with various tasks to learn more of them. invitations to meditate or training alone would become more common. he’d open up more to them, and listen when they need it most.
  • it truly would have to be a person special, because he would eventually show his face to them. this would not be an immediate action, however. a healthy progression in the relationship and patience will result in it. still slightly insecure about his appearance, he’d love the healthy and positive affirmations they’d tell him once he finally reveals himself.
  • Genji would be happy to educate them more of his sword, or even possibly assist them with wielding it. he’d never allow them to fully use it, for fear of them hurting themselves.
  • if one were comfortable enough, he’d be much more playful and casual in his wording with them. if they tried to learn Japanese or tried to repeat terms he uses, especially incorrectly, he’d find it endearing that they were trying their hardest.
  • affectionate terms such as “my love” and “my flower” will soon replace their name. sweet, complimentary Japanese phrases will also be used.
  • the flirting wouldn’t be obnoxious, but it would be there. he would enjoy seeing them embarrassed, but never go overboard.
  • Genji is not as wild as he was, but he still remains a charming figure. one shouldn’t underestimate his ability to make them fluster. he’d whisper things that he knows would catch them off guard. his playful side is very much there, but only when it is appropriate.
  • the first kiss with him would be one would never forget; full of yearning, love and passion. he hadn’t a kiss like that for some time, and would continue to make sure they knew how much he loved them.
  • he’d use his stealthy abilities to sneak hugs from behind, hug their waist, and place marks on their neck. if they don’t mind the cool steel on their skin, he’d explore even more of them.
  • he knows the human body pretty well, after all.
Syd Tries FanFiction: The Blarke Reunion

So fair fucking warning I have never in my life written fic before, but I typed this out for @clxrkblake tonight so we could cry and she told me to post it so I’m gonna. Basically this was my ideal, dream reunion before I saw the finale. (I’ve changed my mind about a few things since we saw the new ship but whatever I’ll still dream of this reunion every night for the next 9 months.)

So anyway, I wrote this up in like 30 minutes and there’s probably lots of typos, but deal with it and then come cry with me. <3


Bellamy sits by the window like he does every year, looking at the planet he used to call home. The glass in his hand is almost empty by now. It almost makes up for the whole thats still in his heart. It almost, for a second makes him forget she isn’t there beside him, that they never got that drink. 

He starts the same as he does every year. “I miss you. It’s been 6 years and I still miss you every day. You’d be so proud of everyone. Even Murphy.” He wipes at the tears collecting in his eyes. It never gets easier.

“I just wish… I wish I’d have told you when we had the chance. Timing never really was our strong suit was it? We were too busy keeping 100 kids alive. I wouldn’t trade it for the world though. Not a second of it.” He lifts the empty cup towards the planet thats now her grave. “I still love ya, Princess.”

He knows Raven’s behind him even before she comes to stand next to him. She’s always there for this. “It’s never gonna get easier is it?”

She shakes her head. “No. I still miss Finn every day. But you learn to deal with it. You never get over losing the one you love, their memory just becomes a part of who you are.”

He nods along. He asks her the same question every year. Every year, expecting to get a different answer. Maybe this time she’ll tell him ‘Yeah. The pain fades. One day you can breathe again. One day you’ll be able to look down at the earth below you and not feel that part of you that’s missing. But she never does.

“She’d be so proud of you Bellamy. You know that, right?”

“Yeah, I just-” The static of the radio on his hip interrupts his thoughts. “Shit I thought I turned that off.” He fumbles for it, hands made clumsy by the drinks he’s downed. He barely has it out of the holster when he stops himself. Was that? No… It couldn’t be… It was just the alcohol in his system. But then…

“Where - you?"A voice. A voice even after 6 years, after 100 years he would never let himself forget. Her voice.

"Oh my god…” Raven whispers from behind him. “It can’t…”

The radio depends back into static once more before going silent and Bellamy raises his own shocked eyes to meet Ravens. “Clarke?”


They don’t believe him. “You were just drunk Bellamy.” “It’s been six years Bellamy.” They think he’s holding on to a ghost, but he knows what he heard.

“We can’t risk it because you thought you heard a dead girl on the radio.” That’s Murphy.

“It could have been an old transmission… we can’t just go down without knowing anything-”

“I left her once. I am not doing it again. If there is even the slightest chance that she is alive down there, WE ARE GOING BACK FOR HER.”


Three weeks after the night by the window they make contact. He’s helping Monty check on the algae when he hears Raven screaming his name through the halls.

“I found it.” That’s all it takes for him to follow her to the control room, to the radio, to Clarke.

“This is the station it came through. But we don’t know for sure-”

“Have you tried to make contact yet?”

“No, we were waiting for you.”

“Ok…” He sighs and grabs the radio. This is it. He’s either about to finally find that missing piece of himself or lose it all over again. “This is Ark Ring to… the ground. Is anyone there? Clarke are you there?”

There’s nothing. It feels like hours floating through freezing water waiting to hear something, anything.


“I’m sorry Bell.” Monty puts a hand on his shoulder.

She’s gone. He pushes himself away from the table ready to yell, or cry, or hit something. 


“Holy shit.”

Bellamy could tell you he’s never moved that fast in his life, almost falling over himself to get to the radio. “Clarke?”

“Bell-my?” His legs give out, but Murphy leans in to ease his fall.

“Yeah. Yeah Clarke it’s me. Oh my- It’s you? It’s really you? How?”

“Yeah Bell, it’s me.” He can hear the tears in her voice, the same as his own. 

“I’m coming back for you. I’m coming back. I promise. I’m not leaving you again.”

“I miss you.” Its all she can say.


The day they land on Earth the second time, isn’t anything like the first. It’s raining for one.

Two, he knows what’s waiting for him when he opens the door. 

And she is. 

Standing at the tree line, looking as beautiful as the day he lost her, is Clarke. Her hair is shorter. And there’s one or two more wrinkles around her eyes when she smiles, but god is she beautiful. Its like they’re not frozen for a moment, both of them standing in shock and amazement that they finally get this. 

Then, it’s like time is moving in fast forward and he’s on his feet and hers are carrying her towards him and they crash together like suddenly all their forgotten broken pieces are fitting back together. He holds her so close he thinks he can feel her heartbeat in his chest and she tangles her small hands through his hair and they’re both crying. But for the first time in 6 years, they aren’t tears for grieving. He’s sobbing apologies against her hair and she’s whispering forgiveness against his shoulder and it’s almost like they didn’t lose those 6 years. Like they were kids again, stranded on a dying planet, leaning on each other for survival.

He pulls back first to look at her. He wants to take in every single inch of her face and memorize it because he never wants to have to forget that face again. 

“I never gave up.” She laughs. “Not on you.”

He stroked her cheek, through the rain and the tears. “I thought I lost you. For 6 years.”

“You didn’t.” She pulls him close against, resting her forehead against his, and they laugh. 

He spent the past 6 years wishing he hadn’t lost her, dreaming that she could come back to him, praying that he could just hold her one more time. And now he get’s all of it. Because she’s alive and in his arms and laughing with him in the rain and he’s never going to lose her again.

TAH DAH! I hope it wasn’t awful! I’m gonna tag a few mutuals so they can share my pain. Love you guys!

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Wavering Heaven

Request: “I’ve just read Coffee Shopes and Scars and could you do a part 2?? It was just so cute and wonderful!!!”

Word Count: 3,767

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Part 1

Tag List: @dont-give-a-bother @caseoffics @red-roses-and-stories @myrtus-amongst-the-stars @ly–canthrope @benniesgalaxy

Sunbeams strike your husband’s face. The golden light outlines the soft freckles dotting his face. His lips are parted, taking in and letting out deep breaths. His chest rises and fall in the same peaceful rhythm as his breaths, casting a shadow on your arm over and over. The sight brings a smile to your face as you run a thumb over his cheekbone and down a small scar on his cheek courtesy of your own clumsiness when dealing with a murtlap. You don’t feel too guilty given the amount of scars crawling up and down your arms that Newt caused before you met him.

The coffee shop where you first met Newt earns your business at least once a year, sometimes more if the two of you happen to stay in town for any amount of time. The sweet little shop hasn’t grown or changed much, aside from investing in more durable vases. Newt had proposed there six months after you first fell for him, then brought you back the past three years for your anniversary.

You trace shapes with his freckles as you contemplate your marriage and how you ended up somewhere so vastly different from anywhere you’d ever even dreamed of. Newt is heaven. He’s a blessing that has only ever proved the existence of soulmates, that the universe didn’t mess up when it brought the two of you together.

A tide of peaceful joy swells in your chest when Newt shifts, murmuring nonsense as he wakes up.

“Good morning, darling.” You say, pulling your hand back to your side.

He blinks his green eyes open, smiling when he sees you. “Morning, love.” He mumbles.

His sleepy smile warms you. “You must have slept well.”

“Quite well.”

“I didn’t see you come to bed.”

He stretches, revealing a strip of skin on his stomach that you run your fingers over. “Pickett wanted to talk. He wouldn’t stop ‘til I let him sleep in my vest pocket.”

That explains why the vest is so nicely hung on the coat rack in the corner. “I guess I should just be happy you made it to bed at all.”

His cheeks tinge pink as he slides out of bed and changes the subject, heading to the dresser. “You’re shopping today, right?”

You step next to him, giggling at his expression when he notices his jade sweater grazing the middle of your thighs. “That was the plan. Need something?”

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anonymous asked:

reader x scoups ; thigh riding

Slow Down

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 882

Summary: Riding Seungcheol’s thigh. That is all.

(A/N): THIS HAS BEEN IN MY INBOX FOR LIKE TEN YEARS I’M SORRY I hope you enjoy it tho!!! I rage wrote this bc I’m stressed af about finals so (Oh also this has some light daddy kink in it so like if you’re really not into that I suggest skipping this one)

Originally posted by imbangnzelo

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BVB Feiertagsmagazin w/ Erik Durm - English translation
  • Nobby: Here he is! I'm very happy you've found your way to me once again, Erik. So far you haven't won a "Goal or No Goal" game against me, that's why I'm especially happy you're here today and I hope it stays that way. Are you confident?
  • Erik: Yeah, it didn't work out the last two times but I think it's finally time that I kick your ass.
  • Nobby: I'm excited! (laughs) Have you analysed the match against Benfica, yet?
  • Erik: Yeah, we talked about it in the hotel. Obviously, we were all sad about the result. I think our approach and way of playing was very good. I think Benfica only had one shot on goal, that one header, and otherwise we didn't give them any chances. Still sucks to lose 1:0 but we're confident that we'll be able to turn things around at home in front of our fans and proceed to the quarter finals.
  • Nobby: Have you ever experienced such a match? Being so dominant?
  • Erik: I don't think so, I mean I've only been here for 3 1/2 - 4 years and I haven't experienced something like it in that way. We were clearly the dominant team, we created many chances, even top-class ones, but yeah, sometimes the ball just doesn't want to get in. Sometimes there are matches like that. Nevertheless we have created a lot of chances, which was very important for us, for the team, and like I said we'll turn things around at home.
  • Nobby: You played badly in Darmstadt and lost, you played excellently in Lisbon and lost. Which face will we see on Saturday?
  • Erik: Well, I hope the one we showed in Lisbon only this time we of course want to get 3 points, we want to win. It's important for us to continue our home run and yeah, we feel good. Of course Darmstadt was a slip-up. Unfortunately, sometimes there are such games where nothing works out and the opponents surpass themselves and that was the case in Darmstadt. But it's still our own fault as well. But I think in Lisbon we showed a reaction and I think we'll be at the top of our game against Wolfsburg. We had 4 days to take a break and...
  • Nobby: And the spirit/mood/morale is good?
  • Erik: Well, yeah after Darmstadt we all were dejected, Lisbon as well, but looking at how we played I think we can look forward to Saturday with confidence.
  • Nobby: That's what you have to keep in mind and if you play like that on Saturday we won't lose.
  • Erik: Definitely!
  • Nobby: You're up against Wolfsburg. You usually say you don't look at how the opponent is doing. But we should and have to do that: they have won 2 of their last 4 games and lost the other 2. How do you rate/judge the team at the moment?
  • Erik: It's difficult to say something about Wolfsburg. They definitely have improved during the second half of the season, they have played good games, sometimes it's a bit of a surprise/lucky bag but to be honest, I haven't watched a lot of Wolfsburg matches. I'd rather focus on our team so I think if we follow through like we want to and if we play like on Tuesday against Lisbon we will win and we don't have to talk a lot about the others, just about us and then things will work out.
  • Nobby: Erik, you're free of injuries, you're a regular in the starting XI. Apart from the two losses how much do you enjoy your current situation?
  • Erik: Of course I enjoy it a lot. It's important for every player to be free of injuries and get playing time. I get that at the moment so I'm very happy but as I said my health is currently still my main focus.
  • Nobby: (touches Erik's knee) Is everything alright?
  • Erik: Yes, everything's ok. (both laugh) And yeah our manager is satisfied with our current performance as well and of course I'm always very self-critical. Especially after Darmstadt I was very self-critical and wasn't satisfied with myself but nevertheless I'm fit, I'm healthy and I'm happy about every minute I get.
  • Nobby: Currently, you're playing in midfield as a winger. You played the same position in the U23. Do you feel comfortable there?
  • Erik: Well, the midfield postion is mainly an offensive part, I'm still also playing in the back five in the defense. We always shift around a bit which works pretty well. Obviously, Schmelle and I always have to run a lot but I think we both know how to do that. That's why this position fits us well and yeah, being involved at the front is always fun...
  • Nobby: You were a striker originally, weren't you?
  • Erik: I was originally playing as a 9 so not that much on the wings but-
  • Nobby: You know how to score goals
  • Erik: One can hardly imagine, yeah. (both laugh) I had some inhibitions when I played for the Dortmund amateurs, didn't quite work out with scoring but after that I've become a defender pretty quickly, thanks to Kloppo, but it's still a lot of fun to be able to make a difference in the offense.
  • Nobby: The Süd will be empty. That will be a weird picture for all of us, for you as well?
  • Erik: Yes definitely! I mean, the atmosphere here in our stadium is always awesome. The süd being behind us is quite impressive. Especially when we play at home they encourage us and spur us on immensely. Yeah... it's such a shame that the Süd won't be there on Saturday.
  • Nobby: When you score a goal you'll still celebrate toward the Süd...
  • Erik: Yes! (both laugh) Yeah, if I score a goal, which for me doesn't happen that often, I'll still celebrate of course.
Odd liar.

A victuuri thingy based on @aina-p‘s AU post. Warning, this is awfully written but I was in a rush to finish this out of excitement. Does this story have a sequel? Maybe, maybe not.

Yuri was, to be fair, quite young when he started skating. And he did it mostly because he thought Yuko was cute, and she liked skating, so of course he had to find a way to impress her with that. He wasn’t exactly talented, but there was no denying that he had potential and talented or not, he was good at it; and he had fun doing it, which was important as well.

So years after his first time on ice, Yuri was now a skating teacher alongside Yuko and her husband Nishigori, and while teaching wasn’t as fun as skating on his own, he had no reason to complain. He was helping others and making some money in the process.

It was weird to have older students; Yuri was pretty used to deal with kids and on rare occasions, teenagers.

Not only the man that crossed the front door was older but he was also not Japanese. And he was undeniably attractive. With his silver hair, piercing blue eyes and cared figure he was drawing all the attention from people all around regardless of their gender. Yuko was obviously impressed when he approached her at the front table.

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anonymous asked:

I'm sorry to bother you but can you maybe recommend a few sasunarusasu fics? I'm feel like I've read every fanfic out there and I'm desperate for something new. Thanks!

Okay, let’s do this~! (Long post ahead, also primarily SasuNaru as that’s what I read the most >_>)

10 SureFire Ways To Get Uzumaki Naruto Into Bed by Benq

View Sasuke’s 10 ways to get Naruto into bed.

Warnings: Language, Cracky, One-shot

(Cracky little fic that in the end, tells you that the best way is to ask for consent :D)

100 Roses by Flika

Naruto gets roses for Valentines Day.

Warnings: SasuNaru, mega fluff, one-shot

(Just a really sweet fic tbh)

A Banquet of Blood and Pleasure by VioletWylde

Normal, healthy relationships have problems like arguing over who did the dishes last. Normal, healthy relationships are lived in the light of day. Normal, healthy relationships are boring. Our relationship is neither normal nor healthy. It isn’t perfect. But I couldn’t live without it… in fact I would willingly die for it

Warnings: Vampire!Sasuke, Blood tw, Language, Lemons

(In case you wanted something bloody? “>_>)

A Bundle of Promises by Infinite Vibrance

It all started when Naruto opened his locker one day and found a dangling rose, and with that rose… came a promise.

Warnings: Highschool AU, Complete

(A sweet fic where SNS gets together. Also a side fic is available known as A Small Box)

A Fox And A Hound by darkalbino

Not even nature’s rivalry can come between affection, as orphaned fox Naruto and hunting dog Sasuke are about to discover…

Warnings: Fox&Hound!AU, Language, Some dark/mature themes

(I love SNS!Disney fics like a lot okay)

A Penny for Your Fortune by abskjg

Sasuke unwillingly visits a ‘fortune teller’ who describes his soul-mate to him.

Warnings: SasuNaru, one-shot

(Once again, mostly fluff)

A Thousand Generations by Fifi McFu

Sentenced to a thousand rebirths, Sasuke isn’t enjoying the life of a mortal one bit. That is, until he changes school and lays eyes on a remnant from the Old Times who doesn’t seem to remember him.

Warnings: AU, One-shot

(Highly recommended! Actually anything by this author is highly recommended including:

Fireflies, Dirrty, Hunt or Be Hunted, Rivalry, Here be Maerfolk, Piercings, Uniform)

All the Small Things by michelerene

Life in the ER is hectic. Lives hang in the balance, tempers rise and emotions abound. Dr. Uchiha and Dr. Uzumaki deal with the tensions at work every day. And then they go home and deal with their own relationship.

Warnings: Hospital AU, Dramatic at times

(Ppl have their controversies about this author’s work, from The Divine Glitch to The Demilitarized Zone. My first fic from them was For the Love of His Son which still remains one of my fav SN fics on top of one of my first. However, this is the fic that holds its place as my favorite fic from this author. *Note, all the fics mentioned are my recommended ones tho For the Love of His Son has mpreg*)

Beyond War by Om0cha

The Fourth Shinobi War has ceased but the world continues to search for Naruto Uzumaki. The one entrusted to keep him hidden from both sides can only wait for a day that never seems to come, for the day when he can finally remind him, breathe.

Warnings: Takes place in War Arc then fast forwards 10 years, AU, Dramatic as fuck, Incomplete

(If there was anyway to prolong the Naruto manga/war arc and make it enjoyable, Om0cha found it. Seriously, all my favorite lines from any fanfic come from this fic alone. So, yes highly recommended as well as in my top 3 SN fanfic.)

Blanket Love by Hakai-sama

Sasuke is jealous of Naruto’s baby blanket-but there’s more reason behind it than Sasuke sees.

Warnings: Blood tw

(I don’t have enough angst on this list.)

Bound by the Ring: Remake by acommonname

Uchiha Sasuke is a young Sales and Marketing Director in Hokage Corporations. Nominated by “Chakra Magazine” as the most eligible bachelor in their last issue. Sasuke was constantly met with aggressive husband-hunting women and occasional men day in and day out until he decided to wear a fake wedding ring on his finger to keep them at a distance. Everything was great until-

Warnings: Real World AU, Language, Liar Reveal Plot in some ways

(I immensely enjoy this fic as well as the old version)

Cell Phone Trouble by ladywolfTerri

Sasuke gets a cell phone and so much more.

Warnings: NaruSasu I believe?

(Silly oneshot that’s more for humor than anything else)

Censor by Om0cha

Writing a kinky movie script with Naruto as the kink is indisputably easier when Sasuke isn’t there.

Warnings: Crack and it’s lovely, Based off of Naruto Shippuden: Blood Prison, One-shot.

(Drinking Game: How many kinks can you spot in this fic let alone the movie itself?)

Christmas Morning by LuvversLuvvie

Sasuke made sure Naruto would have the best Christmas in his life.

Warnings: All of the fluff

(Christmas fluff because why the hell not)

Cloud Cover by SecretSky

Naruto’s led a tough life, but with a fresh start at a new school, his natural optimism kicks in. Unfortunately, things are about to get far worse. Pulled into a world of drugs, abuse and crime, he must find a way to make it out alive or die trying. “Remember, Uzumaki,” he said to the mirror, “Your real life is with your friends. This…this is just a nightmare.”

Warnings: Drug Abuse tw, Sexual Abuse tw, Gun tw, Violence tw, Organization tw, Abuse in general tw, Naruto goes through some shit, Sasuke goes through shit, Complete, Highschool AU.

(Very highly recommended. I consider this fic to be more in detail about drugs/the effects than the Rommates Trilogy so watch out for that. This story focuses more on friendship rather than SN, but the sequel, Red Storm, is supposed to make up for that.)

Cohabitation by fool.0

Sasuke starts calling Naruto “The Misses” behind his back two months after moving in with him. It was, in retrospect, akin to ritual suicide.

Warnings: SasuNaru, AUish, Language, Naruto screams most of his dialogue


Crossing The Distance by Dana-Eliza

Naruto is addicted to the internet with the focus on Fanfiction. Here he finds an author with amazingly written works and after the first review was sent, their relationship blossoms. But will it survive when Naruto finds out Sasuke lives in another country?

Warnings: Real World AU, SNS, Dutch!Sasuke, Complete, Very long

(I think I stopped reading in the mid 20s because issues, but the story is still enjoyable)

Anything by TanukiRaccoon including:

What Happens In Tanzaku CityGotta Be SomebodyBlank CanvasHallelujahThe ABC’S Of LoveSix Bowls  (ESPECIALLY SIX BOWLS)

Anything by gweatherwax (FFN) *just a warning, near everything under her name has a lemon and she likes to experiment with strange shit). Including:

It’s all about the uke anywayThe EndEvil, Ugly Little Uchiha - A Sad Fairy TaleThe tale of the gutsy ninjasThere’s always room for Sasuke’s sausageHeatstroke

Good Morning by just-another-generic-emo-kid

Sasuke is sleepy and Naruto is definitely not.

Warnings: Fluff, One-Shot

(Fluff much?)

Hold Me Back by reign of tears

One last hurt.

Warnings: All of the angst. Also, Sai v Sasuke, Language.

(Hi fanfic that left me emotionally numb for several days and holds its place in my top five SNS fics).

How by theallpowerfullme

Sasuke obsessing over Naruto’s ass.

Warnings: Language, Kind of lemon

(Best oneshot ever, 10/10)

Hurt, Cope, Heal by can’t.save.this.sinking.ship

Sasuke’s a successful lawyer whose lover Naruto has just been through a trauma. Naruto is taking his time working through it, but Sasuke would prefer he just get over it. Together they must learn to deal with the past before it becomes their future.

Warnings: Dramatic, KakaIru, ShinoKiba 

(I find the chapters after 17 to be a bit more hastily written but I still recommend this in my top 20 SNS fanfics)

In Good Company by fool.0

This will sound a little ridiculous, no matter how Sasuke phrases it. “I see dead people” is embarrassingly tacky, and “I’m half-spirit” seems like something Sakura might say when she’s stoned sky high. So he settles for a shrug.

Warnings: Language, Sasuke’s POV, the story is not entirely on FFN

(It’s one of those ‘what if so and so character can see dead people and what if those people were the four Hokages?” kind of fics. The so and so person just happens to be Sasuke, of course.)

Life Swap by xLoveless19

Naruto’s marriage with Sai is deteriorating and he doesn’t know how to fix it, not to mention they’re in some serious debt. However a new reality TV show is looking for couples that are willing to swap lives with another couple. Naruto decides to enter to try winning the prize and save his marriage. But he might get more than what the original prize has to offer.

Warnings: SasuSaku (it’s not really prominent in the sense that they interact ‘romantically’) SaiNaruSai (same thing as the other), Language, Incomplete, Can be considered Sakura Bashing, and essentially a Wife Swap AU

(Highly recommended as well as top 20 SNS fanfics)

Liquid Passion by darkalbino

Stabbed and nearly drowning to your death at the bottom of a demon’s lake? It’s not even the last place you’d expect to find love.

Warnings: One-shot, Language, Voreish??? (Sasuke eats Naruto’s flesh, but Naruto isn’t ‘harmed’ by it as much as he gets turned on I suppose >_>)

(Cute and fluffy while having some drama here and there.)

Medium by Talilea

Naruto has had the ability since he was a little child. He can see things that are to come. But when a simple handshake throws into a world of violence who will protect him?

Warnings: Slight non-con, Violence, Gore, SasuNaru, Language, Incomplete, AU

(Some parts of it is drawling with explanation/exposition, but I like the concept very much)

The PR by LuvversLuvvie

Sasuke Uchiha is the youngest CEO of the widely popular and successful Uchiha Corp, and did someone say major hottie? Every newspaper, magazine, talk show, and news program wants an interview with the man who’s got it all, but you have to go through his PR if you want even a chance.

Warnings: Language, Sakura Bashing

(Cute, fluffy, dramatic, and in my top five SNS fanfics)

Ego Trip:

Hit and Run, In The Rain, Half Moon

I’ve been working on this for at least four hours and now I’m really tired and I want to add more (at least 30 more fics), but like I said, I’m tired. xD I hope these work for you, anon!

(click for full view) This is super late but I don’t care, I am absolutely over the moon with happiness with the confirmation of Jughead Jones’ asexuality, I’m going to go on a huge corny ramble below the cut because holy Christ Almighty does this mean a lot to me…

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The Lost City of Altea: Chapter Two

@tokyoteddywolf and @futureblackpaladin enjoy my four-hour writing spree

“Shiro? You here? I’m home,” Keith called out into his apartment. He nearly dropped his notes when he saw the woman standing in front of his window.

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Flowershop AU

part one. this was never meant to be more than two parts, but i merged a helnik au into and now we’re here….

For Inej working at the flower shop was a rest stop on the road to something much more important. She wasn’t sure where she was headed, but the desire to do something more—be more—compelled her. 

She had an innate ambition to travel, wandering as hereditary in her family as her brown eyes. The big city lights of Ketterdam lured her from her small town—much like her coworker, Jesper. They both migrated to the city for college, each taking on jobs that consumed their leisure time to make ends meet, ending up in the same overlooked shop. They were two young adults whose friendship flourished, not because of the routine of seeing each other, but due to the fact they both felt like tiny fish in a vast, dark ocean they never belonged in. Though unlike him, she had plans to get out of the complicated net Ketterdam ended up to be. She witnessed first hand how the city sucked people in and trap them; she couldn’t allow herself to be one of them. 

She didn’t feel rooted here. Or anywhere for that matter. She would wade through Ketterdam with the same vigor she used in her other travels. Some feared getting lost, but Inej enjoyed the mystery of it, the thrill of what parts of herself she could discover each time she traveled some place new.

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Gajevy Week: Prompt: Grief Tear Me Down to Build Me Up


Rated: M-ish


Tear Me Down to Build Me Up

Inspired by: “Come and Get It” by Krewella

Post Tartarus

“I’ve been thinking…”

“How come I have a feelin’ it ain’t about anything good…”

“I’m thinking of… when you were in Phantom Lord.”

The silence was thick and uncomfortable.

“I don’t wanna be thinkin’ ‘bout that, Lev… I hurt ya…”

“I know… but I realized it taught me a lesson. An important one.”

“You may see me struggle, but you will never see me quit…”

Levy read that line over and over. Despite how many times she tried to move her eyes away from it, she always ended up rereading the quote placed under the chapter title.

It described Fairy Tail.

It described her.

A soft sigh left her lips as it got her thinking.

Her family. Her friends. Her home. Her powers. Her present. Her future.

Her past…

Or more specifically her past with Gajeel. The events that shaped her currently.

It made her think of a lot of things about herself.

“Hey Levy!” Jet’s voice pulled her from her thoughts as he and Droy slid across from her.

“What’s got you so deep in thought?” Droy asked, offering her some of the cookies she had.

Absently she took a cookie and brought it to her lips, but rather than taking a bit her eyes glossed over in thought again.

“Earth to Levy!” Jet laughed, even after a year apart she was still the same, she blinked and gave them a confused look as she took a bite of the cookie. Giving an appreciative nod at the taste to Droy who grinned. “What are you so lost in thought about?”

“A lot of things really.” She hummed taking another bite. “Droy, this cookie is amazing.” Her fingers were in front of her mouth as she spoke, this earned a grin from the plant mage.

“No way, Lev. Cough it up.” Jet stayed firm as he watched the blunette swallow her bite.

“… My parents… Master Makarov… Phantom Lord… How I’ve changed.”

“Hold on, I must have heard you wrong. I thought you said Phantom Lord for a second.” Jet laughed awkwardly, trying to brush off her comment.

“I did.” Suddenly both men were silent.

“Why?” Jet’s voice came out sharper than he intended.

“This quote reminded me of my dad… something he used to say when I was little… and something Master once said was very much like my dad’s advice…”

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Fic: As Many As Possible Squeezed In Between

Title: As Many As Possible Squeezed In Between
Author(s): Lavenderprose
Rating: T
Summary: The Nikiforovs welcome their firstborn.

Notes: My contribution to Victuuri Week Day five, the prompt for which was ‘Domesticity’ and, specially, the Yuuri prompt which was ‘Family’. This is VERY VAGUELY omegaverse (I think the universe concepts are mentioned?? once?? aside from Mpreg of course) and is one part of something I hope to continue. It’s the first part of a longer story I hope to write about Viktor and Yuuri going from first-child jitters to fifth-child expertise.

I’m just a fucking slut for pregnancy fics ok don’t question me.

I’m also trying out a new writing style for this one so feedback before I refine it an put it on Ao3 would be great!

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A promise once broken

There is a bit of dark Doctor here. Sorry. Really bad in every sense but forgive me. This is simply something i made up as i went along.

You had been travelling with the Doctor for a long time now, and cared very deeply for him. He seemed to be an amazing man. Even through all of the pain and horror of the war and even things before that and after. Losing all of his friends, one by one. You had promised him and yourself you would never leave him. He had gone through so much and sometimes all someone like him needed was a friend. You were of course devastated by Donna’s leaving, but you were more than willing to put your own problems aside for the Doctor, something you were sure few had ever done.

Recently though you couldn’t help but notice him seem to change. You had seen what Martha’s leaving did to him, but this was different. It didn’t feel like simply grieving to you. He just didn’t seem himself. And that was meant in the worst way possible. You had known he had a dark side, of course he did, he fought a war, but you had never expected it to ever see the light of day. Then, of course, there didn’t seem to be any light since Donna had left. Not for the two of you at least.

You watched him with wide eyes as he turned to make his way back to the base.

“Doctor?” You called uncertainly. He didn’t respond. You moved quickly to catch up to him and keep up all the way back. You should have known the two of you should’ve left earlier. This didn’t look good. Your fears were being confirmed as he seemed to ignore you back to the base and started barking out orders to everyone inside. You watched from the side, noticing with a frown that he gave everyone a job to do but left you out. You resigned yourself to watching him as he worked, trying desperately to collect your thoughts on what was going on with him and, not the least of which, how to help him. How to save your mad man from himself.

When Adelaide brought up the future and what had to happen, you had thought it might get through to him. One glance at his expression told you otherwise.

“Yes, because there are laws, the laws of time. Once upon a time there were people in charge of those laws, but they died. They all died. Do you know who that leaves? Me!”

You flinched as his voice became louder, finding yourself backing further into the corner where you stood, suddenly for the first time afraid of the man who had vowed to protect you.

“It’s taken me all these years to realize the laws of time are mine and they will obey me!”


The base shuddered and it took you a moment to realize it was you who had spoken.

“No, Doctor it doesn’t work that way. Why do you think those laws existed in the first place if they weren’t important. Laws do not obey, Doctor, no matter how hard you try, people do! That is how it’s supposed to work!”

“How would you know?!” He screamed suddenly. You knew you would’ve flinched and most certainly have fallen silent at that had you not been already too far gone. Like him. “You have no idea, (Y/N)! You’re just a human! Simple as that! You’re understanding doesn’t even reach far enough to know what you’re talking about right now! You’re simply someone i made the mistake to think could tag along!”

You felt anger boil under your skin at his words but decided with what little good judgement you were using to forget the personal stabs he was taking.

“I may not know the laws Doctor, but i know the universe has been just fine with someone around to follow them! I know you’ve been there to save the universe from countless others who said the same thing you’re saying right now! The laws are in your hands Doctor, but not for you to throw them away! How can you not see what you’re doing right now? How can you not understand you have to stop!”

“I don’t have to” His voice suddenly seemed calm, his anger reigned in below the surface. This, you knew, was when he was his most dangerous. You had never dreaming it would be directed at you. “I don’t have to do anything you say (Y/N). I never did. Because in this universe, I am everything”

The Doctor seemed to have had enough and stepped forward suddenly, standing inches from you so you had to look up to see him properly. His old and usually soft and loving eyes burned with something much different. Anger, no, rage, stared back at you in it’s purest form through his eyes. You suddenly found he was terrifying but you weren’t going to go that far just to back down now. You simply stared up at him defiantly, preparing yourself for whatever you could imagine him saying next. 

But you could never have expected what was to come.

“And you are nothing”

His words were barely a whisper but the impact of them spoken so close made them louder than anything you’d ever heard in your life. Everything seemed to stop, even as he turned his back on you and left to return to what he was doing. The exact thing you were warning him about. You felt tears sting your eyes as you stumbled back into the wall behind you. You ignored the brief worried glances of the few others in the base as they hurried about, following the Doctor’s orders.

You are nothing

The second you stepped foot in the TARDIS you had stumbled your way to your room, even as you were being flown out of an explosion. You knew what you had to do. If that’s what the Doctor really thought of you, he shouldn’t really care if you left. If anything, it should provide the kind of wake up call you had always depended on Donna to give him before. You quickly threw some of the things you had brought with you into a bag and looked around your room sadly.

You were going to miss this place, and you were going to miss him. But that was the problem. You weren’t leaving him, not really. He was already gone.

You left the rest behind, taking your small bag with you as you headed right for the console room. You sat on the jump seat, waiting for the Doctor to return to tell him to take you home. He walked in eventually and by that time you were sitting with your hands in your lap, your bag beside you and your eyes focused on your shoes. You saw him from the corner of your eye move to the console silently. He stopped and you waited another moment before speaking, taking notice of the fact that he obviously hadn’t looked at you.

“Take me home”

You saw his head move quickly as he fixed his eyes on you, but you kept yours firmly down.

“What…” It was barely a whisper.

“I said, take me home” You looked up then. “I mean, you don’t mind do you? After all, I’m nothing” He looked so different from before, the sadness and almost horror in his gaze threatened to make you stay. It looked like him again.

“(Y/N)…” His tone was soft, pleading even.

“No” You stopped him. “Take me home Doctor, i can’t do this” You returned to staring at your shoes and he said nothing for a moment.

“You said you’d never leave me”

His voice was barely a whisper but it echoes around the all but empty TARDIS, soon to be emptier.

“So did you” You retorted, somehow finding the strength to look him in the eyes. “But you have, Doctor. This isn’t you. You’ve changed. The Doctor i knew is gone. The Doctor I made my promise to, wanted to travel with for the rest of my life, is not here. And I’ve made a different decision for this one” You weren’t sure how you managed to get that much out without breaking down, but you weren’t about to crack now. “So, please, take me home”

The Doctor gave a solemn nod, moving slowly around the console as he piloted the TARDIS back to your time. He said nothing when you landed, tucking his hands in his pockets and staring at the base of the console. You sat there a moment before standing, still finding the whole situation too surreal. You looked up at him one last time.

“I thought i finally had you figured out” You said quietly. He didn’t react. “I never wanted to do this. But the Doctor who saved my life that quiet night in Cardiff isn’t the same man i saw today” You took a deep breath before continuing, the words you’d wanted to say for so long coming out so wrong in this situation. “The Doctor i love is gone” He looked up at you then, mouth open slightly and his eyes full of hundreds of years of sadness and tears.

You knew if you waited any longer you could cave and decide to stay, which was just about the worst thing to ever happen in this circumstance. Or so you reasoned.

Without another word you turned to the TARDIS doors and left them for the last time. You closed your eyes as you heard the door creak shut behind you. Composing yourself best you could, you walked away and into your dark and empty apartment, a single bag in hand. You heard the TARDIS dematerialize minutes later as you sat under the window in your still dark living room. Silent tears were running down your face as you sat there. But you didn’t care about what he had said to you, or even much so about leaving.

You cared that you had promised to save him. And you had failed.

P.S There will be a part two, if significantly smaller, at least, i think. I can never stop writing once i start, short stories never worked out well for me. Anyway, i am so sorry for this. Still no idea what it really is.

P.P.S The second part is very much fluffier and has a happy sort of ending

P.P.P.S still sorry

edenial  asked:

After 12x19, do you think the season will end on a mutual love but separation kind of note for Destiel or do you think it'll be glossed over and bro-zoned like they usually do? I'm positive it'll be something other than "no homo" because Dabb wrote the finale and he is known for giving satisfying Destiel moments, but I'm kinda also afraid they will keep it low-key to the point of nonexistent because studios? Love, Eden 💕

2. So according to your chart, did we get our break up moment yet?

I’m going to answer these two together, and urfg I wish I had the patience to wait til I got home and do it justice but I really want to answer now so… here goes.

I was just thinking and noting down on another post about how I do believe it will be a “happy ending” or as much as it can be in SPN by series end, but that means there will probably be heartache and pain between now and then, because that’s how stories work.

I believe most likely by entire series end we will have TFW heading up a mol/hunter teacher training group, using mol tech and knowledge and hunter morality, probably free will factoring in MASSIVELY in that finale, Destiel, Saileen and the end of bro - codependency in a healthy positive way, whilst still being generally together, just less “on top of each other” and unhealthy.

Regarding Destiel this kind of then has to factor in backwards from the series finale if it is going to be endgame, which I believe it will be (well, I was like 95% sure, with 5% leeway for production reasons stomping on it, now a part of me is actually wondering if it’s 5% stomping still, but actually another 15% maybe Dabb changing SPN into this “better way” script between now and endgame and maybe even getting it earlier…. who knows at this point, it’ll be so much clearer in 12x22/23 where Dabb is leading us and what his aims are!).

I was headcanoning before 12x19 that we would get a CHOSEN separation in 12x19 i.e. It would be down to their own decisions, they’d probably have a big argument, then a true realisation and textualisation of feelings for Dean between 20-21, a ‘reconciliation’ ie they’re brought back together again by plot points in the finale and a FORCED separation in the finale, probably with one or the other making a relatively unambiguous show of their feelings.

Therefore this whole part of the story is the break up.

This is because I was thinking old school SPN - that they ‘just can’t have nice things’, that Destiel is so obvious now they cannot be in the same room as each other without a chaperone for more than 30 seconds without it being SUPER romantic (and boy did 12x19 prove that right!) and that the goal wasn’t to have Destiel before endgame so therefore they HAD to be separated.

Then as you know the part after this is the “winning him back” phase which makes a lot of sense too because Dean DIDNT reciprocate Cas’s “I love you”, he has been upset of course but basically towards Cas has been quite cold since 12x12 (see the 12x15 phone conversations) - until 12x19 of course but he is STILL hiding behind Sam in all his “we’s”, STILL hiding behind Cas is FAMILY and family - zoning him etc etc so he HAS to work on himself and have his realisation lightbulb moment (even if so far it seems he is currently having something of a sort, it’s still not strong enough given his words to Cas) and then work to win him back.

So really Dean NEEDS this realisation arc, aided massively by Mary I believe as the extension of Amara, who I meta’d about loads being the exposition of Dean’s feelings for Cas in season 11, bleeding into season 12 and boy do we see Dean’s facade coming down this season, it’s GLORIOUS, and Mary is a huge part of that.

So seeing that leaked confrontation between Dean and Mary? And the fact the episode is called “who we are” - and I think Mary will also be honest here about herself, I feel like this is exactly what we ARE going to get between 12x20-22….

This whole season has been showing Dean’s facade coming down and lo and behold his feelings for Cas seem much more obvious too, funny that!

At the same time the more we advance with season 12 the more I see this other side from Dabb, the “better way”, happier ending etc so I’m also open to this idea that perhaps this season finale won’t end in separation but a kind of “happy” interim ending with other aspects being the problem for next year.

BUT with all of what’s happened already validating my theory so perfectly I’m very interested to see what happens now in these interim episodes before the finale… as I’m more than open too to have been massively misdirected as Dabb does love a bit of that ;) overall whole series arc though, I mean, it seems clear to me that this is where it’s headed.

Short term though it SEEMS to be setting up for a separation at season end with season 13 set up similar to early season 7 and 9 (which would make sense with the current season 6 and 8 parallels) with Cas separated from them and Dean in a total mess, more obviously romantic and finally a brainwashing / crypt scene rehash but stronger and much more Destiel heavy. Or could this all be crammed in to the season 12 finale? Then they’d end this season together….Maybe…. that’s the “happier” option and only would work if Dabb is going to really go to town on this “better way” and totally new version of SPN moving forwards between now and series end.

I’m still tentatively confident in my first reading though. But hey idk I literally just love stories and love this show and make up theories, I’m not privy to any inside information!

But as to whether this is all just misdirection or if it may bleed into season 13 is interesting… there are just so many options because there are so many different storylines all converging and we don’t know Dabb’s short term goals even if I’m relatively sure of the long term ones.

Also, if this does happen the break up thing is going to be this whole arc from 12x12 - whenever the crypt scene / whatever happens in season 13 to get Cas back. The break up doesn’t mean just an argument or whatever, it’s the whole part of the story where they are separated and realise their feelings and have to work to get back together…so it can be very long especially in SPN where plot points that last 10 minutes in a movie can be dragged out over whole seasons!

Dabb loves mirrors and subversions and there have been so many misdirections I am not certain of anything short term.

Except the baby will NOT be inherently evil, Mary and Dean’s confrontation is going to be SO KEY to Dean’s future arc until endgame, Destiel is real and will be important moving forwards and Cas has to either regain his free will IF he is currently brainwashed or show textually that he has his own free will.

anonymous asked:

i'm in love with your writing it actually gives me life lmao but i was wondering if you could do a RFA+V+Saeran where they're in the zombie apocalypse?? if you don't want to that's perfectly fine, but i'm also obsessed with the walking dead and i think it'd be pretty cool-thank uu !! ~~


This is an interesting one! Thanks for the requests, guys!

~If you wanted an actual scenario, you can inbox me. Specify one of the MM characters (doing them all would be too much) and I’ll get to it when I can.^^

◉ Yoosung

  • He was a strong warrior in LOLOL
  • Now it was time for him to be strong in real life!
  • Actually like super violent??
  • When it comes to protecting you
  • His weapon is a Long sword 
  • He feels like a real medieval warrior when he’s protecting you, slashing through the enemy
  • Gets this crazed look in his eyes if you’re in danger
  • He does change, he’s no longer this soft boi anymore
  • He was finally a manly man
  • Kind of made you sad that the Yoosung you knew was long gone, but damn he was keeping you alive so…

◉ Jumin

  • He has a ginormous, extremely secure underground bunker.
  • There’s seeds to grow for years and years and a grow room
  • Solar power w/backup generators
  • Literally everything and anything you could need to survive this
  • Comfortably
  • You were shocked like
  • When tf did he have this built????
  • He would be extra clingy with you
  • Yes, it’s possible.
  • Does not want you out of his sight, EVER
  • He’s happy as long as you’re down there with him
  • Couldn’t care less about what happens to anyone else

◉ Zen

  • The only thing he cares about is protecting you
  • You guys go around on his motorcycle
  • It’s a lot easier to maneuver than a car and faster, too
  • He has two guns
  • But also carries a mace for melee
  • Bullets don’t last forever
  • You guys just ride around constantly moving
  • siphoning gas when you need to and trying to find food
  • He was lost for a while
  • His life revolved around his looks and now he couldn’t rely on that
  • He’s just grateful he has street smarts instead of book smarts, and that’s helped keep you guys alive

◉ Jaehee

  • This girl
  • She doesn’t need a weapon
  • Her body is her weapon
  • All she needs are her fists and legs
  • Super bad ass
  • But she doesn’t like blood or violence
  • Jaehee is still the same as ever
  • Very cunning/wise and level-headed
  • You both mostly just sneak around, hiding out and avoiding confrontation
  • But if she needs to, she can easily take them down to protect you
  • She’s the best at finding food and places to stay out of danger
  • You guys will do just fine

◉ Saeyoung

  • He’s gone insane
  • Cried when he had to leave his favorite baby car behind
  • He couldn’t drive it past the sea of abandoned cars
  • His fav weapon is a flame thrower
  • Yep
  • A fucking flame thrower
  • He wears it on his back like a Ghost Buster of death™ and just melts the zombie scum with ease
  • He can MacGyver a bomb out of random finds wherever you guys are
  • You guys live together in this old house out in the middle of nowhere
  • He’s rigged death traps EVERYWHERE so the chances of anything getting close are slim to none
  • You have a sniper rifle on the top floor and you’ve gotten pretty good at aiming
  • You guys are a pretty awesome duo
  • you got this

◉ V

  • Hate to say this but…
  • You guys are dead. T_T
  • V is too kind hearted and that paired with his sight is just a losing combo
  •  You’d probably make it for a while
  • And he’d end up sacrificing himself for you
    • “I’ll always love you! I’m sorry I couldn’t be stronger…Run!”
  • He’d yell while getting ripped apart
  • Leaving you all on your own
  • You’d survive for a while because it’s easy to be quiet and sneak around when you’re alone
  • But it’s also easier to slip up and eventually you would

◉ Saeran

  • He is thriving more than anyone
  • Legit enjoys this
  • Has a baseball bat with nails in it and he smashes skulls with that sucker and laughs
  • Won’t let you in danger, ever
  • Always makes you stay at a safe distance and gets angry if you try and help him
  • You guys just roam the streets during the day and he takes them out one by one
  • So bad ass that eventually people start to follow him
  • He thinks it’s annoying but he gave up trying to stop them
  • His only focus is keeping you safe and he makes that known
  • If any of them ever get in danger he just keeps walking
  • Survival of the fittest and he’s not about to risk his neck for anyone but you

anonymous asked:

angst? I'll give you angst, scenario where Keith's female s/o jumps in front of him to protect him from an attack and she ends up dying, but with a sad smile, kind of like that anime sao where asuna jumped in front of kirito to protect him? Ah if you don't know what I'm referencing to you can search this up on youtube to see what I'm trying to say😅

crying I know exactly what you’re talking about ahdjskskskskks. But yes here you go. Enjoy because I couldn’t due to my tears blocking my vision

Terror and panic filled your body down to your very core. You could feel your armor rubbing against itself as you took large leaps, dodging blasts and swipes of guns and blades. You tried so hard, your breath becoming more and more heavier as you tried to keep up with everything going on around you. But you turned.

There was Keith, choking out a Galra on the ground as he shouted with rage. His double-edged sword feet away from him. His face became red from the work he was exerting on himself and transferring to the neck of the soldier below him. His hands turned white. But he wasn’t looking, he wasn’t looking when a soldier stood behind him by just a meter or two. But you?

You were.

You shouted, louder than you believe you’ve ever shouted before. Your throat ached but that didn’t matter. He did. He always did and he always will and that’s exactly how it will be until the day you die.

“Keith!” You had never gotten to your feet as fast as you did, your all white armor contrasted greatly against the orange blood-stained ground as you ran toward them. He turned, face fading from red to pink to its normal color. His dark eyes stared at you in confusion, watching you come closer, but you weren’t looking at him. You bored your eyes into the horrific being behind him.

His head turned, watching as you grabbed the forearms of the Galran, the blade cutting up and through your stomach. Keith’s eye grew wide, watching as your stomach became marred by the barbaric blade. His feeling in that moment was the same as the soldier he just murdered. His mouth opened but nothing came out, he was still on his knees over the once alive soldier he was choking to death moments before.

His body turned, the end of the armor on his shin catching onto the armored knee of the soldier caused him to stumble. But he still caught you. He always did. His arms reached out and he caught you in his arms, staring at your face and the blood leaking onto the ground. He took a large breath in, then out. He began to breathe heavily, a panic attack taking over him as he didn’t know what he could do. He couldn’t take out the blade, you’d die faster and that’s the oppositeof what he wanted.

Pidge saw this. They were meters away, when they heard your shout. Meters away when they saw the blade go in your armor and out the other side. They screamed in agony, and anger, sprinting toward the soldier. Their feet kicked off the ground, bouncing them to the shoulders of the murderer before them, and they wrapped their grappling hook around its neck.

Keith didn’t see this, he was too busy watching you slip away from him slowly. Tears began forming in his eyes, tears forged by regret, sadness, and anger. Your back was supported by Keith’s arm, and you looked at the blade that cracked your armor, cracked your skin. You immediately looked to Keith, and smiled.

“Y-Y/n? I, I don’t understan-, I, w-why? Whyd you do this to me? Why?” His tone was soft, but his voice was not. It was rough, and cracking like he’s never spoken before this moment. He looked at all the features of your face after taking your helmet off. Tears fell from your eyes, passing through your hair, and over your ears. You still smiled, and still looked up at him.

“I’m sorry, Keith.” You couldn’t feel anything anymore, your sense of touch had gone numb. But your feelings had not, neither did Keith’s. Keith could still feel, mentally and physically. So you tried to do what you thought was lifting your hand to his face. From birth to death, you’ll always be caring.

As soon as your hand touched his skin he began to sob. Snot leaking from his nose onto his pale lips. Tears falling onto your armored chest.

“No. No. No. No no no no no. Please do-don’t go. I don’t, I don’t want you to go.” He cried. “Please.” The cracking of his voice told you that he had broke, finally, after all these years he came out of his shell. In the worst way possible.

“I love you, Keith. Keith I love you. Don’t, don’t forge-”

Dying to some is like falling asleep. You lay there, as your heart slows and you don’t feel a thing, your chest stops moving and you’re gone. But to you? Oh no, that’s not how it was.

The way you felt during your death was the equivalent to an animal shedding its skin, an animal that isn’t meant to shed its skin. The effort and work put into it made your death harder and painful than Keith would’ve wanted. You were stiff and could barely move without whimpering.

He gazed down at you as his tears landed onto your cheeks and the bridge of your nose. He wiped them away and watched as your smile went with them.

“No.” He choked out.

The muscles in your body relaxed, the natural stance and grip of your hand disappeared and went dead-weight. Keith still held it against his wet cheek. He cried more, and more, and leaned down into you, hugging you close to him and rocking back and forth. His skin felt hot, and his threat was slowly swelling up. He felt as though he had swallowed sand paper.

The feeling he had in his heart, was ravaging. His chest hurt and so did everything else. He loved you. He loves you.

“I love, I love you so, so much. I’m sorry.”

The two of you were brought to the safety of the castle-ship. Pidge filled with depression, as she stood away from the two of you, scared, upset.

“I’m sorry.” He said as he handed you off, walking to his room only to stay there. He loved you. He loves you. And he was afraid to lose you. And he lost you.